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10 Best Engagement Rings for Scorpio

by Hunter Kemp
Last updated on February 1, 2022
scorpio engagement rings

Known as the most passionate and powerful characters in the Zodiac, Scorpios bring an unparalleled level of intensity to all that they do. They’re determined and assertive, never giving up until they achieve what they set out to. Due to their fierce loyalty and willingness to defend what they love, Scorpios also make some of the best friends and partners once you get past their somewhat intimidating exterior. If you’re the partner of a Scorpio and are looking to buy them an engagement ring, it’s probably a good idea to try finding out some information about what kind of ring they might like before you begin shopping. Scorpios tend to feel strongly about what they want, so it would be smart to figure out what that might look like in terms of a ring. Because of Scorpios’ fearless and fiery natures, some of the best designs for them are distinctive and bold. The best thing to do for a Scorpio is to choose a ring that you feel truly captures that person — something that reflects their unique, vibrant character will mean a lot.

Our Top Engagement Ring Picks

Starburst Halo Grand Ring

The center stone in this ring appears to burst outwards, just like the unique passion and intensity of a Scorpio extends to all areas of their life. The distinct edges of the setting along with its gorgeous, round center also mirror the qualities of a Scorpio: they may initially seem intimidating, but it is soon revealed that they have a fiercely loyal, dedicated heart.

Canterbury Solitaire Ring

Just as the gorgeous vines of this engagement ring hold the center stone securely in place, Scorpios hold on tightly to anything that is meaningful to them, whether it be goals, people, or beliefs. That fierce loyalty and dedication is perfectly mirrored by this beautiful ring.

Wellsley Ring

Scorpios seek the truth and work tirelessly to find it, and this ring perfectly captures this defining quality of theirs. The center stone and the two bezel-set diamonds that sit alongside it face different directions; in the same way, the discerning eyes and astute mind of a Scorpio seem to look everywhere in pursuit of the truth, examining all directions and possibilities.

Venus Ring

Since Scorpio is one of the most passionate signs in the Zodiac, an engagement ring whose intensity and shine is easily noticeable would be a great choice. This ring features three rows of diamonds along the band in addition to the stone you choose to sit in the center, making the jewelry sparkle with an unmatched brilliance.

Infinity Ring

This engagement ring is a dazzling celebration of a Scorpio’s loyalty. The strands of diamonds come together to form an infinity sign around the center stone, capturing the powerful commitment and dedication that Scorpios tend to show in their relationships.

Cleopatra Ring

The center stone in this beautiful ring is relatively far forward, which gives the ring a bold and distinctive quality. Scorpios tend to be independent and unafraid to blaze their own paths, making this ring a great choice for them.

Crescendo Ring

This stunning and bold engagement ring is perfect for a Scorpio. Unafraid to make a statement or choose their own path, these individuals would love a bold and dynamic ring. The large center stone is eye-catching, and the intricacies of the ring give it a unique twist.

Quiet Beauty

Scorpios are known for being honest and valuing that same quality in others, so a simple ring that focuses completely on the center stone would also be a wonderful choice. If you go with this option, you can choose a particularly striking diamond to highlight with the simpler band.

Double Pear Halo Ring

Scorpios know what they want and are determined to achieve their goals; this ring reflects their tenacity and drive. The pear-shaped diamond, as well as the double diamond halo that surrounds it, creates a feeling of directionality — just like the ring suggests, Scorpios will put all their energy towards a person, goal, or cause that they love.

Devon Ring

This engagement ring’s bold and eye-catching design makes it well-suited for a fearless, independent Scorpio. The wide split shank band is truly special, and a Scorpio would appreciate the one-of-a-kind look it gives the ring.