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The Best Engagement Rings and Proposals for a Virgo

by Alexandra Wolf
Last updated on February 1, 2022

Virgo is an earth sign, historically represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture, an association that speaks to Virgo’s deep-rooted presence in the material world. Earth signs are grounded, reliable, practical, and stoic. They are the zodiac’s backbone!

Virgos are blessed with a powerful intellect and equally cursed with judgment and self-criticism. Beauty exists within our imperfections, and it’s important for Virgos to learn that flaws are not defects.

Virgos are logical, practical, and perceptive in their approach to life, and their perfectionism can drive them to heights of achievement and success which other (more chill) star signs can only dream of.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which makes them smart and organized, with good communication skills. Though Mercury also rules Gemini, these two signs are radically different: Gemini is about output and expression, whereas Virgo is about input and processing.

They also know how to present a ‘good face’ to the world. Just look at all the most famous Virgos: Beyonce, P!nk, Keanu Reeves, Salma Hayek, Blake Lively, and even Mother Teresa!

Virgo rules the digestive system, which makes these earth signs especially attuned to the ingredients that make up a whole — in food and in everything else. They’re hyper-aware of every detail. A Virgo deals with information like a computer, transforming even the most jumbled set of information into organized, clear concepts.

Above all else, Virgos want to help. They are caring, gentle, and supportive friends and lovers who use their incredible power and resourcefulness to problem-solve.

Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces, offers guidance through spirituality — but Virgos want to assist on a practical level. These earth signs are always striving to provide compromises or solutions to improve dysfunctional systems. They will rarely use direct statements of love, but intimacy and depth bring out all of the beauty of their emotional self-expression. That’s why they want you to make an effort when you propose, but they definitely don’t want a grand and public gesture with doves and violins!

The James Solitaire Ring

Your Virgo S/O will love the more refined look of this ring! With dainty split prongs and an extra slim 1.5 mm design, this ring is perfect for your simple and intimate proposal to your partner. Propose at home over a home-cooked dinner; they appreciate the little things. 

The Jolie Halo Ring

Virgos are elegant, yet practical. The understated beauty of the Jolie Halo Ring features a diamond gallery detail, representing the diligent shine of your Virgo love. An extra-slim 1.5 mm band speaks to your S/O’s ideals of practicality with beauty. Two rows of dainty halos can be seen from every angle. This ring will look perfect when you propose to your future fiancée on a picnic, perhaps overlooking the water or an awesome vista. 

The Classic Oval Solitaire Ring

Your Virgo loves classics: classic fashion, classic art, and most of all, classic ring styles! For your Virgo, we’ve picked the delicate Oval Solitaire. It’s just interesting enough to be unique, but not so much that it draws unwanted attention. This flowing solitaire design features an angled band of high-polish precious metal. The naturally-gorgeous look will give your love the originality they have, along with the classic tradition they crave. Propose with this ring by tying your question into one of their favorite activities; keep it lowkey, and full of love. 

The Private Garden Ring

Give your Virgo partner what they’ve always wanted: a private garden to rest and relax. Your love appreciates privacy and closeness — but not too much of either! This ring is a playful twist on the solitaire, just like your S/O. Look into a proposal filled with nature and special intimacy, like a botanical garden or a secluded forest where you can take a walk together. 

The Petite Mozart Ring

Spectacular prong-set stones grace the band and complete the stunning look, just as your Virgo partner completes you. Dig deep for your proposal with this ring: once you and your partner connect, your S/O’s deep love and trust will last a lifetime. Mozart represents some of the most beautiful and inspired art in history. Perhaps you could make a personalized item that symbolizes your feelings for them or prepare a movie or book about your lives to give to them at the perfect private moment.