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Find The Perfect 60th Anniversary Gift

by Clean Origin
Last updated on October 13, 2023

The 60th wedding anniversary is a significant milestone for any couple. Six decades of marriage is quite a journey. Couples will have typically spent more than half of their lives together! That deserves a celebration.

The 60th anniversary has been coined the diamond anniversary. We think you should consider diamonds no matter how long you have been together. Borrowed from the United Kingdom Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the traditional 60th-anniversary gift is diamonds. Like the couple, diamonds are enduring, beautiful, and timeless.

In addition to diamonds, it is traditional to give white gifts for this special occasion.

It may seem impossible to choose the perfect gift for your partner, parent, or friend for such a special occasion. 

Whether sticking to tradition or looking for something more unique, this list will help you discover the best 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts.

Gift Ideas for Your Partner

We will start with gifts to give your partner. Pull out all the stops!

As you begin shopping for your significant other, you will have a lot of options when choosing a 60th-anniversary gift. It is best to consider what your partner may prefer or what their style may be.

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Model wearing diamond pendant.

Diamonds are the most traditional offering to give on your 60th wedding anniversary. Although conventional for this anniversary year, diamonds are far from boring. Consider a new set of diamond earrings, a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet, or a new diamond ring to add to her engagement and wedding rings.

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If not gifting diamonds, give the gift of time. A watch!

With so much time elapsed, a watch is a timeless way to commemorate the occasion. It can also represent the time that is yet to come.

Make this the perfect gift with a personalized engraving. Add a special message, your wedding day, or that it is your 60th wedding anniversary.

Champagne Kit

Alternatives to a traditional anniversary gift are not only wearables but activities and food. A memorable way to celebrate your 60th wedding anniversary is with a fun party-ready cocktail kit.

Add small-batch syrups to any champagne kit with flutes and ready-to-go garnishes.

Embrace your inner child and grab some craft supplies to create personalized champagne flutes. Cheers!

Personalized Cufflinks

If your husband enjoys dressing to the nines, personalized cufflinks can be an excellent gift. Tie clips are another option in the same realm.

You can get both cufflinks and tie clips engraved with their initials or the year you were married.

Spa Day

The gift of relaxation is priceless! Whether your other half loves a good massage, manicure, or facial, a spa day is a great way to show your love and appreciation.

Gift Ideas for Your Parents

Wow! Can you believe mom and dad have been married for sixty years already? Now, time to choose the perfect 60th-anniversary gift to celebrate the happy couple.

As their child, your gift must convey how special they are to you and how happy you are for them. Furthermore, your relationship with your parents allows you to give more unique gifts.

Here are a few great ideas to start.

White Bouquet

You will never go wrong with a traditional gift.

White is the symbolic color for the 60th anniversary. A bouquet is a beautiful way to celebrate the love your parents have shared over the past sixty years.

Give a bouquet of white roses, a heap of hydrangeas, or a dollop of daffodils. A white flower arrangement is a forever timeless option.

Cologne and Perfume

High-quality cologne and perfume are thoughtful gifts that get the senses involved. There are endless scent options, so choose a fragrance you know your parents will love.


Lab Grown Diamond Ring Stack

Reinvigorate the traditional diamond wedding anniversary with a modern gift. Spruce up the jewelry selection by getting a new set of diamond earrings or a diamond necklace. Maybe even update their wedding rings or add stackable matching anniversary bands.

Wine Subscription

If your parents are wine connoisseurs or enjoy sipping a glass over dinner, a wine subscription is a unique gift that keeps on giving.

Most wine subscriptions will deliver wine to the door once a month and include recommendations for pairings and options to buy more.

Scratch Map

Were your parents the globetrotting type throughout their life together? Were they known to enjoy life’s greatest moments all around the world?

A wall map that allows them to scratch off where they have traveled can be a unique way to document their adventures. The map can also serve as a decorative addition to a den or recreation room.

Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Great gifts are also ones that make daily tasks easier. If your parents have been dragging along with their old drip-coffee machine, consider gifting them a single-serve coffee maker.

They are exceedingly easy to use and make a great cup of coffee in just a matter of minutes, all without the hassle of making a whole pot.

Gift Ideas for Your Grandparents

Okay, okay. If you are reading this, you might be a parent looking for a gift to give from the grandchild.

Gifts from kids are an opportunity to be a little more creative and have a little fun. While the parents shop for the diamond tennis bracelet, the kids can offer something playful that reflects their age.

Below are a couple of modern gift ideas any child can help make for an endearing 60th wedding anniversary present.

Succulent Garden

Small succulent plants can make a beautiful arrangement.

Choose any container (glass containers are aesthetically pleasing), fill the container with a mix of small rocks and dry dirt, and plant the succulents directly inside.

Succulent plants are a low-maintenance gift that should last a long time.

Paper Flower Kit

If looking for an activity for a grandparent and grandchild to do together, look no further than a paper flower bouquet kit.

They will enjoy cutting and folding the paper to reveal a cute bouquet. And better yet, no need to worry about the flowers wilting in a few days!

Sharpie Art Bowl

At first glance, a permanent marker art project may sound intimidating, but if your kids are older, this can be such a cute gift from the kids.

Just take any ceramic bowl, and have the kids draw on it with the oil-based Sharpie markers. After it dries, cover the design with dishwasher-safe Mod Podge. Voilà!

You have a beautifully decorated bowl, a gift any grandparent will cherish!

Photo Book

If you have older children, creating a photo book will allow them to have some agency in the gift they present to their grandparents.

Find self-publishing services that will professionally print a book designed by your child. The results are beautiful. A book made by a grandchild is sure to be a book that stays around for a long time.

Trip to the Zoo

Making new memories with the grandkids is always a hit. Gift a day trip to the zoo with all the kids, take lots of pictures, and have a great time.

Quality time with the grandchildren is one of the best gifts your kids can give and leave a smile on their faces.

Gift Ideas for Your Friends

Have been friends since the beginning or developed a friendship more recently, you may want to get your friends a 60th-anniversary gift.

Below is a list of some great gift ideas to celebrate that wonderful couple!

Charcuterie Board and Knife Set

Wine glasses at a picnic with charcuterie.

What could be more fun than a cute wine and cheese board? You could even add chocolates to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Your favorite couple will appreciate receiving a gift that they can use for a leisurely picnic or while hosting a dinner party.

Give this gift an extra impact by engraving the board with their initials and wedding dates.

Personalized Record Print

If you have some insider knowledge of their wedding song, a personalized record print can be such an adorable gift.

Print the record with their wedding song, names, and wedding date. This gift will be sure to have them dancing!

Weighted Throw Blanket

Generally, a throw blanket is a cozy addition to any night spent cuddling on the couch. Even better are weighted blankets.

On its own, a weighted throw blanket feels like a hug every time you lay it on. Weighted blankets can reduce anxiety and induce a calming feeling. What could be a better anniversary gift than that?

Robe and Slipper Set

Like a snuggly blanket, a robe and slipper set can be a cozy anniversary gift for your favorite couple. Matching or customized sets are available at many retailers and a perfect gifts for any comfort-loving couple!


Is the couple you love devout book worms? If so, an e-reader is a thoughtful (and increasingly affordable) bookish present! E-readers are light and easy to use; you can even preload the devices with access to dozens of titles right at their fingertips.


From lab created diamonds to handmade flower bouquets, 60th-anniversary gifts are a beautiful way of celebrating any couple that has lasted the test of time.

If you have any questions about giving the gift of lab grown diamonds, be sure to reach out to one of our talented Diamond Experts.

No matter what gift you give, try not to forget the card!