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Ariana Grande Engagement Rings

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on August 22, 2023

Let’s go on a tour of Ariana Grande’s engagement rings, especially now that a picture or two has come out of her new engagement ring from fiancé Dalton Gomez!

A Flirty Engagement Ring

Pete Davidson’s pear diamond ring was definitely a stunner option for the pop star, but ultimately no matter how lovely this engagement ring was, the relationship did not last. Ariana Grande returned the unique ring to Pete Davidson, but not before plenty a close-up shot appeared of the ring features came out. The larger diamond in the center really upped the bling factor, and overall the ring had a flirtation, contemporary kind of feel. Diamonds ringed the finished piece, creating a lovely halo effect. Pete Davidson went through his selection process, or whether the shape was sentimentally special, is unknown, but we definitely have powerful feelings for this massive ring!

Your Turn to Flirt: The Classic Pear Shaped Halo Ring

If you want a ring as big as the one Ariana Grande tweeted about, check out our lab-grown diamond version of it. Ethical, luxurious, and ready to go out on the town with you. No one will miss your engagement with this ring on your finger, and you’ll have fans lining up to ask how you got engaged and where they can find their dream ring.

Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring, For Her Forever BFFs

After her breakup with Pete, Ariana purchased 7 identical rings for her best friends. Sweet photos of them and their stunning round brilliant diamond solitaire engagement rings came out, showcasing Ariana Grande’s commitment to each best friend. While she was no longer engaged to be married, she was committed to her dream, her fans, and her forever friends. Each ring Ariana gifted promised to protect her friendship with the other and stay engaged in their lives. What an amazing gift and promise from the singer! We’d sure love to receive a diamond ring from each of our friends.

For Your Bestie’s: The Esme Round Cluster Promise Ring

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind diamond ring like the one’s singer, Ariana Grande, proposed to her friends with? Here’s our suggestion: check out this fabulous promise ring. Promise to stay engaged in your friends’ lives with this diamond ring gift. Don’t forget to post your new matching rings on Instagram (just like Ariana and her friends)!

A Pearl Ring and Grandpa’s Tie Pin

If you’re wondering about Ariana Grande’s engagement ring as it stands today, we have all the details. The most recent unique engagement ring references her grandpa’s tie pin. A picture of a yellow gold and pearl ring floated across Instagram feeds a few years ago, describing how Ariana’s grandfather’s tie pin had a pearl at the end, and her nonna had a ring made using the grandfather’s tie pin, saying it would protect her. The pearl from grandpa’s tie pin went into that ring and is hinted to be in her ring from Dalton Gomez. Either Dalton scored a family heirloom pearl for this engagement ring, or he knew what a pearl would mean in an Ariana Grande engagement ring and included one to reference her late grandfather’s tie pin.

Either way, estate agent Dalton Gomez really nailed it with the gorgeous moi et toi oval diamond and pearl engagement ring he created. The oval diamond turned towards a pearl in the platinum band is stunning, but the unique size of the oval cut diamond in this engagement ring also adds to its allure. Rather than going with the usual insanely large center stone that celebrity rings tend to have, fiancé Dalton Gomez had Ariana’s ring featuring a 5-7 carat oval diamond and a pearl (maybe even the exact pearl) just like her grandfather’s pearl. Dalton Gomez designed the two stone engagement ring with jeweler Jack Solow and was apparently very hands-on to make sure it was exactly right for Ariana Grande. Celebrity engagement rings are often so involved in their design because they shift fashion discourse and turn heads with their appearance. The large oval diamond in this Ariana Grande engagement ring guarantees both.

Keep it Unique: The Arielle Ring with Diamond Band

While Ariana’s photos of her new ring are fabulous, and pearls hold sentimental value for her, we don’t tend to recommend her style of ring to others. This is because pearls wear down quickly, so the style does not stay fabulous for as long. If you are willing to replace your ring a few times throughout your life and take it off often to avoid exposing it to damage, then absolutely follow this trend! But if you want something unique like Ariana, we recommend checking out the Arielle Ring without all the upkeep. The east-west setting is just as eye-catching as a moi et toi pearl setting, but with no vulnerable pearl and plenty of extra diamonds in the band. And while you’re looking, be sure to browse our large selection of oval engagement rings.