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Bezel Set Diamond Necklace

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on August 9, 2023
Diamond Pendant

Diamond necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry that add just the right amount of sophistication and sparkle to any jewelry collection. Why not add a bezel-set diamond necklace to your collection of diamond jewelry?

What Are Bezel Set Diamonds?

Bezel set diamond necklace: Bezel Set Rings by Clean Origin
Bezel Set Rings

A bezel set diamond is a diamond that is set in a metal ring around the whole diamond instead of prongs. The most common diamond shape for bezel set diamonds is a round diamond. Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular diamond shape in general, so you’re more likely to find round diamonds set in a bezel than other shapes.

Bezel set diamonds, however, can be any shape. Getting a differently shaped diamond makes your jewelry more unique and special to you. Other shapes like an oval cut diamond, princess cut diamond, or pear-shaped diamond look great in a bezel setting.

Are Bezel Set Diamonds Popular?

Bezel set diamond necklaces: Lena Solitaire Ring
Lena Solitaire Ring

Bezel-set diamonds have been gaining in popularity in recent times. Although a bezel setting is not the most popular, it still adds a unique style to any diamond making it popular for an engagement ring or other jewelry. Indeed, bezel-set engagement rings are perfect for a new bride-to-be.

Bezel set diamonds are unique and offer a minimalist, sleek look. They work with lots of diamond shapes and even colored gemstones. Bezel-set diamonds with an elongated shape are also quite popular.

Benefits of Bezel Set Diamonds

Clean Origin Diamond Jewelry
Clean Origin Diamond Jewelry

One of the main benefits of bezel set diamonds is that the bezel setting protects the diamond better than a prong setting. Since the diamond is completely surrounded by the metal, it won’t chip or break.

Better Protection

With a bezel setting, you don’t have to worry about the prongs getting caught on clothing or anything else. They are great for everyday wear, especially for people who live more active lifestyles.

Bezel Set Diamonds Look Bigger

Another benefit is that a bezel setting can make your diamond appear larger than it actually is. This is a great way to get a bigger-looking diamond with the same total carat weight.

Different Types of Bezels

Most of the time, a bezel set diamond will have a full bezel, but that’s not the only kind of bezel you may see.

Full Bezel

Mercurii Ring

The full bezel goes around the whole diamond. This is the typical bezel setting and works with any shape of diamond and metal.

Half Bezel

Lumiere Ring

The half-bezel has a bezel around half of the diamond. The bezel setting could be partial and only cover a certain part of the diamond. This style still gives some protection but leaves a part of the diamond exposed. It also allows more light to enter the diamond by having part of it exposed.

Hybrid Bezel

A hybrid bezel can be many things. It doesn’t have to follow certain rules. It is a more customizable style where there are many ways to incorporate the bezel. The center stone may have a bezel and be flanked by smaller stones. Other popular jewelry styles may be incorporated into the setting or the jewelry piece itself.

Diamond Necklace Styles

Diamond Necklace by Clean Origin
Jewelry by Clean Origin

Diamond pendant necklaces are usually what you think of when you hear “diamond necklace.” Pendant necklaces come in so many styles that you can find something specific to your preferences. In ancient times, pendants were a sign of nobility, and many royalties showed off their pendants in magnificent necklaces. Now, they are about expressing yourself and finding something that matches your style.

Another popular style is diamond tennis necklaces which have a row of beautiful diamonds arranged in a thin metal chain. Pendants with a pink or blue color are also popular currently.

Bezel Set Diamonds in Diamond Necklaces

A bezel-set diamond is perfect for anyone’s wish list. They are simple and modern but also practical. If you’re looking for a new diamond necklace, a bezel-set diamond is a perfect choice. This setting protects the diamond, and you don’t risk knocking it out of the setting. It is also easier to clean around the diamond.

Bezel Set Diamond Prices

A bezel setting is more detailed and intricate than a typical prong setting. This makes it harder for the jeweler to create because they have to match the diamond exactly.

The bezel setting fits around the diamond edges but must be placed carefully without too much pressure to prevent cracks in the gemstone. Each bezel may vary based on the jeweler who made it. Some may be more intricate than others and therefore cost more.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab created Diamond versus Mined Diamond

When shopping for any diamonds, consider lab grown diamonds. You can a lab grown diamond with a higher total weight for the same price as a smaller mined diamond.

All Clean Origin lab grown diamonds come with an authentic diamond certificate, so you know the quality and origin of your diamond.