Go with what you love. That’s our advice when it comes to selecting a diamond cut for your engagement ring purchase.

Deciding on which stone to pick shouldn’t take a Myers Briggs personality test, but the cut does say a lot about your partner and your relationship.

Here’s a brief overview (in our opinion) about what each cut could symbolize. It’s not rocket science, but a fairly good assessment of personality traits associated with each look.

Princess Cuts are for Fairy Tales

When a bride wears a princess-cut ring, there’s a definite timelessness to her wedding day style and the couple’s personality. So, there’s no surprise when this couple shows their affection with a bit of PDA and a full-on, fairy-tale inspired wedding day and celebration.


Round Cuts are for Timeless Couples

A round-cut diamond is one of the most coveted and more classic of styles. So, if there’s a bride out and about dawning a stunning, solitaire on her ring finger, she sways to the beat of a timeless drive. The couple planning to walk down the aisle probably loves a bit of tradition too, from the first dance to the cake cutting ceremony.


Emerald Cuts are for the Glamorous

This cut is classy, sophisticated and catches attention at every turn. Couples that show off an emerald shape may have a bit of Hollywood wrapped up in their personalities. After all, an Emerald Cut was the look of choice for the one and only Elizabeth Taylor.


Cushion Cuts are for the Romantics

A cushion-cut diamond gets its name from the rounded corners and curved sides that make it appear softer than a princess-cut, but not as circular as a round-cut stone. It’s more subtle in design, but also strong in style and shows the world how romantic the couple it represents is. This ring is for a pair completely in love and not afraid to show it.


Oval Cuts are for the Trendsetters

As worn by Blake Lively, Kate Middleton and Serena Williams, oval-cut diamonds have become more popular in recent years. That said traditionalists will enjoy its classic, elegant aesthetic.


Pear Cuts are for Those Who Beat Their Own Drum

Shaped like a tear of joy, the pear cut gives the finger an elongated look. Women who don’t want a ring like everyone else gravitate towards a pear, including Katherine Heigl, Anna Kournikova and Kaley Cuoco.


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