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Throwback: Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses From the 1970s

by Alexandra Wolf
Last updated on November 4, 2020

When imagining the 1970s, it’s hard not to think of a time of change, of hippie mentality and bright technicolour. Social and fashion movements from the 1960s gained traction and evolved. Wedding wear was no exception! So, let’s have a look at some iconic wedding dresses of the ’70s. 

Firstly, the 1970s was host to an array of trends — it was an era of bold statements. With mass-market trend-driven fashion starting to lift off, a variety of styles took shape. Trends included the hippie look, the rise of casual-chic sportswear, disco, and punk. The 70s brought about the beginnings of expressing yourself through your clothing. There was a particularly interesting take on bridal wear: High and modest Victorian-inspired necklines were popular in this decade, as well as flowing sleeves which were tightly fitted at the wrist. Moreover, brides often paired their long, voluminous gowns with detailed trains or headpieces for a dramatic effect. There was no dominant trend of wedding dresses; gowns ranged from hippie frocks to fairy-tale princess gowns to pantsuits. There were a number of silhouettes making appearances in weddings across the country, many of them featuring draped fabrics, lace, and ruffles.To add to the eclectic nature of the decade, the 70s also saw the popularization of white pantsuits as bridal wear. 

Bianca Jagger 

Perhaps the most iconic of this decade, Bianca Jagger used a radically different stylish approach to her wedding to Mick Jagger in 1971. The look: a perfectly tailored white suit jacket by Yves Saint Laurent, with nothing underneath, over a floating bias-cut skirt. Bianca topped off the outfit with a large veiled sun hat. It was the essence of 1970s glamour and modern style.

Farrah Fawcett 

Farrah Fawcett looked absolutely angelic at her wedding to John Majors in 1973. She wore a long and lacey white dress, complete with long, billowing sleeves and a cinched ruched waist. She topped it off with a big, relaxed sunhat for a sophisticated, yet bohemian-glam overall look.

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Faye Dunaway 

Our best nonconformist pick, Faye Dunaway, definitely wowed her fans at her wedding to Peter Wolf in 1974. She chose a flowing grey silk dress with purple floral patterns throughout. Her totally groovy outfit was complemented by her huge blue heart-shaped necklace, and her gorgeous wavy hairstyle. She definitely achieved the flower child vibe while marrying a famous rockstar!

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin’s marriage to Glynn Turman in 1978 was the picture of American royalty. She wore a white jacquard dress with a lace mesh neckline, but the most amazing piece of her outfit was the trailed white-fur trimmed jacquard robe. She coupled her robe with a matching white fur hat, with a voluminous veil. The Queen of Soul clearly rules fashion too!

Alana Hamilton

Alana Hamilton was the epitome of the 70s hippie stardom at her wedding to Rod Stewart in 1979. She looked gorgeous, with fluffy blonde waves and a baby’s breath flower crown. She wore an off-shoulder crocheted lace tiered dress, with matching fingerless gloves. The midsection of her dress was sheer lace, but the skirt’s tiered and draping layers made for a romantic and harmonious flower princess ensemble.