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Should You Ask Her Father For Her Hand in Marriage?

by Brandon
Last updated on October 25, 2021

One of the oldest, most time-honored rules in the proposal process is for the groom to ask the bride-to-be’s father for permission to get married. This tradition dates back to a time when marriage was up to the bride’s family, not so much to the bride herself.

Thankfully, society is much different in 2018, where couples proudly run away together without bothering to contact their families, nor are expected to solicit approval. That said, recent statistics show that more and more men are doing so, viewing the gesture as a blessing rather than a formal expectation of permission.

So should we still expect grooms to ask the bride’s father for permission? Men who pride themselves on manners, etiquette, and old-school charm will undoubtedly ask permission because it’s the gentlemanly thing to do. But some women might be offended by the act. After all, she can think for herself. And even if her father said no (he won’t), it’s not going to stop the two of you from doing it anyway.

Should you still ask? Here are a few tips on how to decide whether it’s appropriate or not.

If she values family and tradition…

…then asking her father is an absolute must. She’ll love the gesture and will be flattered by your manners. Consider it the “old-school” thing to do and retro is most certainly in!

If she values family but doesn’t hold tight to traditions…

…then make sure her family is aware of the proposal, but don’t feel the need to ask. Perhaps involve a sibling or another family member in asking what type of ring or jewelry she’d like. Maybe something from Clean Origin’s collection will really generate that excitement.

If she’s not that close to her family…

…then it’s probably not a good idea to feature them so heavily in the proposal. In fact, she might even be insulted if others knew about the proposal before she found out herself.

Those are our suggestions. Feel free to shoot us a note or leave a comment if you have the advice of your own.

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