The Meaning Behind the 3 Stone Engagement Ring

three stone engagement rings

Every engagement ring holds a different meaning, but 3 stone engagement rings have a symbolism that sets them apart from the other styles. Learn all about where 3 stone rings got their start, what they mean, our best-sellers, and helpful shopping tips!

History of 3 Stone Engagement Rings

If you’ve read up on the history of the engagement ring, the name ‘De Beers’ will likely ring a bell. They are the catalyst behind the diamond engagement ring and the three months salary rule. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that they were also the first company to create a 3 stone or ‘trilogy’ engagement ring. Since then, this ring style has become extremely popular due to its versatility and symbolism.

The Meaning Behind 3 Stone Engagement Rings

There are a few different meanings behind the three stone engagement ring, but the most popular is the representation of the past, present, and future. Each stone represents a different time in your relationship and the commitment and love you’ve had, have, and will continue to have throughout your marriage.

Other meanings have sprung up over the years, as well. One of the other most popular is the representation of friendship, love, and fidelity. Three important building blocks to every relationship. 

A trilogy also has religious connotations (the father, son, and the holy spirit) and devout couples have also found religious sentiments in the three stone engagement ring.

Of course, each engagement ring is interpreted and representative of their owner more than anything else. Meghan Markle, for example, wears a three-stone engagement ring with an ode to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Clean Origin 3 Stone Engagement Rings

Our collection features three stone rings that vary from a classic engagement ring with a more simplistic style, to vintage rings with intricate metalwork and adornments. Browse our unique styles and styles and find a ring that represents your individual love story.

Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

When picking out your 3 stone engagement ring, you’ll search for your setting the same way you would any other ring. After finding one that you think would be the perfect representation of ‘forever’, you’ll want to start your diamond hunt.

Pro tip: the side stones that are featured in our three stone engagement rings are F or G color and SI clarity. So, when you’re searching for a diamond, you’ll want to choose a stone that is no more or less than one color letter away so that all the diamonds look uniform.

If your three stone engagement ring is compatible with a round brilliant stone, consider a Hearts & Arrows diamond to sit at the center. These diamonds are cut with extreme precision creating symmetry and tons of sparkle.

As always, our diamond experts are always available to help you in your search for the perfect three stone engagement ring.