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Why Choose Lab Grown Diamonds: A Buyer’s Guide to Brilliant and Ethical Choices

by Luis Navarro
Last updated on September 7, 2023
Environmental Impacts of Diamond Mining

Jewelers will tell you that natural diamonds have an enduring allure, unlike any other gemstone. Their dazzling brilliance symbolizes enduring love and commitment in a way that resonates across cultures worldwide. But recently, many couples are opting for lab created diamonds over mined ones for their engagement rings and anniversary gifts. Couples increasingly see lab grown diamonds as the enlightened choice – stunning gems that align with their values. From their minimal environmental impact to their dazzling beauty, lab grown diamonds offer many advantages that are reshaping the diamond industry. So if you’re wondering why choose lab grown diamonds, let’s dive into into the many reasons why!

The Diamond Dilemma

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Natural diamonds are highly desirable, but the conventional process used to mine them has a hidden cost. These precious natural stones formed deep within the Earth over billions of years are extracted using traditional methods with significant environmental and ethical implications that impact us today.

Mining natural diamonds often leads to destructive practices that cause irreversible harm to ecosystems and contribute to deforestation. Furthermore, there is a valid reason to worry about unethical labor practices and the possible involvement of conflict diamonds in the supply chain. These issues cast a shadow on the otherwise gleaming reputation of these valuable gems.

The Financial Burden of Natural Diamonds

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For many couples, the high cost of a natural diamond gives them pause. A traditional diamond ring can require a significant financial investment, on top of the ethical reservations some have about the mining process. Mined diamonds draw their value from scarcity and exclusivity. But for couples on a budget, those principles don’t outweigh the desire for a beautiful symbol of their commitment. That’s a key reason lab created diamonds have surged in popularity. Lab grown diamonds cost less and thus come at a more accessible price point, making it possible for more couples to celebrate their love with a dazzling lab diamond ring.

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

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Lab grown diamonds, commonly known as lab created diamonds, are a remarkable testament to human innovation and ingenuity. These diamonds are real, possessing the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural diamonds. The key difference lies in their origin: instead of being mined from the depths of the Earth, they are carefully crafted in advanced laboratories.

When you consider how diamonds form naturally deep underground, it’s remarkable that scientists have found ways to replicate those conditions above ground. There are two main methods for creating a lab grown stone. The High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) approach mimics the intense heat and pressure diamonds experience naturally. The Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method builds diamonds layer by atom-thin layer from carbon gas. Whichever technique is used, the process unfolds over weeks or months. Atom by atom, until a diamond is grown to dazzling brilliance.

Environmental Advantages

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More and more, couples are realizing the advantages of laboratory-grown diamonds over mined ones. Not only do they offer dazzling brilliance, but they also have a lighter impact on the planet. Traditional diamond mining disrupts large swaths of land and consumes immense amounts of energy. However, the production process for a lab created diamond uses less invasive and more sustainable methods. Among the benefits:

Reduced Land Disturbance

Lab grown diamonds do not require mining, which spares natural ecosystems from devastation. This helps preserve habitats for wildlife and prevents deforestation.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Lab grown diamonds have a much smaller carbon footprint than mined diamonds because their production requires less energy and avoids the greenhouse gas emissions associated with mining operations and transportation. This reduced environmental impact makes lab diamonds an appealing choice for eco-conscious couples.

Water Conservation

Traditional mining consumes substantial amounts of water, which can lead to local water scarcity and contamination. In contrast, lab grown diamond production is far less water-intensive.

Ethical Sourcing and Conflict-Free

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One of the most compelling reasons to choose lab grown diamonds is their ethical sourcing and guaranteed conflict-free status. Traditional diamonds have long been associated with “blood diamonds” or “conflict diamonds,” which are mined in war zones and often used to fund armed conflicts and human rights abuses. In contrast, lab grown diamonds are entirely free from such concerns.

The process of lab grown diamonds is closely monitored and controlled to ensure their ethical sourcing. The origin of each diamond is meticulously tracked, providing complete transparency and traceability. This approach not only offers peace of mind to consumers but it also supports fair labor practices and sustainable supply chains.

Lab Diamond vs. Cubic Zirconia: Understanding the Difference

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Diamonds created in a lab have some clear advantages over imitation gems like cubic zirconia. Though the two may appear similar at first glance, the differences become apparent when you look closer. Lab diamonds match natural diamonds in hardness, brilliance, and chemical makeup. So, while cubic zirconia may initially seem like a bargain, it lacks the durability and sparkle of a real diamond. Lab grown diamonds give you the real deal – an authentic diamond with fire and brilliance to treasure forever. There’s no substitute for the real thing when choosing fine jewelry to last a lifetime.

An Ethical and Sustainable Engagement

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David wanted to surprise Sarah with a ring that would take her breath away and align with her beliefs. He chose a lab grown diamond for its affordability and sustainability, knowing it would perfectly fit her finger and her values. Sarah was overwhelmed with joy when he finally proposed with that dazzling lab grown diamond ring. It was a stunning surprise, made even more special by the fact that it was an ethical choice that mirrored her own commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Clean Origin – Your Trusted Partner

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At Clean Origin, we’re on a mission – to give you stunning lab created diamonds with the beauty of natural gems. Our core values steer everything we do – like our dedication to sustainability, transparency about our processes, and delivering diamonds you’ll love. Choosing Clean Origin means you care about a brighter future just as much as we do.

We care about the quality of our diamonds and spare no effort to ensure our lab diamonds are held to the highest standards. They undergo extensive testing and grading so we can guarantee their excellence. You can expect diamonds of exceptional quality and brilliance with Clean Origin every time. When you want stunning diamonds with an ethical foundation, we aim to deliver.

Transparency and Certification

Each Clean Origin diamond has a detailed certification report outlining its 4Cs and confirming its ethical and conflict-free status. This commitment to transparency ensures that you can make an informed decision, knowing the full story behind your beautiful gem.

Shop for Lab Grown Diamonds at Clean Origin

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Choosing the perfect diamond should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience. At Clean Origin, we understand the significance of your purchase, and we’re dedicated to making it memorable. Our customer experience is designed to be as brilliant as our diamonds, with a team of experts ready to assist you at every step.

From selecting the right lab grown diamond engagement ring to crafting your dream jewelry piece, we’re here to make your journey smooth and rewarding. Schedule a virtual appointment with one of our team members or visit one of our showrooms in a city near you today!