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What is Platinum?

Platinum is a silver colored precious metal used in jewelry as an alternative to gold. The desire for platinum jewelry, as opposed to yellow gold jewelry met its popularity in the early 20th century. Platinum rings were the first white colored metal used for engagement rings and wedding bands, even before white gold. Sterling silver jewelry was still around, but we don't recommend it for engagement rings and other wedding jewelry because of the maintenance required to keep it looking good.

Platinum Jewelry vs White Gold Jewelry

Choosing between white gold jewelry and platinum jewelry can be difficult, especially when you don't know how they compare.

A platinum jewelry piece may feel heavier than the same piece in gold. Platinum is a high density metal, which increases the weight. If you're a first time jewelry wearer, you might not like the heaviness. Alternatively, if you're concerned about a lightweight feeling, you might prefer platinum for its heaviness.

Platinum jewelry is more pure than white gold, which increases its value and price. It's also more rare than gold, which explains its price.

White gold jewelry needs rhodium plating, but platinum jewelry doesn't.

Platinum jewelry may be harder to find in store, but white gold is available everywhere. Clean Origin offers many options for both platinum engagement rings and other fine jewelry.

Platinum jewelry is considered a stronger metal than white gold. However, platinum jewelry is less resistant to scratching than white gold.

How Strong is Platinum Jewelry?

Platinum jewelry is stronger than any color of gold jewelry, this metal will last you a lifetime or wear free of tarnish. Gold and platinum jewelry are both durable enough for everyday jewelry, so choose the one you love. Platinum may be stronger, but there are many reasons why one might opt for a different precious metal.

Though platinum rings are less likely to break or bend, they don't have the best resistance to scratching. But never fear, our Forever Service Plan will cover any polishing you'll need for your platinum jewelry.

Does Platinum Jewelry Need Rhodium Plating?

Unlike white gold jewelry, platinum jewelry doesn't need rhodium plating. White gold jewelry starts to fade to a pale yellow over time due to the oils in your skin. It can make the white gold look yellowish, which lets you know it's time for rhodium. Rhodium is a thin white metal from the platinum group of metals. Rhodium plating can restore the silver white color of white gold jewelry. It is needed on all white gold precious metals. Platinum jewelry doesn't need any sort of maintenance in order to keep its color.

Is Platinum a Hypoallergenic Precious Metal?

A big reason why people choose platinum precious metals over white gold jewelry is because platinum jewelry is 95% pure platinum. The other 5% is often cobalt or palladium precious metals.

That means platinum precious metals are purer than gold jewelry. A 14k white gold ring contains about 58.3% pure gold. The rest of the metal used in white gold jewelry is other white metals.

If you have very sensitive skin, platinum jewelry would be a better option than yellow gold or white gold jewelry. Many jewelers offer white gold jewelry that has not been mixed with nickel. Nickel is the leading cause of allergic reactions to precious metals. Before, nearly all white gold jewelry was mixed with nickel, but now more jewelers are offering nickel-free white gold. The problem is, not every retailer in store and even online knows the exact contents of their white gold jewelry.

As a whole, white gold isn't considered hypoallergenic, but platinum jewelry is.

Is Platinum Jewelry More Expensive?

You already know platinum jewelry contains 95% pure platinum, whereas 14k gold wedding bands are 58.3% pure gold. An 18k gold wedding band is 75% pure gold. Either way you look at it, platinum has a higher purity than any gold jewelry- 14k or 18k.

Pure platinum has a higher base price than gold jewelry. On average, platinum wedding bands and engagement rings can be between $200-500 more expensive. Platinum necklaces, earrings, and bracelets may vary depending on how much more metal is used in the piece.

Settings For Platinum Jewelry

With its natural white color and amazing qualities, platinum is perfect for various jewelry styles. You can even add diamonds and gemstones to make your jewelry stand out. Platinum is a classic style that is perfect for several diamond cuts, including oval shape diamonds. Additionally, you can create your own personalized platinum jewelry with creative touches that will make your design special.

Clean Origin's Selection Of Platinum Jewelry

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