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Your Guide to Bridesmaid Jewelry

by Julianna Church
Last updated on April 5, 2023
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Planning your wedding day can be one of life’s most stressful, beautiful, and extraordinary days. And if you’ve spent months planning your special day, sending out invites, trying out cakes, and picking out linens, you want everything to be perfect. After all, many important people are there to support you on your wedding day. Chances are, your bridesmaids are a big part of making your big day one to remember. How do you thank your bridesmaid for putting up with the ups and downs of wedding planning? They watched you try on dress after dress and maybe even put up with wearing a bridesmaid gown they were not particularly fond of. That’s genuine support. If you’re following the tradition of giving bridesmaids gifts, consider giving the gift of bridesmaid jewelry.

Bridal Party Jewelry Options

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Not everyone can afford to purchase bridesmaid jewelry or bridal party jewelry. We understand that. But buying gifts for your bridal party/bridesmaids doesn’t have to be overly expensive.

At Clean Origin, all of our fine jewelry is crafted with ethical lab created diamonds. Lab created diamonds have all the same benefits of mined diamonds, but at a 20-40% discount. You can also be sure your lab created diamonds are ethically created.

Here are some of the options available to you when picking out bridesmaid jewelry.


Bracelets aren’t the most common bridesmaid jewelry items chosen for gifts, but they’re definitely an option. You see them more often as bridal accessories or mother in law gifts. Still, a bracelet can be used for maid of honor gifts or for all of your bridesmaids.

From being worn to everything from casual events to a night on the town, bracelets are a great option for bridesmaids of all tastes and lifestyles.

Diamond Bracelets

tennis bracelets

If you have a larger budget for bridesmaid jewelry, diamond bracelets are an excellent option. Diamond tennis bracelets have been a classic staple in jewelry.

Chances are not all of your bridesmaids or bridal party have the exact same interests and lifestyles. You might have one bridesmaid who does yoga, spin, and hiking. You may have another bridesmaid whose “hiking” is done in the escalators of shopping malls. The point is that a diamond bracelet is neither too dressy nor too casual for a bridesmaid of any taste.

Diamond bracelets make glamorous gifts for your bridesmaids. They’re definitely one of the pricier options for bridesmaid jewelry, even if you’re buying lab created diamonds.

But that’s to be expected. After all, it takes many diamonds to create a bracelet that goes all the way around the wrist. So if you’re not prepared to pay over $700 for a real diamond bracelet, you may consider different types of bracelets or a different bridal jewelry accessory altogether.

Charm Bracelets

The gift of a charm bracelet can be one of the best options for a bride trying to stay within a budget for bridesmaid gifts. A charm bracelet is also a great gift for the bride who wants to give a bridesmaid a jewelry gift that is more personalized or sentimental.

When charm bracelets are chosen as bridesmaid gifts, the bride usually gives the bridesmaid a “starter bracelet” alongside a charm that either represents the personal relationship between the two or the wedding day itself.

After that, the bridesmaid is free to build her own unique charm bracelet at her leisure for years to come.

While we don’t carry charm bracelets, you should make sure you purchase one from a place that has a lot of options for charms. Do your research and make sure they have steady business and a wide variety of charms that will accommodate the starter bracelet for your bridesmaids.


Necklaces are perfect accessories for bridesmaid gifts, and they often double as accessories to wear with bridesmaid dresses on the big day.

Don’t think you have to buy a highly expensive necklace for each of your bridesmaids. Bridesmaid jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. Many people choose an affordable silver or gold necklace set as a bridesmaid gift.

Necklace Chains

Sometimes these can be more suitable choices for a uniform gift among your bridal party. Not every bridesmaid wears jewelry. And for the ones that do wear it, chances are their tastes vary.

A jewelry chain is a good option for a bridesmaid gift because each bridesmaid can put her own pendant on it if she wants one. You save money this way, as bridesmaids get to choose later if they want to purchase an add on.

Diamond Necklace

model wearing a diamond necklace

Usually when a bride chooses a diamond necklace for their bridesmaid jewelry gift, they also want them to wear it with their bridesmaid dresses on the wedding day. You may want a uniform style for each bridesmaid, or you might want something a little more personalized. A diamond necklace can be either of those.

If you want a classic style such as a diamond pendant or drop necklace, we have lots of options that will look fantastic on your big day.

Pearl Necklace

Pearls are another classic staple to keep in a jewelry collection. While they’re not loved by all, you can’t help but notice regality about them. They can be beautiful, timeless accessories for your bridesmaids to wear on both your wedding day and other occasions.

Natural pearls are rare and highly expensive, so you’ll definitely want to go with a cultured pearl necklace. Cultured pearls are real pearls, but they’re harvested from pearl farms instead of random places in the ocean. Those pearls have almost all been harvested.

Saltwater cultured pearls are more expensive and come from specific types of mollusks found in different areas of the world. Freshwater cultured pearls are much more affordable and can be dyed to achieve any pearl color.

If you’re trying to stay on budget, a freshwater pearl necklace can make a good bridesmaid gift. They usually are have a shorter length than other types of necklaces, making them suitable for a top with any kind of neckline.

And if you want to step it up a bit, you can often find a pearl necklace set with pearl earrings to match. A bridesmaid jewelry set is a popular pick for bridesmaid gifting.


model wearing diamond earrings

Earrings are a happy medium when it comes to affordable bridesmaid jewelry gifts. Whether you’re choosing silver/gold earrings or diamond earrings, you can find them for a price to suit your budget.

Should you choose the diamond earrings route, I definitely recommend a pair of classic solitaire studs. At Clean Origin, we make it easy for you to pick earring jewelry sets for your bridesmaids. Choose from lab created diamond carat weights ranging between 1/2 carat to 2 carats total.

All of our lab created diamond earrings are set in either gold or platinum, depending on your choice. You get the option to choose between two standard metals without having to do much diamond research yourself.

And if you still need assistance, we have consultants standing by to help you find earring sets for your whole bridal party.


model wearing stacked diamond rings

Not too many brides choose to purchase rings as bridesmaid jewelry. Not only would you have to find something suitable for the entire bridal party, you’d also have to know ring sizes.

If you’re trying to work on a budget, many cheaper metals can’t be resized. Others require more care, and let’s be honest– not everyone is going to care for their ring like they should.

On the other hand, a ring can make the perfect unique bridesmaid gift for those brides who are very close with their bridesmaids. For example, maybe you and your bridesmaids have all grown up together since you were kids.

You might have a bigger budget and really want to give your bridesmaids jewelry with sentimental value. Matching diamond rings could be the perfect option for you and two or three of your closest friends.

If you choose to purchase our high-quality, ethical, and affordable diamond rings, your bridesmaids get one free resizing within the 1st 100 days. No need for the bride to figure their bridesmaid’s ring size.

Any Jewelry is Fit for Bridesmaid Jewelry

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When you get right down to it, I’m sure any gifts you purchase for your bridesmaid party will be perfect. It doesn’t have to be bridesmaid jewelry, either. Personalized items, purses, and other fun accessories are just as good.

After all, your bridesmaids are there for you on your wedding day. Chances are they don’t expect anything from you. But if you’d like to go the extra mile and choose something special for your bridal crew, bridesmaid jewelry sets can be the way to go.