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3 Tips to Make Your Holiday Proposal Unique

by Haley Anhut
November 1, 2018

As nature’s colors start to change around us and families begin to prepare for visitors and parties, many couples out there have one very specific question on their mind…or they’re thinking about when that question will be asked.

Although an engagement on the beach during the dog days of summer can be nice, many couples wait for the most wonderful time of the year (biased, we know). Not only is there a magical hint of love in the air, but it’s usually a time when families have already planned to come together. This can make the celebrations after a proposal extremely easy to organize and accomplish.

But, it seems like everything has been done, right? From proposing under the mistletoe to getting down on one (very cold) knee at an ice skating rink, there’s got to be a way to make your proposal stand out and really ‘wow’ your significant other. We have a few tips that we think will help!

Incorporate Something Personal

Every love is unique. Whether it’s weekly brunch traditions or a tv show that you’ll never watch without the other, there are rituals in every relationship that make it special. Maybe it’s an inside joke or simply the fact that you noticed she really loves rose gold — including a small detail in your proposal could mean the world and show that you’ve been listening.

The same goes for the ring. You don’t want your significant other to have the exact ring that all of her friends have. Look for rings that fit her style and personality. Use your resources (her best friends) and find something that shows you put extra thought and effort into the ring search. Sometimes people can find it difficult to show their love. An engagement ring is a universal sign of love and commitment.

A Post Proposal Getaway

So you want your family to be around after the proposal to celebrate, but you also want to spend quality time with your new fiance. Why not plan a trip after the fact? Even if you can only get away for a few days, it will give you time to relax together before the world win of wedding planning begins.

Proposing with a Lab-Grown Diamond

It’s no surprise that lab-created diamonds are the new kids on the block in the diamond industry. But, their benefits are catching the eyes of many couples who care about choosing products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. If you’re like our founder, Alexander Weindling, and want to be on the right side of history, a man-made diamond could be the right choice for you.

What better way to be unique in your proposal than going with a new choice for diamonds?! Not to mention, it’s a guaranteed talking point for when you’re celebrating with family after you’ve proposed! Explaining to your parents that lab-grown diamonds are not only eco-friendly but ethically sourced too! And yes mom, that is a bigger carat than you expected. But with diamonds 20-30% less expensive than those mined from the ground, you can either use the saved money for that weekend getaway or buy a diamond that’s 20-30% larger! We’ll go ahead and let you guess which one will have a better response…

No matter how, when or where you propose, the holidays are a great time to gather family and friends, and pop the big question. Our advice? Incorporate something that’s special and symbolic to you, take her away to celebrate alone after the proposal and buy a diamond ring with a lab-grown diamond.