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Mens Gold Wedding Bands

Mens gold wedding bands offer superior quality and classic style. If you love gold metal, shop here for an enduring style of wedding ring.

Men's wedding bands, like engagement rings, were classically made in gold. Our collection of wedding bands has the classic feel and modern might you dream of, at a price that lets you sleep easy. Shop our popular styles, accessible diamonds, and fantastic collection to find rings you'll be proud to wear or gift.


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Gold: A Classic for Men's Wedding Bands

It's important to confirm the right material for your men's wedding band, especially if you want to create a classic look and are particular about details. There are a lot of precious metal types available for purchase. Also, each specific ring metal has different qualities. Options available include titanium, tungsten, cobalt, carbon fiber, Damascus steel, sterling silver, or platinum, to name a few. With all these options, what should you actually take into account?

Gold is a classic look for men's wedding bands that's sure to be around for a while. This precious metal has been the champion of men's wedding bands for quite some time. These men's wedding bands come in various colors: yellow, white, and rose gold.

Each carries a unique vibe with exquisite details. Gold is a metal that is generally light and malleable. A higher karat means that the percentage of precious metal in the jewelry is higher.

Types of Gold Wedding Rings

Yellow gold is typically a mix of pure gold and trace amounts of zinc and copper—the rich shades of yellow gold complement folks with warm undertones in their complexion.

White gold rings are silvery-white in hue, giving them a cool and modern, high polish appeal that complements pale and rosy complexion tones.

Rose gold is made from a combination of pure gold and copper. The copper is responsible for the rose gold's characteristic color and durability. Rose gold flatters warm and cool complexion tones, but it is more flattering on individuals with olive and pink undertones.

How To Clean Gold Wedding Bands

Men's gold wedding bands are easy to maintain. To keep your ring clean, soak it in warm water and use a gentle soap to remove any visible dirt or debris. To dry your ring, use a soft jewelry cleaning cloth rather than tissue or paper towels to avoid damaging it. You should also store the jewelry in it's box when you're not wearing it to prevent any scratches.

The simplest way to find the best metal type for men's wedding bands may be to stop by the Clean Origin website and online store. We give you access to see the various collection of gold metals so you can pick the one that works best for you!

How Much Is a Mens Gold Wedding Band?

The price of a gold wedding band for men depends on the karat. 24k gold, no matter the color, contains the most gold and will be the most expensive. The next expensive will be be 18k gold, then 14k gold.

For example, our Austin Band in 14k white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold costs $750. The price increases by $200 if you want it in 18k gold. Our gold wedding bands for men range in price from $220-$1,900.

Need More Help?

The difficult search for a wedding ring ends here! We would love to help you shop for the best men's wedding band that you'll always love to wear. Our jewelry experts are ready to help you create a fantastic ring-shopping experience.

During your free virtual appointment, tell us your ring size, taste, style, and even price. We'll help accommodate if you have a special request while providing expert insight on the jewelry buying process. Shoppers in the Dallas, Texas area can also visit us on-site at our Dallas Stonebriar showroom location.

If you've waited to commit to a gold wedding ring, here's your sign to pick a gold ring that you love!

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