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5 Tips to Design an Engagement Ring Online

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 23, 2023
Design you dream engagement ring online today!

Designing a personalized engagement ring feels daunting. Chances are you are just typing “design engagement ring online” into the browser. There is a lot of pressure behind finding the perfect diamond to compliment your unique aesthetic. It is no secret that more and more couples are tying the knot during the pandemic, and we may see a wedding boom after everything comes to a close.

A vast number of people are getting engaged, and you may feel the need to stand out from the crowd. As those wedding bells chime all around you, you can flaunt your individuality with a custom engagement ring. If you are feeling the pressure, try these tips to design and create your own engagement ring.

How Much Does It Cost to Design Your Own Engagement Ring?

Custom engagement rings have varying prices. If you shop through Clean Origin, our settings start at $485. A Round diamond on our site starts at $169. From there, our prices go up as you customize your own ring with a gemstone, settings, and metal. Upgrading things like clarity or making a special request also increases our prices.

Weddings put couples under a lot of stress because there are so many decisions to make. Popping the question is the easy part. A lot of factors go into the ideal design, including shape, color, and budget. Finding exactly what you want might seem challenging, but there are plenty of ways to simplify the process.

stunning lab-grown diamond engagement ring.
Design a stunning lab-grown diamond engagement ring.

Questions to Ask Before Shopping for Engagement Rings Online:

  • Do I need my custom ring to be one of a kind?
  • Am I interested in conflict-free diamonds?
  • Am I willing to stretch my budget or compromise other parts of my wedding/honeymoon?
  • How long do I want to shop for lab diamond engagement rings?
  • How much do things like clarity, price, details, or carat matter to me?

Inspiration: Find Unique Engagement Rings Online

Finding that one-of-a-kind design online might take a bit of brainstorming. We suggest getting an idea of precisely what you want. Try browsing social media (such as Pinterest or Instagram), search for different styles, compare different prices, and contact a professional. You can even go as far as watching a video on a diamond engagement ring similar to yours to see it in action.

Once you have a broad idea of your own ring, try narrowing it down in the following ways:

1.) Start With a Ballpark Budget

Sit your partner down, and come up with a ballpark idea of your spending limit. Engagement rings come with all sorts of price points, depending on the quality and style. Keep in mind that you can sacrifice things like carat weight for overall higher quality. The best place to start is with what you and your partner can afford. Be sure to consider the cost of your wedding and honeymoon too!

How to Get Better Diamonds on a Tight Budget

Did you know that lab-grown diamonds are a budget-friendly option for newly engaged couples? They are a conflict-free choice, offering great value at a much lower price than natural diamonds. You may find it easier to shop for pristinely polished lab-grown diamonds over ethically questionable, natural diamonds.

2.) Finding Your Favorite Style of Engagement Ring

Engagement rings come in all shapes. For starts, you have the center stone to consider. The classic options include Round, Oval, and Marquise. Other shapes include Heart, Asscher, Princess, and Cushion. Your choice of jeweler might expose other distinctive options, depending on their collection.

After shape comes to size or carat, a higher carat diamond tends to be more expensive, and you usually have to up the quality to avoid imperfections. As you shop online, pay attention to the grade of the diamond in comparison to the carat.

A Special Diamond Shape for Your Special Day

When designing your own ring, it is natural to want the best of the best. Are you able to afford more gemstones? Show off your eccentric style with three stone rings or an eternity ring!

3.) Compromise vs. Deal-Breakers

If your preferences stretch your price limit, try to find areas of compromise. Are you willing to wear a lower-grade diamond if the stone is larger? Or would you prefer a smaller stone for more shine and perfection in the details? Make a checklist of your deal-breakers before committing to one ring. Please find out the things that matter most to you and stick to them.

Here are some factors that affect the price and quality of engagement rings:

  • Lab-created vs. mined diamonds
  • A classic band vs. customized settings
  • Carat weight vs. overall diamond grade
  • Quality cut gemstones vs. average cuts
  • Shape (Oval, Princess, Emerald, etc.)
  • Metal (Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc.)

4.) Research Your Jeweler

There is no doubt that every jeweler wants to help you achieve the beauty that you deserve. However, we are unique individuals with special needs. One jeweler’s priorities might not match your preferences, and that is why it is important to do your research before making a purchase.

Here are some things to ask, depending on the person and their preferences:

  • Does my jeweler offer lab-grown diamonds?
  • Does their selection include colored gemstones?
  • Can they meet my delivery date?
  • Is their site easy to navigate and understand?
  • Does their site have reviews from satisfied customers?
  • What are their prices compared to others?
  • Do they carry the stone shape, style, and metal that you prefer?
stunning white gold engagement ring.
White gold engagement rings are always in style.

5.) Selecting the Right Metal to Match Your Gemstone

Gold is a classic option for most engagement rings, but that might not be the best option depending on the person. Some people have discovered that they look best in silvery metals, and they tend to bring out a certain kind of sparkle in the diamond. Even though you are shopping for engagement rings online, knowing which metals look the best against your skin tone is important.

What Ring Metals Look Best on Your Skin Tone?

Our jewelry experts are happy to answer your questions about the best metals to match your skin. As a rule of thumb, cool skin tones work the best with white gold or silver. Warmer skin tones look beautiful with yellow gold or rose gold. Some people prefer platinum or silver because 24k gold tends to be a bit weaker than other metals.

Your relationship is one of a kind, built on unique, personal experiences. And while there are any number of breathtaking, ready-made ring options available, if you’re looking for something just as exclusive as the love you feel for your partner, you might want to consider taking the opportunity to design your own ring. Cheap — or even free wedding- and engagement-ring design software can help you create a style that perfectly exemplifies your affection and commitment.

Clean Origin’s design-engagement-ring online software is easy to use, giving you the opportunity to fully conceptualize your ring in a virtual environment. And once you’ve created the perfect combination of band and stones, we’ll take it from there and make your dream ring a reality.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, let’s take a closer look at the design process, and address a few of the questions you might have about designing your ring online with Clean Origin.

Can I Design My Own Engagement Ring?

Sometimes the best ring is the one you design yourself. Clean Origin offers multiple options for designing and customizing your own ring online. For the easiest, most straightforward approach, the Clean Origin custom-ring web app allows you to choose from the full range of bands, selecting the style that speaks to you, and matching it to any of our top-quality, lab-grown diamonds. You can begin with picking out your setting and band, or you can start by choosing your stones. Either way, this simple and convenient engagement-ring design software is a satisfying option for those who want a unique ring to match their unique relationships.

Alternatively, if your dream ring isn’t possible with the available options, don’t worry! If you’ve got a great idea for a custom ring but aren’t sure how to translate it into something physical, our talented ring designers are eager to help you realize your vision. Just fill out a quick online form and upload the details — we can take whatever inspiration you have (from 3d design files and pictures to sketches or even just descriptions), and work with you to bring your perfect ring to life. 

Should I Start with the Diamond or the Setting?

When using the Clean Origin custom-ring web app, you have the option to begin either by choosing a setting or a diamond and then building the rest of your ring around your choice. Here, we dive deeper into both of these options:

Starting with the Setting

If you decide to start by designing the setting, you’ll have the opportunity to select from different metals and ring styles. 

Choosing a metal is mostly a matter of preference. What color would you like your band to be? Currently, white gold and yellow gold are among the most popular choices, and are both versatile, timeless options. On the other hand, rose gold is definitely an eye-catching choice, and platinum offers a similar color to white gold, but with increased durability. 

We also offer a choice between 14 kt and 18 kt gold. 18 kt is a more-pure gold, with fewer other metals included in the alloy (more specifically, 75% gold and 25% other metals). This makes the gold heavier and more valuable, but also softer and more prone to damage. 14 kt gold consists of approximately 58% gold and 42% other metals, making it less valuable, but lighter and more durable

In selecting a style for your ring, you may choose from a number of different traditional and up-and-coming styles, including solitaire, vintage, halo, and classic. Three-stone and pavé options are also available. Be aware that not every diamond shape is a match for every available style, so if you have a specific diamond in mind, consider starting by choosing your stone before you select your setting. 

Click here to get started by choosing a ring setting.

Starting with the Diamond

No matter how beautiful the band, the diamond is nearly always the focal point of any engagement ring. Clean origin has thousands of diamonds for you to choose from. Available in round, cushion, heart, oval, emerald, pear, princess, radiant, Asscher, and marquise shapes, our selection of diamonds is designed to appeal to every taste and to give ametuer ring designers the full range of options in creating a stunning, custom ring.

Additionally, all of our diamonds are certified to meet established standards. Select from different qualities of cut, color, clarity, and carat (the 4 C’s of diamonds) to find the right stone for a visually pleasing experience that fits your budget. You can also filter your search by price.

It’s also worth mentioning that all Clean Origin diamonds are lab-grown and completely ethically sourced. These lab-grown diamonds are chemically identical to mined diamonds but without the ethical or ethological impacts associated with mining and transporting natural diamonds. In other words, Clean Origin diamonds give you the exact same sparkle, glow, clarity, and durability as natural diamonds, but without any of the guilt. And given that synthetic diamonds can be as much as 40% less expensive than mined diamonds, you won’t have to sacrifice quality to do the right thing.

Click here to get started by choosing your stone. 

The decision to start with either the setting or the stone is a personal one, so ask yourself what elements are most important to you in designing your ring. Clean Origin diamond experts are available to help at the push of a button; just click the “Talk to a Diamond Expert” option in the lower-right corner of the page. 

Is Designing My Own Ring Expensive?

Far from being expensive, designing your own ring may actually be the more financially conscious choice! For one thing, our rings are only created once your finalized your selection, so there’s no additional cost for customization over the basic cost of the ring itself. At the same time, designing your own ring empowers you with more control over each aspect of the setting, metal, and stone. As such, you can determine for yourself which factors (metal type, stone size, diamond clarity, etc.) are most important to you, and which ones you might be willing to drop a level or two to achieve a better price.

As always, Clean Origin diamond experts can help you determine where you can cut back to maintain the best appearance at the lowest cost. 

Clean Origin Custom Designed Rings

When it comes to choosing a ring to symbolize your love, the last thing you want is something generic. Clean Origin provides the options and support you need to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Select your stone, select your setting, choose from a variety of metals, cuts, and qualities, and give the love of your life a ring that will last a lifetime. 

Design your dream ring with Clean Origin.

Where to Design Engagement Rings Online

Clean Origin offers customizable settings and diamonds to fit any special request. We tailor your online shopping experience to help you create the ideal diamond engagement ring. Schedule a virtual appointment to get hand-selected recommendations from one of our experts.