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What is Blue Diamond Jewelry?

Sure, colorless diamonds are revered for their crystal clear sparkle but when it comes to color, they've got nothing on blue diamond jewelry. But what actually is blue diamond jewelry?

Essentially, any piece of jewelry that incorporates a blue-colored diamond is considered blue diamond jewelry, and it can come in a variety of styles and pieces! At Clean Origin, we offer luminescent blue diamond pendant necklaces, earrings, tennis bracelets, rings, and engagement rings and a wide range of styles and metals to suit any preference.

Why Are Blue Diamonds Special?

In the natural world, blue diamond are exceedingly rare and special gems. In fact, the odds of discovering a blue diamond are around 1 to 10,000 and make up less than 0.02% of all natural diamonds in circulation.

In addition to the rarity of blue diamonds, these cool toned gems are also valued for their color. The much sought-after diamond can range in color from an incredibly faint light blue to a vivid greenish blue to a fancy greyish greenish blue. And, in general, the more deeply saturated with color the stone, the more rare and special it will be.

How Do Blue Diamonds Get Their Color?

Mined blue diamonds are formed over hundreds of millions of years when they are subjected to extreme heat and pressure deep within the earth's mantle. Occasionally, if there happen to be boron molecules around the diamond seed as it is being formed, they will be incorporated into the diamond's crystal structure, resulting in the blue color we all know and love.

Lighter hued blue diamonds are the result of fewer boron molecules being present at diamond formation while very deep and vibrant blues are thanks to more boron existing around the formation.

Like mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are created after a carbon seed is exposed to high heat and intense pressure (the HPHT method), the only difference is that lab grown diamonds are created in a lab as opposed to within the earth. To create blue lab grown diamonds, boron is introduced during formation and, like mined diamonds, results in varying shades or blues, teals, and greens.

Are Blue Diamonds Graded the Same as Colorless Diamonds?

If you're not new to diamond shopping then you should already have an awareness of the 4Cs - the method of grading the Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat of loose diamonds to determine their overall worth and value.

When it comes to the Color category, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades diamonds on a scale of Z to D with Z having a lightly visible hue of yellow or brown and D being perfectly colorless. As most diamonds have some tones of yellow or brown, colorless diamonds are generally seen as the most preferable type of diamond.

But where does the blue diamond land on the Color grading scale?

As it turns out, fancy colored diamonds have a scale all their own! And instead of ranging from Z to D will range from Faint to Fancy Vivid and are based on three attributes: hue, tone, and saturation. A diamond's hue is the primary color of the diamond, in this case, blue. Its tone refers to how dark or light the hue is, and its saturation is the intensity of the color.

So while regular diamonds prioritize colorlessness, the more deeply colored the fancy-colored diamond, the better!

How Much Does Blue Diamond Jewelry Cost?

There are a variety of factors that affect the cost of blue diamond jewelry, we've outlined a few of them below but at Clean Origin, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 for a unique pair of blue diamond stud earrings to $3,335 for a blue and white diamond tennis bracelet.

The 4Cs

A blue diamond that is more deeply saturated will be more expensive than a blue diamond that is just a faint blue. Likewise, blue diamonds that received high scores in clarity and cut will also be more expensive. As the quality of the diamond will ultimately inform the price. And it's not just quality too. Size can make an additional difference in price, particularly when the diamond quality is maintained within a higher carat weight.

The Type of Jewelry

Ask any jeweler and they'll agree, the price of your blue diamond jewelry will vary wildly depending on what type of jewelry you are looking to buy. This is because of the cost of materials used in addition to time utilized to create your beautiful piece. For example, a necklace that uses all the same materials as a bracelet will have higher price as the necklace utilizes more raw materials than the bracelet.

The Materials Used

Another factor that greatly informs the price of jewelry is what type of materials are used, particularly, the precious metals. Silver will always be more affordable than gold, for example. This is because gold is a more valuable and rare metal than silver while also being more durable and resistant to tarnishing.

Similarly, when shopping for an engagement ring, a ring that incorporates extra gemstones or other diamonds will be more expensive than a solitaire ring with a blue diamond. Because it costs more to create it will cost more to buy.

Why Should I Buy Lab Grown Blue Diamond Jewelry From Clean Origin?

When you buy a lab grown diamond jewelry from Clean Origin, you're not just purchasing a stunning stone that is destined to become a cherished family heirloom, you're also taking a stand against the unethical consumption of conflict diamonds.

While the Kimberley Accord was passed in 2000 to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds it still remains a large problem today and it is increasingly difficult to be certain that your mined diamond is in fact conflict free.

At Clean Origin, because all of our jewelry are designed with our lab grown diamonds in mind you can rest easy knowing that your remarkable diamond jewelry is conflict free. Plus, because our diamonds are created in lab, they are on average 20-40% more affordable then naturally mined diamonds.

With a variety of styles, shapes, and types of jewelry, Clean Origin has the perfectly pleasing blue-stone jewelry for you.

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