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The 8 Carat Diamond Ring Guide You Need To Read

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 21, 2023

Many consider the 8-carat diamond ring to be one of the rarest diamonds in the world. People believe the 8-carat ring is one of the most beautiful uses of diamonds too. It makes for a perfect engagement ring that your loved one cherishes for years to come. This 8-carat diamond buying guide will tell you everything you need to know.

What’s Special About an 8 Carat Diamond Ring

The number 8 symbolizes infinity, balance, and harmony. An 8-carat diamond ring is viewed by many to be perfectly balanced concerning one’s hand.

The size of this diamond allows it to project a dazzling sparkle. All of these reasons contribute to the 8-carat diamond ring being considered the perfect engagement ring.

8-carat diamond rings tend to look great as solitaires. If you’re unfamiliar with a solitaire diamond ring, it’s a ring that features only one center gemstone.

It shines alone, without any other diamonds, and often with a plain band. This design is the one people typically think of when it comes to classic engagement rings.

In contrast, one can choose to combine smaller diamonds or gemstones with the 8-carat diamonds. The ring could also feature a halo, making the center diamond have a larger and more brilliant appearance.

Vintage vs Modern 8 Carat Engagement Rings

If you’re into tradition and history, you might prefer a vintage 8-carat ring. Most of them are handcrafted, which means you’d be getting a unique jewelry piece that no one else has.

These handcrafted rings tend to be asymmetrical, which some find charming. Vintage 8-carat diamond rings also feature delicate milgrain and intricate patterns.

Modern 8 carat engagement rings are made with technology that gives them a cleaner look. The cut is symmetrical, which gives it more of a sparkle.

Modern 8 carat diamond rings tend not to have unusual designs. They’re also usually not handcrafted, but some jewelers handcraft modern rings to give them the authenticity of a vintage ring. You could request to have your modern diamond ring crafted with a specific stone or design.

8 Carat Diamond Clarity Rating

If you’re unfamiliar with diamond clarity rating, it’s a metric that tells the amount and the type of blemishes on the diamonds. You can familiarize yourself with the diamond clarity chart, here. It’s best to go with a VS1 or VS2 grade whenever you look for an 8-carat diamond ring.

Lower quality grades mean that inclusions on a smaller stone will be more noticeable. That’s the case with the I2, which is the lowest grade a diamond can get for clarity. Higher grades of diamond rings will have fewer inclusions.

The FL and IF are the highest grades of diamonds that you can get. These 8-carat diamond rings are rare, and they don’t have any inclusions, even when under extreme magnification. Given that it’s hard to tell the difference between those grades and the VS1 or 2, it wouldn’t be worth paying a premium price.

Experts determine clarity by looking at the appearance of the diamond face up using a microscope at 10x magnification or higher. The five factors used to grade them include size, number, nature, location, and relief.

Do Carats Represent Diamond Size

Total carat weight and size are not the same. Carat refers to how much a diamond weighs. A carat amounts to a fifth of a gram.

Size refers to the dimensions of a diamond. As an example, you could have two 8-carat diamond rings that have different dimensions and therefore different sizes. Vice versa, two diamonds with different carat weights can have the same dimensions and be the same size.

Size is most affected by the stone’s cut. One diamond shape may require the stone to be cut deep, while another shape may need the stone to be cut shallow.

How Large is an 8 Carat Diamond Ring

An 8-carat diamond ring weighs 1.6 grams. If you happen to get an 8 carat round cut diamond, the diameter is 13.0mm.

The 4 Cs of 8 Carat Diamond Rings

As you may already know, the 4 c’s of diamond rings are cut, carat, clarity, and color. If you’re currently looking into buying an 8-carat diamond ring, then you’ll want to figure out what your other 3 C’s will be.

An 8-carat engagement ring can come in a variety of different cuts. Among those different cuts include oval, radiant, round brilliant cut, emerald, pear, and a marquise shape, and cushion cuts.

The cut you choose will mainly come down to what you find most attractive. Oval cuts tend to be a popular option for 8-carat diamond rings. They have more spread than other diamond shapes,

If you choose an oval cut, it’s best to get a VS1 or VS2 grade diamond. With oval cuts, you’ll also benefit from more diamond color being displayed compared to emerald cuts.

If you want a more classic and elegant style, emerald-cut diamonds would be a more suitable option. A VS1/2 or VVS1/2 are generally recommended for this cut style.

Since the emerald cut hides color better than other cuts, a low color can seem higher. If you prefer a more modern style, brilliant diamonds might be a better option for you.

The Price of 8 Carat Engagement Rings

8-carat diamond rings are considered to be scarce jewelry pieces. Because of that, they can be costly.

A new one may cost at least $12,500 per carat. Some of the most expensive ones can cost $40,000 per carat. As you can imagine, that means the total price can get well into the six-figure range. Some have even been sold as high as a million dollars.

The price can vary based on different factors such as cut, clarity, or color. Round brilliant cuts will be more expensive than emerald cuts.

8-carat engagement rings that are an FL grade will cost more than one that’s an I2 grade. Additionally, a blue diamond ring will cost more than your traditional white or yellow gold diamond ring.

Most Famous 8 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

Many well-known celebrities have purchased 8-carat diamond rings. NBA player David Lee purchased an 8-carat engagement ring for his then-fiancee, Caroline Wozniacki’s tennis player.

Actor Justin Theroux also bought an 8-carat engagement ring for actress Jennifer Aniston. Other celebrities who’ve received 8-carat diamond engagement rings include Gabrielle Union and Kate Upton.

What Should Be Considered When Buying an 8 Carat Engagement Ring?

The cost will, of course, be one of the main things you’ll consider when purchasing an engagement ring. But beyond the price, the usual things you should consider are the color, clarity, and cut.

Think about if you want something more traditional or modern. Do you want a diamond with color, or do you prefer colorless?

Do you want a diamond ring with low clarity or high clarity? These different questions will help you best understand what kind of 8-carat engagement ring you want.

If you’re unsure where to start, consider the cut of the diamond first. In general, it’s best only to get one that has an excellent or ideal cut.

The fire and brilliance dropoff if you select a lower grade than that. When considering color, get a color grade that’s in the G to I range.

If you’re unfamiliar with diamond color grades, it ranges from D, a colorless diamond, to Z, a brown or light yellow diamond. Choosing an 8-carat diamond ring between G to I will appear colorless, almost like a diamond in the D to F color range. You’ll get a diamond that looks good while avoiding having to pay a high price tag.

When considering the right diamond shape, keep in mind the person who will be wearing it. Does the diamond fit their taste in jewelry? Does the diamond match the shape of their finger?

Round diamonds have the most options since they’re common. An elongated shape, such as a pear-shaped diamond, can make a ring appear larger than it actually is.

Look through the different shapes and see what looks most beautiful to you. Keeping all of these things in mind will help you find the perfect diamond for your loved one.