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Diamond Jewelry For Wedding Guest

by Chante Walker
Last updated on February 12, 2024
Diamond Jewelry for Wedding Guest

Wedding guest jewelry etiquette is similar to the dress code typically detailed in your wedding invitation. Anything that may be so extravagant that it takes attention away from the bride and groom is generally off-limits for wedding guests. But wait, you still want to look good and feel confident in your outfit. We have listed appropriate ‘jewelry for wedding guest‘ ear-to-arm options to ensure you’re respectful but never dull.

Wedding Guest Attire

Wedding Guests Attire

Wedding guests are bound to a few rules designed to center the attention on the bridal party. Before accessories, ensuring your wedding outfit does not overshadow is the first step in respecting wedding etiquette.

Of course, avoid wearing white or ivory and over-the-top statement jewelry. The dress code, venue, time of year, and weather should inform your overall outfit decisions.

Wedding Guest Jewelry

Wedding Guest Jewelry

Depending on your relationship with the bride and groom, you may want to wear something that would position you differently than others.

Wedding Jewelry for the Mother of the Bride

Celtic Halo Diamond Pendant
Celtic Halo Diamond Pendant

The mother of the bride may want to show her closeness to the couple by coordinating her colors with the bridesmaids. Rose gold is a popular choice of theme, and the bridesmaid’s dresses could be that color. If so, model a few simple but charming rose gold pieces.

Wedding Jewelry for the Mother of the Groom

Blue Diamond Ovals Earrings
Blue Diamond Ovals Earrings

Like the bride’s mother, the mother of the groom may want to coordinate colors with the groomsmen. The color theme may manifest through the groomsmen’s ties or handkerchiefs. Whatever that color is, find a piece that matches. If the color is blue, wear a gorgeous blue diamond piece.

Earrings for All Wedding Guests

Diamond Earrings + Studs + Huggies + Drops

Minimalist earrings are essential for a wedding guest because they complement the overall outfit without being too distracting, allowing the focus to remain on the bride and groom. Additionally, they can convey a sense of understated elegance and refinement.

Chandelier earrings may bring too much attention, but other minimal styles are perfect when attending a formal wedding. If your hair will cover the majority of the earrings, you can generally work around this stipulation.

Delicate Dangle Earrings

Pear Halo Drop Earrings
Pear Halo Drop Earrings

The Pear Halo Drop earrings exude luxury, with each dangling earring featuring a 1/3 carat pear cut lab created diamond suspended in the center and encircled by 1/8 carat lab created diamonds.

Stud Earrings

1 Carat Total Weight Yellow Gold Oval Stud in Threaded Screw back set in 14kt Yellow Basket earring
1 Ct. Certified Oval Studs in 18K Gold

Crafted to showcase the splendor of oval lab created diamonds, these Certified Oval Stud Earrings boast a timeless appeal and are set in a classic four prong design, available in your preferred 18k gold finish.


Pavé Diamond Huggies
Pavé Diamond Huggies

The Pavé Huggies are a bold yet delicate statement piece, with a domed-shape hoop encrusted with a collection of round lab grown diamonds. Whether the earrings are worn daily for a touch of sophistication or to add sparkle to any occasion, their ¼ total carat weight glistens from every angle.

Hoop Earrings

1/2 carat Lux Bezel Diamond Hoops
1/2 carat Lux Bezel Diamond Hoops

Elevate your jewelry collection with our 1/2 carat Lux Diamond Hoops, which boast a distinctive ‘J’ shape and 32 bezel-set lab diamonds running along the 14K white or yellow gold earrings.