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SCS-007 Certification: For a Sustainable Diamond Industry

by Luis Navarro
Last updated on September 20, 2023
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Nowadays, more and more people want to buy products that do not harm the environment or other human being. This shift includes engagement rings. Diamond companies care about sustainability and obtaining diamonds responsibly, which is why the SCS-007 certification is essential– it demonstrates their commitment. This means couples can have a sustainable diamond in their ring that shows their love and aligns with their values.

The Purpose of Sustainable Diamonds

When we think of diamonds, we usually picture them decorating fancy rings and expensive jewelry. However, we need to recognize the harmful effects of old-fashioned diamond mining on the environment and society.

Environmental and Social Impact of Traditional Diamond Mining

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Most diamonds on the market today come from deep inside the Earth’s crust. However, mining these diamonds can seriously harm the environment. Large mining operations can cause deforestation, soil erosion, and harm to habitats. This can cause the loss of different types of animals and plants in delicate ecosystems.

Apart from their harm to nature, there is another troubling side of mined diamonds: human suffering. A blood diamond, also called a conflict diamond, originates from war zones. This mined diamond finances armed conflicts against governments. Consequently, buying blood diamonds supports violent uprisings, worsens civil wars, and contributes to human rights violations.

For those reasons, a mined diamond cannot be a sustainable diamond.

Benefits of Sustainable Diamonds

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In light of the severe environmental and social consequences of conventional diamond mining, it’s essential to consider sustainable alternatives. Opting for sustainable diamonds is an ethical choice that allows us to enjoy stunning gemstones without causing any harm or suffering.

When you pick out diamonds, it’s crucial to think about sustainable choices that focus on caring for the environment, helping the community, and treating workers fairly. Unquestionably, choosing sustainable diamonds means supporting methods that cause the least damage to nature, encouraging fixing any harm done to ecosystems, and putting the well-being of workers first.

Certification Standards

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Diamond certification has dramatically improved lately due to worries about the origin and quality of diamonds. Standard certifications are more important now than ever to stop things like selling conflict diamonds, lying about diamond quality, and keeping things secret from customers.

For example, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) tackles the problem of conflict diamonds by enforcing strict rules and tracking measures.

Who Certifies Diamonds?

There are many groups that certify diamonds, each with its own rules and requirements. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) holds a well-respected position for grading diamonds, primarily focusing on the 4Cs (carat weight, color, clarity, and cut). Some other well-known groups that certify gems are the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the American Gem Society (AGS).

What Is the SCS-007 Certification?

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The certification for SCS-007 is a new sustainability standard that goes beyond the usual 4Cs. It focuses on ensuring that responsible practices are followed throughout the diamond supply chain. It has strict rules for protecting the environment, being socially responsible, and sourcing materials ethically.

What makes the SCS-007 certification unique is that it looks at everything related to sustainability. This includes things like how much carbon is released, how much water is used, how the land is taken care of, how workers are treated, and how the community is involved. The certification encourages an open and complete approach to diamond mining and processing that considers all of these crucial things.

The SCS-007 certification creates a new standard for the diamond industry. It pushes for a supply chain that is more sustainable and transparent. This opens up a future where engagement rings symbolize love and contribute to making the world a better place.

Lab Grown Diamonds – The Ethical Alternative to Mined Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are a good choice if you are looking for ethical diamonds. Scientists make them in laboratories using technology that mimics the natural growth process of natural diamonds.

Differences Between Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds

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Diamonds grown in a lab have the same properties and look as natural diamonds because they have the same chemical makeup. The differences lie in where they come from, how they affect the environment, and how much they cost.

The main difference between lab and natural diamonds is their origin. Natural diamonds originate from deep inside the Earth. On the other hand, scientists create lab diamonds in a controlled lab setting.

Natural diamonds are hard to find, and we must dig a lot to get them. We can’t always get them because of how the Earth is and how hard it is to mine them. But lab grown diamonds are easier to get and more environmentally friendly. We can make them whenever we need them, and they don’t hurt the Earth like real diamond mining does.

Diamonds grown in a lab are usually more affordable (about 20-40% less expensive) than natural diamonds. Many people opt for lab grown diamonds because they can get a larger or higher quality diamond without breaking the bank.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real Diamonds?

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Many people ask if lab grown diamonds are real diamonds.

The answer is yes! From a scientific point of view, there’s no difference between diamonds made in a lab and diamonds found deep inside the Earth.

Are They the Same as Synthetic Diamonds?

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Lab grown diamonds are also known as synthetic diamonds, but that doesn’t mean they’re fake or worthless. They’re real diamonds that come from a lab rather than a mine.

The term “synthetic” simply means that people make them. These diamonds are real and provide an ethical alternative to mined diamonds.

What About Recycled Diamonds?

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Buying a recycled diamond can be tricky because it’s hard to know its history and where it came from. This lack of transparency with recycling diamonds raises concerns about their sourcing.

Lab grown diamonds are made in a lab and can be tracked back to their beginnings. This means they are made without causing harm, and no conflicts are involved.

How Lab Grown Diamonds Pave the Way for a Better Future

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Lab created diamonds provide an innovative solution. Sustainable lab grown diamonds can be produced with very little environmental harm. Some manufacturers of lab diamonds are even trying to develop carbon-negative diamonds that remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

By using advanced technology, these companies would capture more carbon emissions than they produce, offsetting their carbon footprints. This shows that lab grown diamonds have the potential to help with climate change and make a positive impact on the environment.

Moreover, choosing lab created diamonds can help save our planet’s resources for future generations. The eco-friendly process of making lab grown diamonds doesn’t require mining diamonds, which reduces deforestation, energy usage, and water consumption.

Lab grown diamonds are better for the environment than mined diamonds. They use much less energy and create far less pollution in the production of a one carat diamond. This, in turn, helps preserve the planet for future generations. In brief, a lab grown diamond is a sustainable diamond.

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