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What is White Gold Jewelry?

White Gold Jewelry is jewelry that is made with a type of gold alloy (meaning it's a mixture of metals) that has a white color. Because white gold can be made to look like platinum, it's often used to replace platinum in jewelry.

The main ingredients in white gold are gold and palladium, with some additional metals in the mix as well. It's important not to confuse white gold with silver or nickel-plated jewelry, as those are not made from actual white gold despite appearing similar. White gold is created when yellow gold and other metals are mixed together. This means that white gold is made of pure gold that is then mixed with alloy metals that give it that silvery sheen.

What Are the Characteristics of White Gold?

The specific characteristics of white gold include a high resistance to corrosion and wear, as well as a high melting point. As a result, it's used in all kinds of jewelry pieces, from engagement rings to watches. White gold also has a beautiful luster, making it the perfect jewelry choice for wedding bands or other pieces you want to shine bright!

What is the History of White Gold?

White gold was discovered in 1710 by two alchemists in Germany; however, it wasn't utilized for jewelry until the 1920s, when the world experienced a shortage of platinum thanks to World War I. Thanks to its similar appearance to platinum, white gold quickly took off, and people have been wearing white gold wedding bands, engagement rings, necklaces, and other jewelry ever since.

Is White Gold Jewelry Popular?

White gold is an incredibly popular metal of choice, and many couples chose this precious metal over yellow gold or rose gold jewelry. Many people prefer the look of white gold over yellow or rose because the color is more neutral and can be worn with almost anything. The metal also has a beautiful shine that looks great when polished.

White gold can easily be matched with various gemstones and diamonds to produce rings, bracelets, and earrings that speak to each individual's tastes. Pair white gold with vintage designs for a white gold engagement ring that is timelessly classic, or mix and match white gold with yellow gold jewelry for a modern spin on the three-stone style.

How Much is White Gold Jewelry?

The price of white gold jewelry varies depending on the purity level of the gold and the amount of palladium mixed in with it. The higher the purity level, the more expensive white gold will be. For example, a piece with a purity level of 18 karats will cost more than one with a purity level of 14 karats.

Whether on our site or in-store, feel free to take a look at our white gold jewelry. Through a visual search, find your favorites, look at all angles, and shop to your heart's content. All of our stunning white gold pieces are available at a variety of price levels, allowing you to find shimmering must-have jewelry that is as affordable as it is beautiful.

Why Choose White Gold?

White gold is fashion forward with its versatility. White gold is also known for its durability, so it's perfect for everyday wear. Whether you like white gold necklaces or even white gold wedding bands, the perfect white gold jewelry is out there for you!

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