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Lab Grown Diamond Floral Engagement Rings

Round-shaped diamonds are the perfect example of simplistic beauty. With that kind of versatility, it’s no wonder our round diamonds are best-sellers. it’s no wonder our round diamonds are best-sellers.

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What Are Floral Engagement Rings?

Engagement rings with a floral motif have a slight twist to their style compared to classic rings. A flower engagement ring is a perfect choice for someone who loves flowers or the design of petals and leaves intertwined into the band of the ring.

Floral rings often have a dainty style that reflects kindness, calmness, and beauty. Anyone can pull off a floral ring if they love flowers and want to include these values in their engagement ring.

Floral rings may be for people who simply love flowers, or they can symbolize a deeper meaning. Flowers are often used as symbols for religion or culture. You may also want to incorporate your birth flower into your engagement ring. When you think about the significance behind floral rings, you can really create something meaningful for yourself.

What Are The Different Styles of Floral Rings?

Many floral rings have a flower motif, like the Tulip Ring with cutouts on the band near the center diamond to create a subtle tulip motif.

Halo settings are also very common for floral engagement rings because the halo can add so much more shape and elegance to the overall ring. Halos are a row of small diamonds that surround the center diamond, but they don't always have to be an even row.

Some floral rings have a halo of diamonds that look like a scallop pattern around the center diamond. When paired with a stunning round diamond, it looks like a beautiful flower.

Other floral rings incorporate leaves and petals into the design without having an actual flower in the design. These elements pair beautifully with sparkling diamonds to give the diamond ring an overall floral feel.

You can also find wedding bands that have a floral design, like petals or leaves on the band. If you like your rings to match, then shop for floral inspired wedding rings to make your wedding band and engagement ring complement each other beautifully.

Do Floral Engagement Rings Have Diamonds?

Yes! You don't have to sacrifice a beautiful diamond to have a floral ring. The flower designs are usually woven into the band and can include more than one diamond.

Round diamonds are the most common diamond for any ring, but they are particularly special for floral rings because they fit well in any setting. Pear shaped diamonds have the same romantic feel that floral rings do, so they are perfect for the center stone or could be set sideways on a floral ring.

A princess cut diamond center stone can also match a floral ring with a twisted leaf band or small diamonds flanking the center. Marquise cut diamondsMarquise cut diamonds are also perfect because they can look like diamond leaves depending on how they are set.

The bottom line is that most engagement rings will feature diamonds, and choosing a floral ring doesn't mean you can have even more sparkle with stunning diamonds. You can incorporate diamonds however you imagine or look at styles that have already been created by a jewelry designer to get an idea of what elements work best together.

Are Floral Engagement Rings Suitable for Someone With a Traditional Style?

Yes, floral engagement rings can complement someone who prefers traditional styles. The floral styles do not have to be super out there or too crazy. Even a simple leaf design on the band can be floral-inspired but still have the traditional style of engagement rings.

If you're shopping for someone who tends to prefer more traditional styles, look for a classic setting like a solitaire setting and then add the extra design elements to the band for a unique look.

A three stone ring is a classic engagement ring style. Incorporating marquise diamonds that look like leaves on either side of the center stone can create a unique three stone ring that has a floral look while still staying classic. Engagement rings with a classic setting that incorporate colored diamonds may also be a way to add a floral element to the ring.

Where Can I Find Floral Engagement Rings?

Floral engagement rings aren't as uncommon as you might think. While classic and many other popular engagement ring styles usually don't have a floral motif, you can still find many rings that are inspired by flowers.

Vintage inspired rings, minimalist rings, and rings with multiple diamonds all may incorporate a flower theme. These are great categories to start searching for your perfect floral ring as well.

You can find many engagement rings with a floral style from Clean Origin. Whether you like a subtle floral design or something bold, there is a style for everyone.

Can I Customize a Floral Engagement Ring?

You can definitely customize a floral engagement ring with Clean Origin's many different settings, metals, and diamonds!

It's easy to design a beautiful floral ring that has everything you could ever ask for, all from the comfort of your own home.

You can browse styles of flower engagement rings first and decide on the specific design elements that speak to you. Look for rings with diamonds that are set like petals or rings with floral elements that are part of the band itself.

If you already know what kind of ring you want, then you can go straight to choosing a precious metal like white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold to go with the floral theme.

For some inspiration, check out some of our favorite floral style engagement rings or browse Clean Origin's stunning collection of rings online to get some ideas.

Are Floral Engagement Rings More Expensive?

No, floral rings are not any more expensive than a typical engagement ring. When buying any engagement ring, the main cost to consider is the cost of the diamond or diamonds in the ring.

When you shop for a center diamond, you want to make sure you are familiar with the 4 C's: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. This way, you'll know how much your ring will cost, and you can appreciate the value of your special diamond.

You should also take into consideration the cost of the metal and setting. Typically, an engagement ring band will cost a couple of thousand dollars. This price will vary depending on the intricacy of the setting, so if you choose an elaborate floral ring, you may pay more for the setting than a classic setting.

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