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3.5 Carat Diamond Ring

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 30, 2023

The bigger the diamond, the better! Anyone who loves big diamonds would say that a moderate to large stone size may be even better. If you like big, but not too big, a 3.5-carat diamond ring will be perfect (plus, it will cost much less than a 4 carat diamond ring). Carat weight measures the physical weight category of diamonds. Depending on your taste and the price tag, there are various diamond carat weights for a ring you can choose from.

A 3.5-carat diamond ring is an excellent choice for you. This carat diamond is the right size for anyone who wants to see a lot of brilliance and sparkle in their diamond. It’s is also an elegant and gorgeous pick for any lover of a diamond, especially if you go for a 3.5 carat diamond with top quality.

What Is the Cost of a 3.5 Carat Diamond Ring?

The price of a 3.5-carat diamond ring can range from 8000 to 100,000 dollars. You might want to check if you can afford this; if that is the case, you shouldn’t just be looking at the price alone. Other factors determine the cost of this gorgeous ring and if they are worth buying. Let’s start with the first.

The 4’CS of a Diamond Ring

The 4’Cs of a diamond ring are the first indication of its price regardless of the ring size; some criteria determine the cost of your ring. If the 3.5-carat diamond ring is of high quality, the price would definitely be higher than a ring of less quality with the same ring size and carat weight category.

For example, a high-quality 3.5-carat diamond ring would cost up to 40,000 dollars, which can be 35% less than one would with lesser quality.

Diamond experts use the 4’Cs to refer to diamond cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. This shouldn’t be new to you if you are familiar with the diamond world, but this would be very helpful if you are very new to buying diamonds.

3.5-Carat Diamond Cut

There isn’t a particular order to follow when talking about the 4’Cs of all the diamonds. Still, we would start with the cut quality. Ideal cut quality is what you should look out for when shopping for a 3.5-carat diamond ring. This way, you will get the value for the amount you would be paying.

The price of a 3.5-carat diamond ring depends a great deal on the diamond cut. The cut decides if the diamond is of high quality or lesser quality because a 3.5 carat diamond with an excellent cut gives a superb brilliance and sparkle. If the cut isn’t great, you should expect less brilliance and sparkle.

The price of a 3.5-carat diamond with an excellent cut is higher than a 3.5 carat diamond with a less ideal cut. In this case, the best thing to do is purchase a 3.5-carat diamond with an excellent diamond cut. It’s worth it, and it will increase in value in the long run.  

3.5-Carat Diamond Color

The color grades for any diamond color fall between D to Z. Still, one thing is sure if you would be spending all that money on a valuable item like a 3.5 diamond ring if you want the best quality. In that case, you should go for a colorless diamond. The absence of color in a 3.5 diamond actually means it is of top quality and is worth the price, but if it shows a yellow tint, this will cut the price.

When you want to buy a 3.5 diamond, a clear and colorless diamond should be what you go for. At least it should go below grade g; this is one of the best grades; any diamond below g color would probably have a yellow tint in it.

3.5-Carat Diamond Clarity

It is important you pay attention to the diamond clarity before you purchase it; the clarity tells if any blemishes, inclusions, or imperfections are visible in or around the edges of a 3.5-carat diamond. A 3.5 carat diamond with good clarity is naturally more expensive than a diamond with not as much clarity.

The clarity is a challenging part for many buyers; you should only speak to a diamond expert before buying. Diamond experts might suggest a 3.5-carat diamond ring with VS2 clarity, or SI1 clarity might be right.

3.5-Carat Diamond

Finally, C stands for carat weight which is, of course, a 3.5 carat. Normally, the price of a diamond ring goes up with an increase in the carat weight. So the bigger the carat weight, the higher the price. A significant carat weight like the 3.5 diamond, which gives you brilliance and sparkle, would definitely be on the pricey side, especially because it isn’t easy to find.

Who Are You Buying From?

For a 3.5-carat diamond ring, the retailer you are buying from is another factor that determines the price. Different retailers attach different prices to their 3.5-carat diamond ring. It is always good to visit multiple retailers to compare prices before buying; this smart move might save you a few hundred dollars.

But you are sure to get the best quality for the best price from Clean Origin. Book a virtual appointment with us to get started.

Your Metal Choice From Your Metal Shop

An important part of your diamond jewelry, especially a diamond ring, is the metal you use to design it. The metal is the circle on which the diamond stone sits. The value of this metal is also a factor that determines the cost and choice of a 3.5-carat diamond ring.

Of course, jewelers use valuable metals to design 3.5-carat diamond rings. A ring of such value shouldn’t be sitting on anything less than that. Some of these metals include:

Rose Gold

Fine jewelry wearers often appreciate rose gold as a diamond metal because of the gentle, innocent, and relaxed feeling the pink hue of the metal gives. It is a very fashionable choice, especially for an engagement ring. This is a great choice of metal, but you might consider other metals if you have sensitive skin.

Yellow Gold

Another top choice for your 3.5-carat diamond ring band is yellow gold. It is also a popular choice for diamond engagement rings. It easily retains value over the years. One of the best things about yellow gold is that it is suitable for a 3.5-carat diamond ring with lesser quality because it hides the yellow tint that can be seen in it.


Platinum is rare and expensive, and it represents class, which automatically increases the price of your 3.5-carat diamond ring. Platinum has a silver look suitable for 3.5-carat diamonds with top quality. Using platinum for a lesser quality diamond is a bad idea; it easily reveals the yellow tint visible around the edges. Stick to choosing platinum if the diamond is colorless.

White Gold

White gold, just like platinum, has a silver color; white gold is another excellent choice for a 3.5 carat diamond with top quality. White gold is also valuable and commonly used to make the perfect engagement ring. White gold can give your ring an internally flawless finishing.

These metals are very valuable, and some of them, like platinum, are rare; adding this to the cost of designing your diamond ring will definitely see the price go up. Still, if you decide to go for a less rare metal like yellow gold, you might see the price of your 3.5-carat diamond ring go for about 10% less.

Don’t be in haste to give up. If a 3.5-carat diamond ring is too expensive for you, there are definitely more affordable diamond rings you should check out.

Diamond Shape

Diamond shapes can also determine the cost of your 3.5-carat diamond ring; the more diamond you have to cut out or waste determines how costly the diamond ring will be. For example, a 3.5 carat diamond with a round cut would probably cost less than a 3.5-carat diamond with a marquise-cut because you waste more diamond on a marquise cut than on a round cut.

GIA Certification is Important

Don’t buy diamonds without certification. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified diamonds are highly recognized globally. This diamond certificate contains information on how the diamond has been evaluated using the 4C’s. Buying certified 3.5-carat diamonds is the best way to show you the correct diamond grading, so you don’t pay for lesser quality.

A Significant Carat Weight for Your Engagement Ring

Choosing a flawless diamond and perfect ring as your engagement ring is a must; it isn’t enough to just rush into a style shop. Still, you carefully follow details to ensure that you and your partner’s wedding bands are right.

You had a wide array of carat weights to choose from but since you have selected a 3.5-carat weight for your engagement ring, just know you have made a stunning choice, and you will indeed create the perfect ring.

3.5 carat is a significant carat weight for your engagement ring for many reasons.

A Rare Kind Makes It More Special

The total weight of 3.5 carats is a big size that is not easy to find. You might get a 2-carat diamond ring or even a 3-carat diamond ring more easily, so if you are choosing to use a 3.5 carat as the main stone diamond ring, you are definitely making your proposal and your time together special.

For the Love of Sparkles

One of the best things about a 3.5-carat diamond ring is the sparkle and brilliance that it comes with; for an engagement ring with one of the sparkle and brilliance you can get in a diamond, a 3.5 carat definitely gives it.

The Perfect Ring for All Diamond Shapes

Whatever diamond shape you want for your engagement ring, a 3.5-carat diamond is a good fit, depending on the meaning behind your engagement ring. A round cut makes the already big diamond bolder, while a princess cut square-like shape gives your ring a simple yet relaxed look. Additionally, princess cut engagement rings are incredibly popular.

Valuable Stones Are for Eternity

Among several options, a 3.5 engagement ring is a valuable asset. You are not just buying a ring for the love of your life, but you are also venturing into a worthwhile investment. The price of diamonds has continually gone up because of how rare they are. A 3.5-carat diamond will appreciate as time goes by.

3.5 Carat Diamond Shapes for Your Ring

Diamond is beautiful in themselves, but they are more than beautiful when cut into fancy shapes. The beautifully crafted stones are gorgeous creations worthy of praise. Shapes bring out the exquisite features that diamonds are meant to have. But what diamond shape should you go for? The choice is entirely yours. But here are diamond shapes you should consider for your 3.5-carat diamond ring.

Oval Shape of a 3.5 Carat Diamond

If you want an engagement ring style with all the vintage looks, this is the perfect shape for you. The oval diamond gives your 3.5-carat ring an excellent height, and it is great for any ring style of your choice.

Oval 3.5 Carat Diamond Ring
Princess Shape of a 3.5 Carat Diamond

The princess cut is a modern diamond shape, it has a square shape with hard edges, yet it has a delicate and sweet look.

Princess 3.5 Carat Diamond Ring
Round Shape of a 3.5 Carat Diamond

Round shape is the most popular shape for diamonds, and it is a perfect choice for your ring. It would make your ring sparkle effortless because it is cut to reflect light directly toward your face.

Round 3.5 Carat Diamond Ring
Emerald Shape of a 3.5 Carat Diamond

The emerald shape is another great choice. This shape gives your ring a unique and classy look. A 3.5 diamond with enough purity would bring out the elegance revealed in this shape.

Emerald 3.5 Carat Diamond Ring
Pear Shape of a 3.5 Carat Diamond
Pear 3.5 Carat Diamond Ring

The pear shape is stunning when cut well. Despite its gorgeous look, it is a rare shape because of how challenging it is to cut; the perfect difference between the width and length is difficult to perfect for many jewelers.

Marquise Shape of a 3.5 Carat Diamond
Marquise 3.5 Carat Diamond Ring

The Marquise Shape diamond has a unique and delicate shape that is not often seen. Its vintage and classy look take your 3.5-carat diamond to the next level.

Asscher of a 3.5 Carat Diamond
3.5 Carat Diamond Ring
Asscher 3.5 Carat Diamond Ring

The Asscher diamond leaves a lasting impression; it looks like an emerald shape diamond but has a square-like shape instead; its significant facets allow the 3.5-carat diamond to shine through its high crown.

Lab-grown 3.5 Carat Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds grown in the lab under the same conditions that natural diamonds form in. They are, therefore, real diamonds. It might be challenging to get a diamond size with a total weight of 3.5 carats. However, it is possible with lab-grown diamonds, and the diamond may be closer to perfect. Lab-grown diamonds are also more affordable than natural diamonds, saving you up to 50% of the cost of a natural diamond.