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What Is an I Color Diamond?

An I color diamond is any diamond that has a color grade of I on the D to Z scale. A colorless diamond has a grade of D, E, or F.

An I diamond is in the near colorless range, which means it has a slight yellow tint to it but is barely noticeable if at all.

Is an I Color Diamond Good?

When you're shopping for an engagement ring, you want to have a diamond that sparkles and shines. While colorless diamonds are the highest quality possible, you usually cannot tell the difference between a colorless and near colorless diamond with the naked eye.

I color diamonds are a great choice if you're looking for a beautiful diamond engagement ring and the best value for your money. With their near colorless range, they are undeniably stunning.

Factors That Affect Color

The size of the diamond matters. If a diamond is larger, it makes the yellow tint more visible. The good thing about I color diamonds is that they tend to have a sparkling white appearance even if it is featured in a diamond.

Is G or I Color Diamond Better?

Both color grades are beautiful. It's hard to tell a difference between these two colored diamonds. The range that GIA uses to grade diamonds is from D to Z. On that color grade scale, G and I are in the near colorless range, as they are only a few grades from each other. Both of these near colorless diamonds are great options depending on the setting or style you like.

How Much Does an I Diamond Cost?

I color diamonds are in the upper to mid range on the color grade scale. They will cost in the middle range of diamond prices. The cut quality, clarity grade, and carat weight also affect the price so make sure you know what ranges you want for these factors when shopping for a diamond.

We use round diamonds as an example since they cost the most out of all diamond shapes.

A Clean Origin lab grown 1.00 carat round diamond with an ideal cut, clarity grade of VVS2, and I color costs $1,262. Another Clean Origin diamond of the same carat weight, clarity, and cut but with a D color grade costs $1,719. These two diamonds have the same qualities except for color and differ by almost $500 in price.

Mined diamonds will cost significantly more than the lab grown diamonds in the previous examples. A natural one carat ideal cut diamond with a clarity of VVS2 and I color will cost around $5,500. An identical diamond with a D or E color grade can cost up to $8,000.

Diamond Color Grades

The diamond color grade scale ranges from D to Z, but it is broken up into ranges. A D color diamond is the highest color grade.

D, E, and F represent colorless diamonds. These are the most rare and expensive diamonds and they reflect the most light.

G, H, I, and J make up the near colorless range. K through M diamonds have faint color. N through R diamonds have very light color. Lastly, S through Z diamonds have light color.

The light color may be a yellow or brown tint. When compared with a colorless diamond, a diamond of a lower color grade will appear much less bright.

Keep in mind this color grading scale is only for colorless diamonds. Fancy colored diamonds do not follow the same color spectrum.

What Setting To Choose for an I Diamond

The type of metal you set your diamond in plays a huge role in how it looks overall. For engagement rings, the setting, diamond, and metal are all very important.

With diamonds that have a color tint, a white gold or platinum setting is the best to make it shine like a colorless diamond. This is because diamonds reflect light. If it is surrounded by a lighter, more white band then it will appear more colorless.

On the other hand, setting an I color diamond in a yellow gold or rose gold band may highlight its subtle coloring more. There is nothing wrong with this as some people prefer this look. It ultimately depends on personal preference. If you are someone who likes a faint yellow hue, a rose gold setting is a good option.

If you know you want a yellow gold or rose gold band but want the diamond to appear more colorless, then we would recommend going for a higher color grade and saving money on the clarity or carat weight.

Ideal Carat Weight for I Color Diamond

The ideal weight for an I color diamond is up to you. Because I color diamonds appear white with the naked eye, it works well for various weights. If you need extra assistance in finding the perfect carat weight for your I color diamond, Clean Origin has your back. Schedule a virtual meeting with our virtual consultants who will make the process easier.

Clarity Grade for I Color Diamond

I color diamonds tend to be visibly white to the naked eye. They capture elegance at an affordable price. With that in mind, a VS2 or VS1 clarity grade works perfectly for an I color diamond, as they allow brilliance and shine without breaking the bank.

I Color Diamond Shape

The diamond shape or cut can affect how the diamond reflects light. A round diamond does not show as much color as an Asscher-cut does. So, if you're buying a diamond with a lower color grade, you may want to choose a cut that will minimize the appearance of the color.

Emerald-cut diamonds and princess-cut diamonds also tend to show color more than a round diamond. If you know what to look for and how to pair diamond shape with color, then you can get a stunning diamond ring for a great value.

Clean Origin Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have numerous benefits for you and for the world! They are 100% real. The only difference is that they were grown in a lab rather than mined from the Earth.

Lab grown diamonds are ethical and conflict-free. You also save 20-40% on a lab grown diamond which can make a big difference in the quality of diamond you can get in your budget. With the extra money you save, you can purchase a bigger diamond or a much higher quality one.

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