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What About Dangle Earrings?

by Julianna Church
Last updated on February 16, 2024
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No one can argue that a pair of classic solitaire diamond stud earrings should be a staple in everyone’s jewelry collection. But they aren’t the only diamond earring types in the jewelry world. Too often, we get caught up in the classics and forget to branch out. Why not explore our individuality and look for jewelry items that make a splash– or a sparkle, in this case? Diamond dangle earrings add sparkle to any outfit without being too over the top. Not that there’s anything wrong with being over the top– it’s just that not everyone is that brave.

That’s why we stick to diamonds. Sparkly, stunning, and ethically created diamonds are captured in the precious metal of your choice, no matter what your personal style is. Whether you like flash or a little more modesty, these earrings are for you.

Kinds of Diamond Dangle Earrings

Separating types and styles of dangle earrings can be a nuisance, mainly because there are so many hybrid styles these days. So, we’re just going to break it down simply. It’s not an exact science, so just bear with me. This will help you navigate most dangle earrings in the jewelry world.

Diamond Huggies Earrings

Diamond huggies are a good introduction to diamond dangle earrings. These are modest, perfect for those who aren’t too comfortable venturing out to diamond drop earrings. And if you don’t like much weight on your earlobes, huggies can be a good alternative to stud earrings.

Huggies don’t hang far down past your earlobes. Instead, the metal is curved to “hug” the bottom of the earlobe as well as behind it. You could think of these as mini hoop earrings.

Diamond Hoop Earrings

Geometric Diamond Hoop Earrings

Diamond hoop earrings are a long-time favorite earring style for many. These earrings may only dangle a couple of centimeters below the earlobe, or they may or hang multiple inches below it.

Our diamond hoop earrings come in a range of sizes, shapes, and styles. For standard classic diamond hoop earrings, you can find hoops as low as 1/2 carat in total weight and as high as 4 carats in total weight.

Diamond Drop Earrings

Oval Cluster Drop Diamond Huggie Earrings

Drop earrings are usually 2-5 inches below the earlobes. They may have a stationary post with restricted dangle motion, or they may dangle freely. Drop earrings add drama and flair to special occasions and date nights.

They can be as modest or as flashy as you want. Some drop earrings have more gold or platinum with small diamonds. Other drop earrings add a lot of drama to your look, like journey style drop earrings. Some people may like small studs with chain drop earrings rather than stones.

Diamond Earring Jackets

A 1/2 ct. tw. Minimalist Convertible Jacket Earring in yellow gold with a row of sparkling lab-created diamonds, designed to transform from a linear dangle to a chic hoop earring

Do you have a pair of those classic diamond stud earrings I was talking about earlier? If you do, you might consider converting them to dangle earrings. Instead of buying a whole new pair of dangle earrings or drop earrings, consider diamond earring jackets.

Earring jackets are removable additions that slide onto the earring post of a stud earring. An earring jacket mainly consists of an empty circle that adds background to the stud. Most often, earring jacket drop earrings produce halo variations of earrings or create different styles of drop earrings.

We have a few kinds of diamond earring jackets available in our diamond dangle earrings collection. If these sound like they’re up your alley, find them here.

What Kind of Earring Backs for Dangle Earrings?

With different earrings come different earring backs. Don’t be surprised if the all the earrings in your earring collections don’t have the same backings. Dangle earrings can have all sorts of backings.

Some people prefer screw backings to secure their diamond earrings. We offer the choice between screw backings and friction backings for all of our diamond stud earrings. However, each pair of dangle earrings will have its own backing type. In our dangle earrings, you’ll come across push backs, lever backs, latch backs, or saddle backs. All of these are secure enough for dangle earrings.

Gold Earrings or Platinum Drop Earrings?

Here at Clean Origin, we offer a selection of precious metals for your diamond dangle earrings. Our dangle earrings are offered in high-quality recycled gold or platinum. We offer ethical metals for your earrings, which are better for the environment at no extra cost to you.

You have the option to choose between white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold dangle earrings for many of our styles. Typically, most people prefer gold for their dangle earrings because of its affordability and availability in most jewelry stores.

It is true; platinum jewelry is almost always more expensive than gold jewelry. That’s because of platinum’s density compared to gold’s. It takes more platinum to create platinum earrings than it would take to make the same pair in gold. Platinum’s spot price comes at a higher level than gold on most days, which also contributes to its higher cost.

But as with many of our favorite products, sometimes it isn’t always about the price tag. Some things are just worth the extra cost in the long run. You might feel this way about platinum.

However, platinum drop earrings add extra weight to your earrings. The density causes them to be both more durable and heavier. If you have sensitive earlobes, this might not be the metal for you.

What About Silver Dangle and Drop Earrings?

You’ve probably realized we skipped one of the most popular and affordable jewelry metals, sterling silver. Sterling silver is a popular pick among gemstone jewelry and diamond earrings with smaller diamonds.

We don’t carry any sterling silver dangle earrings in our selection of diamond earrings. Sterling silver is a softer metal than gold or platinum jewelry. Sterling silver also requires more upkeep than either of the other metals.

At Clean Origin, we offer only the best. And for our high quality diamond jewelry, our designs are crafted in gold and platinum, adding a touch of luxury to the quality of our timeless dangle earrings.