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Lab Grown Diamond Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

An Asscher cut center diamond radiates beauty with its distinct shape and style.

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What is Special About Asscher Cut Diamonds?

An Asscher cut diamond is an octagonal square-shaped diamond with layered facets. An Asscher cut diamond is also known as a square emerald cut, which makes sense since they are considered step-cut diamonds.

Unlike an emerald cut diamond, an Asscher cut diamond does not have sharp corners. Instead, it has round corners, giving the diamond its characteristic eight sides. Furthermore, Asscher cut diamonds have a deep pavilion and a high crown, with a width ratio ranging from 1.00 to 1.05, similar to other square-shaped diamonds.

Its 74 facets give the Asscher cut diamond its characteristically rounded square diamond shape. Consider an Asscher cut diamond for your engagement ring to wow your significant other with a stunning center stone reminiscent of the roaring twenties.

The History of Asscher Diamonds and the Royal Asscher Diamond Company

Joseph Asscher was one of many diamond cutters in the Asscher family who founded the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. He created the original Asscher cut diamond in 1902 and aptly named the diamond cut after himself. The Asscher cut features a step-cut design and faceted corners with a predominantly square shape.

Later it became known as the Royal Asscher Cut, and by the mid-20th century, it became widely famous for its brilliant shine and for being rare and hard to get.

Elizabeth Taylor, a renowned British-American actress, famously wore a 33.19ct Asscher-cut diamond ring given to her by her husband, Richard Burton, in 1968. Burton reportedly purchased this particular stone, the Krupp diamond, for $305,000 .

Many other celebrities, such as Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba, have chosen to wear diamonds with Asscher cuts over other diamond shapes because of their lovely sparkle and beauty.

What does an Asscher Cut Diamond Symbolize?

Asscher diamonds represent the glamour of the roaring twenties, the era in which this particular diamond cut became famous. Its design harkens back to the prominent design style of that decade - Art Deco - which is distinguishable by its geometric shapes. Asscher cut engagement rings stand for elegant sophistication and are perfect for those seeking a unique flair for the style.

Their octagonal shape can also symbolize eternal life. The number 8 is often associated with an endless cycle. In many religions, it also stands for a cycle of life anchored by constant renewal. Hence, octagons are used extensively in religious architecture, such as St. George's Cathedral in Ethiopia, The Baptistery of San Giovanni  in Italy, and The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

Are Asscher Cut Diamonds the Most Expensive?

No, the most expensive diamonds are round brilliant cut diamonds, followed by oval, pear, and marquise diamonds. Round-shaped diamonds are more costly because they refract light exceptionally well, better than square-shaped diamonds. They also require significantly higher amounts of raw diamonds to shape them into perfectly symmetrical round diamonds.

That being said, Asscher cut diamonds are generally more expensive than emerald, heart, cushion, and princess cut diamonds.

How to Choose an Asscher Cut Diamond?

When you choose an Asscher cut diamond, there are various things to remember.

An essential quality to look for when shopping for an Asscher cut diamond is how it is cut. Since this diamond has a deep cut, the majority of the diamond lies below the surface. You want to make sure you are choosing an Asscher-cut with a shallower depth, between 60% to 67%, which will give you a larger-looking diamond.

Unlike other shapes, such as round or oval diamonds, the Asscher cut has less of a "brilliant" appearance and more of a mirror effect, with its appeal stemming from its clean and sharp angles. An Asscher cut diamond has a smooth glassy top, similar to an emerald cut diamond; this cut makes it very easy to spot inclusions within the diamond, so a clarity grade of VS2 or higher is recommended for this diamond to look its best.

Color is another crucial aspect of this spectacular diamond. We recommend going no lower than an H color rating, as the near-colorless range works better with the bold facets of an Asscher cut diamond.

Concerning carat weight, an Asscher cut diamond generally requires a lower carat weight relative to other shapes to appear big on your engagement ring.

Lastly, if you find yourself stuck between an Asscher and an emerald cut diamond, it is worth noting that the Asscher cut diamond tends to offer more sparkle. In contrast, an emerald diamond will appear larger due to its sharp corners.

What is the Best Asscher Cut Engagement Ring Setting?

A white gold or platinum setting works best with an Asscher cut diamond, but ultimately you want to choose a precious metal that aligns with your preferences.

Consider adding pave stones to your engagement ring. Pave stones are smaller diamonds placed around the band, making the gemstone at the center appear larger than its carat weight indicates. They also add more sparkle and will make your ring stand out with that extra layer of brilliance.

Suppose you opt for Asscher cut diamonds with a smaller carat weight for better diamond clarity and color. In that case, we recommend using a halo setting on your engagement ring. The smaller diamonds surrounding the stone will allow maximum sparkle while staying within your budget.

You may lean toward our vintage collection, which stays true to the Royal Asscher cut diamond history with its Art Deco fame. Or, if you're looking to let the diamond stand on its own, a solitaire setting with the Asscher cut diamond front and center will allow its brilliance to shine without any distractions.

Interested in an Asscher Cut Engagement Ring?

If you want to purchase a diamond engagement ring that will leave everyone around you in awe, you can't go wrong with an Asscher cut diamond.

At Clean Origin, we only use lab grown and conflict-free diamonds for our jewelry. When you buy a lab grown diamond, you will receive only the highest quality at a fraction of the cost of traditional diamonds, with substantially less environmental impact than mined diamonds.

Our team of experts can help you find the perfect stone to create your dream ring. Contact our customer service team via virtual consultation or at a showroom in a city near you today!

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