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How to Pick Your Wedding Invitation Wording (With Examples)

by Clean Origin
Last updated on October 19, 2023

Wedding invitation wording is a big part of preparing for your wedding day. How else would you invite your guest without formal wedding invitations? Although couples often have trouble getting clarity on wedding invitations, the issue is not the most complicated on their minds. This guide covers several options for everything needed for perfect wedding invitation wording that represents your love and will bring you so much delight.

When you are working on your wedding invitation wordings, you have various choices to go by. You can go with the classic or traditional wedding invitation wording. Many couples also think outside the box and fill your invite with creative and unique wordings. Whether you create casual or formal invitations, you shouldn’t forget to include the necessary elements.

You do not have anything to worry about. Wedding invitation wording etiquette is very simple and easy to put together, so you don’t have to feel confused about the whole process. You want to have a lovely wedding invitation that talks about you, your partner, and your wedding day. That’s what we’re here for!

What to Include in Your Wedding Invitation Wording

Wedding invitations may be as beautiful or as simple as the host pleases, assuming there are certain roles to complete. Those who create their wedding cards and invites must follow these criteria line-by-line. These criteria typically include; the host’s name, request to come to the wedding, the couple’s names, the wedding date and time, the wedding location, the wedding reception location, dress code, and how to RSVP.

Feel free to create an individual touch and style and speak in any style that suits you and your partner. Use these instructions to start creating your formal wedding invitation wording.

Wedding Invitation Wording: A Line-by-Line Guide with Examples

When it comes to wedding invitation wording, there is a traditional structure that many couples choose to follow. Here’s a line-by-line guide to what to include in your wedding invitations.

Who Is Hosting

The bride’s parents are usually the ones hosting the wedding. The names of the bride’s parents are written at the top of the wedding invitation card. This is applicable for both formal and traditional wedding ceremonies.

More couples are adding their name alongside their parents as hosts. Either way, including both parents’ names as the hosts on your wedding invitations is very polite and makes them feel more included.

Including your divorced parents’ names shouldn’t be a source of confusion. If you or your partner’s parents are divorced, you can choose to include them both in your wedding invitations. Write your first parent’s name on one line, move to the next line, and write your other parents’ name. If they have remarried, put their name in the same line as their current partner.

If you or your partner have a deceased parent, you will have to make changes to the traditional structure of wedding invitations. However, it is not unusual to have a deceased parent serve as a host. This example should help clarify how to include a deceased parent in your wedding invitation wording:


Selena Grayson, daughter of Mr. Jack Grayson and the late Harper Grayson,
and Leo Jackson, son of Mr. Carter and Mary Jackson
request the honor of your presence at their wedding
on the seventh of July, 2022
at one o’clock in the afternoon
downing Town Hall, London
Dinner & dancing to follow
Blue tie required

Request to Come To the Wedding

You must request the pleasure of your guest’s presence at your wedding with your wedding invitations. Traditionally, the ceremony would be held in a church or any place of worship, typical of many religious ceremonies. However, more wedding ceremonies have been held in gardens or halls in recent years. Here are a few options you should consider when preparing your wedding invitation wording.


“The pleasure of your company”

” Request Your gracious presence at the marriage of their children.”

“Would love for you to join them.”

“Invite you to celebrate with them.”

“Honor of your presence”

The Couple’s Names

The names of the people getting married should be written boldly at the center of the wedding invitation a few lines after the host line. It is impossible to forget to add this as part of the wedding invitation wordings. Without this detail on wedding invitations, how would we know which couple is getting married?

Whose name should come first on the wedding invite? Traditionally, the bride’s name comes before the groom’s name in most formal wedding invitation wording. However, this is optional. If you prefer the groom’s name before the bride’s name, you have not committed any crime; there is room for personal preference when creating your wedding invitation wordings.

If you and your partner are not a traditional bride and groom, you can choose who comes first regardless of gender. You might consider the way the names sound in either order. Another thing to consider is who proposed marriage. These ideas might help you get some clarity on your wedding invitation wording.

The Wedding Date and Time

Your wedding invitations should carry the necessary information about your wedding so that guests can arrive without hassle. The date and time should be correctly and clearly written on the wedding invitations.

There is room for personal preference. However, the traditional way of writing out wedding date and time easily prevent confusion. It’s always best to write the date and time in full. Abbreviations in your wedding invitation wording can be very confusing to some people, including the year if you must. If the wedding will happen early in the year, then it is not necessary.

The Wedding Location

The address where the wedding is taking place should be included in the wedding invitations. This will help your guests find the wedding venue easily and avoid any form of confusion. The city and the state should be correctly written. You don’t want your guest going around in circles and arriving late to your wedding celebration because of a misprint on your wedding invitations.

The Reception Logistics

The reception typically begins immediately after the wedding ceremony. The reception may be held in the same place as the wedding ceremony. This is usually if the ceremony takes place in a hall or in a garden. Still, if it is held in a church, the couple would have a separate venue where guests can wine and dine and watch the latest newlyweds share their first dance.

Whichever the case, ensure you include it on your invite. If it is a different location, state it clearly on the invitation. If it is at a different location, let your guest be aware as well. Sometimes it is always a good idea to have the wedding reception location written on a different card, especially if there isn’t enough space on the wedding invite.

The Wedding Dress Code

A dress code makes your wedding more interesting. Seeing your guest dressed in the same pattern adds richness and a sense of fun to your wedding. As a dress code, guests can arrive in a selected color combination you have chosen. Write the dress code at the lower section of your wedding invites or on the left or right corner of the wedding card; the choice is yours.

How to RSVP

RSVP cards should be included with the wedding invitation card. This way, your guest can fill it out and return it via mail.

A telephone number could also be included. This can be the number of one of your relatives either from the groom’s side or the bride’s side. Guests can call the number before the RSVP deadline to inform a couple of necessary information before the wedding.

These days, couples can also create wedding website addresses regarding their wedding, and through it, guests can RSVP. A wedding website is a modern alternative to RSVP cards. The choice to use a wedding website over a traditional RSVP card is also more environmentally-friendly. Your wedding website will help you save on shipping costs while also using less paper. It’s a win-win!

Wedding Invitation Wording Templates

Ready to get started on your wedding invitation wording? Here are some templates you should consider.


Please join us for the wedding of
Michelle Evans & Able Cooper
Sunday, December 11, 2022
at half-past six in the evening
The Good Place
Southside, London
Reception to Follow


With great pleasure
James Smith
Paul Williams
invite you to join them
at the celebration of their marriage
Saturday, March 26, 2022
at three o’clock in the afternoon
West Front Courthouse – Mural Room
West Front, London
Dinner and dancing to follow at White and Wine Valley


Daniel & Olivia Lewis
and Grant & Lily Robinson
invite you to celebrate with their children,
Victoria & Oscar
on their wedding day
Saturday | 19 Mar 22 | 4:00 p.m.
Ceremony: Highlands Events, West Land
Reception: Clorinda Landmark | 6 p.m.


Sophia & Carly
are getting married
July 16th, 2023
Three o’clock in the afternoon
at the
Victorian Handle Lane
Drinks, dancing, and shenanigans to follow


Isabella and Thomas Turner
Are getting’ hitched!
September 5th, 2023
Join us at 4 o’clock
The Good Side
345 Driveway Ave
St. Joseph
Merriment to follow


Dr. and Mrs. Robert Collins Hughes
and Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Clark
Invite you to celebrate the marriage of their children
Eric Alexander Hughes and Benjamin Jones Clark
Saturday, April 6th, two thousand and twenty-two
five o’clock in the evening | Divine Lane Center | Victoria Island
Followed by dinner & dancing


Together with their families
Florence Mary Stanley
Jude Harry Hunter
Request the honor of your presence as they
Tie the knot
Wednesday, June Twelfth, Two Thousand and twenty-three
At three o’clock in the afternoon
Westside Garden
Bayswater, London


Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Roman
Mr. and Mrs. Rowan Alfred
invite you to share in their joy
at the marriage of their children
Scarlett Anna and Francesca Alicia
Saturday, September twenty
Two thousand and twenty-three
at Eight o’clock in the Morning
Freeland Estate
New City Avenue
Westminster, London
Dinner and dancing to follow


Mr. and Mrs. Francis Newton
Request the pleasure of your company
at the wedding of their daughter
Martha Raya
Timothy Collins
Saturday, November twenty-third
Two thousand and twenty-three
at five o’clock
Victoria Gardens
Salisbury, Salisbury
Reception to follow


Abigail & Frankie
would love your presence at their marriage ceremony
June 12th, 2022 | 4 p.m.
3245 Harrison Ave., Corral Townhouse.   
Reception to follow


It is the season of love
Bella Janet Isaac & Luke Ryan Blake
Have the honor of announcing their marriage
on Friday, the twenty-four of November
Two thousand twenty-three
at two o’clock in the afternoon
Elves Glasshouse
New York, New York
Reception to follow

Short and Sweet:

We’re getting married!
Kate & Alfred
Celebrate with us
At 3:30 p.m.
Novella Hills


Together with their families
Finn Grayson
Cole Luca
Invite you to join them as they say, “I Do!”
Saturday, April 26 | Two thousand twenty-three
Five o’clock in the evening | Grey Villa, New York
Dinner, dancing & drinks to follow | Gray-tie optional


Mr. and Mrs. Riley Rowan
Request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter
Eliza Mia
Abbie Elliot
Saturday, June 17, 2022
at four o’clock in the evening
Merry-town hall
Brighton, UK
Dinner and dancing to follow


Henry Harrison and Paul Leon
Request the honor of your presence
on their wedding day
Saturday, the tenth of May
Two thousand and twenty-two
at half-past five o’clock in the evening
Christ Baptist Church


Please join
Rebecca Lilian Jones and
Kings Mike Oakley
as they tie the knot
July 23rd, 2022
Three o’clock in the afternoon
Haven Resort
Chester, UK


Please join us
for our wedding
Violet Gomez
Felix Chester
February 5th
Marvis Palace
1568 Kentucky Rd.
Dinner to follow at
High House Restaurant


Mr. and Mrs. Blake Finn Hudson
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter
Maria Hudson to David Jackson
12.09.2022 at 5p.m.
Fortress Hotel | Derby
Cocktails, dinner & dancing to follow


The wedding of
Nancy Lia Robyn
and Jasper Ollie Charles
St. Peter Catholic Church
The Cornerstone, Norwich
August 12, 2023


Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stanley
Invite you to join in the
of the marriage of their son
Liam Hollis to
Phillip Michael
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Reggie
Friday, October 16
Two thousand twenty-three
at two-thirty in the afternoon
Riverdale Island Resort
Reception to follow at 5:30 p.m.