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9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

by Kamillah Khalif
Last updated on August 22, 2023

Congratulation! You’ve been married for almost a decade. No need to wait until next year to celebrate. This year is just as monumental, and we have a list of 9-year anniversary gift ideas to commemorate this important milestone.

What Is the Traditional Ninth Anniversary Gift?

For the ninth wedding anniversary, the traditional gifts are made of clay and willow tree wood. Why? Gifts made of clay, such as pottery, require lots of effort, time, and patience to transform from a simple lump to a beautiful work of art. In the same way, over the 9 years since your wedding day, you’ve put in work and time to create a beautiful and lasting marriage. Willow tree bark is used to make wickers and rattan goods, and represents durability and flexibility, two things that supported your union for the past nine years since your wedding date, and will keep it a loving marriage for many more years to come.

Clay Gift Ideas

Pottery Classes

If you want to take your beloved on an anniversary date and also stick to the traditional themes of the ninth anniversary, a pottery class is a perfect option. Together you can create a beautifully finished piece of pottery to take home with you.

Traditional Pottery

Pottery represents the efforts that go into something made to last. Traditional pottery was also used to carry water and represents an element that is highly adaptable. How nice would it be to get your spouse a custom-made mug that they’ll use every day for their morning cup of coffee, and always remember you saying “happy anniversary” when they take a sip? Pottery made from lapis lazuli has a luxurious blue look and would make for a great kitchen set.

Stone Diffuser

A pottery gift can be more than just cups and plates. You can get creative with the pottery gift you choose and incorporate it into a functional home object. For example, a stone diffuser such as the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser is a diffuser turned home decor. It can sit in your living room or foyer as a lovely way to accentuate the safe both visually and by its scent. A variety of colors are available including warm terracotta (the ninth-anniversary color) and cool lapis lazuli(the ninth anniversary stone).

Willow Wood Ninth Anniversary Gifts

Picnic Basket

Every stable and loving marriage takes durability and flexibility. This is what gifts made of the willow tree represent. A gift such as a picnic basket woven from willow wood and filled with all of your husband or wife’s favorite treats is a fitting ninth wedding anniversary gift. To top it off, arrange a luxury picnic by a waterfront or near live music for a very special ninth-anniversary.

A Beautiful Willow Tree

Nothing could be a more traditional ninth-anniversary gift than the gift of a willow tree itself! For your husband or wife who is environmentally conscious, You could plant a tree in the backyard, or donate to a foundation that plants trees. At Clean Origin, we have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree with any purchase of jewelry from us. Get your sweetheart two gifts by shopping our ethically made jewelry and contributing to a thriving ecosystem.

Modern Ninth Anniversary Gift Ideas

Although there aren’t any rules for your ninth-anniversary gift, the traditional and modern guidelines for gifts both have the same principles and symbolism.

The modern ninth wedding anniversary gift is made of leather. Leather represents durability, flexibility, and strength, just like willow wood, and just like your marriage. Luckily, there are many modern leather gifts to choose from.

Leather Ninth Anniversary Gifts

A New Bag

I new purse or briefcase is a very fitting anniversary gift since it sticks to the traditional symbolism, and has a modern touch. Plus, who doesn’t need a new bag? You can stick to a terracotta color since it is the traditional gift color, or go with your spouse’s favorite color. See if they have dropped any hits of a bag or briefcase they’ve been eyeing. This is the perfect opportunity to treat them.

Leather Passport Sleeve

How cute would it be to get matching passport sleeves for your other half and a plane ticket to somewhere they’ve always wanted to go? A full-grain leather passport sleeve is durable, so it will last for all your travels to come in the many more years of your marriage. You can customize them with a love note or something memorable from your special day for a special touch!

Leather Watch

How better to commemorate nine years together than with a timepiece? A watch is a stylish and functional gift he’ll love. A special occasion watch to wear while the two of you enjoy life’s biggest moments together is a great addition to the collection and a fitting 9th-anniversary gift. 

Other Leather Goods

There is no shortage of leather anniversary gift ideas for the love birds. Bags can range from totes and briefcases to duffles and top handles. A watch, wallet, new shoes, or a leather embroidered frame or coaster are all great options. You can even get creative with a leather scented candle! 

Alternative 9th Anniversary Gift Ideas

By no means do you have to stick to the traditional and modern guidelines for your anniversary gifts. For you, the best ninth-anniversary gifts might be ones that ignore the status quo and speak to your special union. Think of your partner’s favorite items and things they’ve been wishing for. Or think of special moments you’ve shared from the past nine years. Sometimes the best gifts are items, sometimes they are experiences, and sometimes they are a combination of both. 

However, nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a new piece of jewelry. Fine jewelry is a great gift alone. It can also be paired with any other gift, including the traditional gifts made of clay, willow trees, and leather. Clean Origin has you covered with lab-grown diamond and recycled precious metal jewelry. You can rest assured that you will get an affordable price with no extra cost to the planet. In our collection of diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more there is no doubt you’ll find something special for your anniversary gift