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Anniversary Gifts for Her

by Clean Origin
Last updated on April 7, 2022

Anniversaries can be stressful if you don’t know what to get your partner, but we are here to help! When shopping for your special someone, you want to make sure your gift is sweet and thoughtful. We have compiled some of the best anniversary gifts for her so that she will be delighted on your special day.

Gifts Based on Her Interests

Buying a gift related to one of your partner’s hobbies shows you care about their interests. This can make for a very thoughtful gift that they will appreciate. Here are some gift ideas based on personality and interests to help you choose the perfect one for your wife.

For the Book Lover

If your partner loves reading, then you could look for a new book they would enjoy. Buying them a set of their favorite series that they don’t have is also a fantastic anniversary gift. You could also buy two copies of a book and read it together to show you care about your partner’s interests.

Gifts for Someone Who Loves the Kitchen

If your partner loves to cook or bake, a gift set with new kitchen tools is a perfect gift. A new rolling pin, charcuterie board, or wooden spatula set are great additions to your kitchen. You could also look for a local cooking class you could go to together and improve your skills in the culinary world.

Gifts That Help the Environment

If you and your partner like to recycle, something that helps you do your part to protect the environment is a great gift. You can invest in reusable soap bottles, ziplock bags, or hand towels to replace some of the everyday essentials that get thrown away.

Another idea is to look into ethical jewelry. Someone who cares about the planet is sure to love a beautiful diamond that they know is ethical and minimizes harmful impacts on the world.

For Someone who Loves to Relax

An excellent gift for someone who prefers a night in rather than going out could be a gift set with luxurious products for a spa day at home. One that includes bubble bath or bath bombs and lovely smelling lotions is excellent to treat your partner. This might be a good time to replace your linens with fluffy bath towels or get a new sheet set for the bedroom. Throw in an adorable teddy bear to hold your personalized card, and you have a gift that is cute and comfy.

For the Tech Lover

If your wife is always up to date on the latest gadgets, you could get a new accessory for their devices, like a new personalized phone case or watch band. Maybe they haven’t had the chance to upgrade their phone this year, or something broke. Helping your wife out with this is the ideal gift for someone who appreciates a practical gift.

For the Decorator

If your wife has an eye for interior design, you could surprise her with some home decor pieces that will brighten your home. Maybe you want to change up the style a little and look for something new. A wooden box for your home’s entryway or a gold-rimmed mirror will make her think of your anniversary every time she sees it. Even a nice set of new wine glasses for entertaining can spice up the feel of your home.

This is an excellent opportunity to replace an old cutting board in the kitchen or lamp in the house with something fresh. Your favorite board games can also add some personality to your home when displayed on shelves or on the coffee table. It will lighten up your home and give your wife something to smile about.

For the Artist

If your spouse loves to make art, consider buying new art supplies for them. It can be easy to find new paints, a drawing set, or canvases that will make her swoon with excitement. There could be a unique art style your wife has always wanted to try. You could get all the supplies needed to start to help encourage her passion.

Celebrate Your Anniversary With a Special Night

Sometimes, the best anniversary gift is planning a date night where both of you feel special. This can be going out to dinner as a special occasion or celebrating by staying in and watching your favorite show. Surprise her with roses and her favorite bottle of wine to share. It doesn’t have to be a monumental occasion. Nothing says “Happy Anniversary” like flowers and a special night to remind you why you love each other.

Best Anniversary Gifts to Upgrade Her Style

If she’s a fashionista and always coordinates her outfits well, consider getting something that she can use to show off her unique style. These anniversary gifts for her are perfect for the woman in your life who knows how to dress to impress.

Clothes and Accessories

Maybe there was a new coat or a good pair of shoes your partner has been eyeing that would make a great anniversary present. Another great idea is to go shopping and browse her favorite store for something that makes you think of her. A nice store like Saks Fifth Avenue will have something stylish and of good quality.

A New Pajama Set

Everyone loves to be comfy and cozy when staying in. Why not invest in a silk tee set or new silk pajamas for her to lounge around the house in? Washable silk is a great way to go for comfort and practicality. Many sets come in up to seven different colors to choose from.

A Bag or Purse to Keep Her Things

You could look for a lovely leather tote or weekend travel bag to carry her things. Maybe it’s time to splurge on a designer bag that she’ll love or look for one in a new style of her favorite color.


Any woman with a good sense of style knows that having the right jewelry adds personality and completes an outfit. Add a new piece to her jewelry box, so she has something for every occasion. A new diamond necklace or gold bracelet that you picked out yourself will make your wife feel like she’s loved and appreciated. Personalized diamonds that you can customize are a great addition to any jewelry box.

Diamond Earrings

A new set of diamond earrings are perfect as an extra special gift. You can find great options in our selection of diamond earrings to match her style. She’ll love our rose gold or sterling silver earrings to make any outfit shine.

Diamond Necklace

If your partner doesn’t already have a favorite diamond necklace, this is the perfect time to get her one that she’ll remember. If your partner already has one, consider a statement necklace of gold or platinum for special occasions.


If you have been with your partner for a long time, this might be a great time to upgrade your engagement ring or wedding bands. You could also opt for a new sterling silver fashion ring to add to her jewelry box or something classic and gold.

Stick to Traditional Anniversary Gifts

If you are still lost on what to get your partner for your anniversary, there are traditional anniversary gifts by year that can give you some inspiration. It’s never a bad idea to stick to traditional anniversary gifts! It shows your commitment to the relationship and your true love for your partner. A traditional gift helps you celebrate any wedding anniversary and will remind you of this anniversary for years to come.

For example, for year one, the traditional gift is paper. Anniversary gifts for your second anniversary are traditionally made out of cotton. Wood is the traditional gift for a five-year anniversary. In year fifteen, something made of crystal-like wine glasses is the standard anniversary gift. There are traditional and modern gifts for every anniversary. Most anniversaries also have special flowers to celebrate a certain number of years together. This is always a great way to decide what flowers to get your wife.

If you’ve been in the relationship for a long time, think back to some of her past favorite anniversary gifts and try to get something similar. You don’t have to always think outside the box to get a special gift. No matter the anniversary, you can look up traditional and modern gift ideas for more inspiration.

Personalized Anniversary Gift Ideas

Sometimes the best anniversary gift ideas are the ones that come from the heart. Your life wouldn’t be the same without your wife, so you want to make sure she knows it with your gift. Consider writing a heartfelt message on a card or framing a favorite photo of you. If you have experience writing, write a story about how you met or a special memory you have together. Finding jewelry pieces and engraving a message or your wedding date on them will make her feel special. You can also get a personalized branded wine bottle with your favorite wine.

A personalized gift can also be great home decor. A framed favorite photo is always a good idea, but you could also consider printing a page out of the lyrics to your first dance song and framing it. A custom piece of art is another great way to commemorate your wedding anniversary. Add her favorite flowers, and you have a wonderful gift.

Final Thoughts

Whatever anniversary gift you decide, we know it will be sweet and special. Enjoy a glass of wine and celebrate together! Clean Origin hopes that you have a wonderful anniversary with your wife. If you decide to buy jewelry to celebrate your anniversary, check out our selection of ethical, lab-grown diamonds she’s sure to love.