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How Big is a 4-Carat Diamond Ring?

When it comes to diamond sizes, a 4-carat diamond ring is considered big. But just how big is 4-carats?

A round diamond will typically measure 10.2 millimeters in diameter or around the size of a small grape and weigh 800 milligrams. Compared to a 1-carat diamond engagement ring a 4-carat diamond has 3.8 more millimeters in its diameter and weighs 600 more milligrams.

Of course, a round diamond is not the only shape available and the size of different shaped diamonds will vary. In fact, a diamond's size is very different from its weight. This is because the cut of a diamond can affect the size of the table of a diamond ring, thus making it seem larger than it actually is.

For example, when comparing a 4-carat round diamond and a 4-carat oval-cut diamond, the oval-cut diamond will seem larger as the face of the diamond is elongated and displays more surface area. Even if the total carat weight of the round diamond is larger then that of the oval-shaped, it it carries its carat weight beneath its girdle it will be smaller in appearance.

What is Carat Weight and Why is it Important?

As we described above, a diamond's carat weight is not always the best indicator of how large a diamond will appear. But what exactly is carat weight then and why is it more important than the diamond's size?

Essentially, a diamond's carat weight is a measurement of the exact weight of the diamond. In its earliest form, ancient gem traders would use the relatively uniform seeds of the carob tree to measure the weight of diamonds and other precious gemstones. This practice persisted into the Middle Ages and beyond until carat weight was standardized internationally in 1913.

One carat is equal to approximately 0.2 grams and all diamonds are weighed using incredibly precise scales to measure weight to three decimal points before rounding to the nearest hundredth.

Large diamonds are increasingly rare and difficult to find. What's more, it takes great skill to facet rough raw diamonds into stunning large diamond engagement rings. Because of all of this, carat weight is an important measurement to determine how rare and thus, how expensive diamonds ultimately are.

What Makes a 4-Carat Diamond Ring Special?

A 4-carat diamond ring is an incredibly special object. Not only, is it a material memento of the deep and expansive love your partner has for you, but it is also, a tribute to rarity. Large diamonds are difficult to come by, so a rough diamond that is big enough to facet a beautiful diamond 4 carats or above is truly special.

How Much is a 4-Carat Diamond Ring?

A 4-carat diamond ring can vary in price depending on a large variety of factors, including:

The 4-Carat Diamond's Overall 4C Grading

Carat weight is just one piece of the 4C puzzle that determines the overall price of a diamond. The other three categories, Clarity, Cut, and Color, can create a huge range of prices. For example, a 4-carat diamond engagement ring that scores the highest it possibly can within all three grades will be exponentially higher in price than a 4-carat diamond that has middling grades.

The Shape of the Diamond

A round diamond is the most expensive of all diamond shapes. This is because of two things. First, a round diamond ring is the standardized cut of diamonds and all round diamonds are graded on cut quality, unlike fancy-shaped diamonds. Second, a round diamond creates the most amount of rough diamond waste when it is faceted. So, to make up for this waste and take into account the demand for round-brilliants, round diamonds will cost more than other diamond shapes.

The Precious Metals Used in the Engagement Ring

When it comes to price, the more rare a material the more expensive it will be. And when it comes to precious metals, platinum is the rarest of them all. So expect to pay more for a platinum engagement ring then you would for a yellow gold setting or white gold ring.

The Style of the Engagement Ring

The engagement ring setting can have a large effect on price as many styles incorporate side stones or halos to complement the center stone and drive up the value of your ring.

Overall, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,268 to $14,725 for the 4-carat diamond before choosing your setting.

How Do I Choose the Right Setting for a 4-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

Clean Origin offers a variety of settings and styles for your engagement ring but it can be difficult to determine what setting is best for you. As a rule of thumb, always start by asking yourself what your personal style is like. If you prefer minimalism than a solitaire setting is perfect for you. Or, if you are a maximalist through and through then you can't go wrong with a vintage style that has lots of smaller stones and bling.

Additionally, be sure to consider the size of your engagement ring. If you want it to appear even larger than 4 carats we recommend utilizing pave diamonds or a halo setting to create the effect of a larger diamond. And, if you want to highlight the size as is, you can't go wrong with a classic or three-stone design.

Ultimately, you should feel excited about your engagement ring so remember to go with your gut and get whatever style speaks the most to you!

Why Should I Buy a Lab Created 4-Carat Diamond Ring?

A lab created diamond engagement ring is a smart choice for couples looking for the elegance of a larger engagement ring that doesn't harm the environment. Diamond mining can have incredibly negative effects on the environment and social communities they occur in and purchasing a premium lab created diamond is an effective way to combat conflict diamonds that ultimately hurt the environment.

Another perk of purchasing lab grown diamonds over natural? The price! On average, consumers save 20-40% on lab created diamonds, allowing them to buy higher quality diamonds for less.

Looking for your own high-quality 4-carat diamond ring? Clean Origin has a variety of beautiful diamonds in different shapes and colors. Find your perfect engagement ring today at Clean Origin.

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