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Wedding Favors: Something Special for Your Guests

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on August 20, 2023

Deciding on the right wedding favor for your wedding guests can be a challenge. You want to make sure you find the best wedding favors for your wedding day, but that they also match your wedding theme and if they are personalized favors, that they are done by your wedding date. Don’t worry, we have plenty of wedding favor ideas for you, and even wedding party favors too! Your bridal party, groomsmen, and wedding guests will have a fabulous time on your wedding day and get the best wedding favors to remember it by.

What Makes The Perfect Wedding Favor?

So what makes the perfect wedding favor? A wedding favor needs to reflect the wedding theme, be wrapped and ready by the wedding date, and have a personal touch that reflects the people getting married that day. The point of a wedding favor is to make sure that even after the wedding ends, people remember it. They are a reminder to enjoy life’s most significant moments and continue celebrating all night long, and even in their own homes! Your wedding favors help others celebrate love and mark the special occasion with you. Ultimately what makes a wedding favor good is whether or not it reflected the joy of your wedding day and brought your guests some joy later on. Avoid knick-knack wedding favor ideas and stick to more practical favor ideas. Items that you would purchase or use often, like soap or edible wedding favors, tend to do really well!

5 Wedding Party Favors

Your wedding party will definitely need a higher caliber of wedding favor than other guests. These are the people who stuck with you through life and are supporting you on your big day! They likely heard all about wedding details as you planned, helped with crafting centerpieces or picking decorations that fit the wedding’s theme, and had you laughing through the whole experience. We recommend giving them their bridal shower favors at the shower rather than at the wedding venue. This way, the gifts can be used before the wedding reception and can even be an aid for getting through the day or as fun additions to the bridal showers‘ festivities!

Diamond Studs

Now, these are the type of practical wedding favor people love to see. You can gift each of your bridesmaids a pair of matching diamond studs to wear on your wedding day. If you’re having a destination wedding or a beach wedding, these matching studs glinting in the sun will be an added delight to the moment! Wedding favor ideas like these can really make your big day memorable for everyone.

Personalized Ties

Wedding favors like these are fun because they can match your wedding theme, become a framed keepsake, or, if designed well, can be worn well past the wedding date! Personalized ties as wedding favors for your groomsmen or male bridesmaids are lovely. You can even use them to announce to your bridal party the location of your destination wedding. Whether you’re having a rustic wedding or a Halloween-themed wedding, this is a wedding favor idea that can go over well.

Diamond Pendant

We all know the perfect wedding favors sparkle! Your team for your big day will really appreciate a wedding favor like this, and you can even have everyone wear theirs on the big day! Wedding favors like this are cherished for many lifetimes so that your big day is something joyful that everyone looks back on. Finding the right wedding favors can be challenging, but we guarantee that diamonds are a perfect pick.

Engraved Whiskey

Now, if you plan on having a rowdy wedding with lots of merrymaking, then an engraved bottle of whiskey is a great wedding favor. Your groomsmen and bridesmaids can crack open their wedding favors together after the wedding, before the wedding, and maybe even during it! Of course, wedding favor ideas like this allow for some sentiment as the bottle will last long after the whiskey. It can become a vase, a shelf decoration, or even just a household decanter. If you save a bottle for yourself, this wedding favor can become an anniversary tradition where you and your spouse take a sip each year on your anniversary and watch the years move by just as smoothly.

A Wedding Day Gift Box

What’s better than a wedding favor? Wedding favors! Gift your bridal party a wedding day gift box for the perfect favor. Pop anything they may need the day of to keep their spirits bright on the big day. For example, tea bags for a relaxing morning with a delicious beverage could help keep them focused. Or an eye mask for the night before so they sleep well and everyone looks well-rested. Alternatively, a sweet treat like a few chocolates or gummy candy to keep their energy up, and maybe even sneak mini bottles of champagne into each box to pop after they receive it! This way, you are thanking them for being a part of your wedding and ensuring it’s the best wedding for them! They’ll be happy if you threw in some bandaids and aspirin after the wedding reception, we guarantee!

5 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Need a unique wedding favor idea? We got you covered. A unique wedding favor is all about thinking about your specific guests or the specific moment you’re in. Keep your wedding favors as a practical gift to avoid unique wedding favor ideas that end up gathering dust on the shelf or in a junk drawer. Wedding favors of all kinds should be cherished, as they are meant to be a lovely gift to your guests.

A Personalized Tea Light Candle

A wedding favor like this is easy to make! And we love a DIY wedding favor, especially if your wedding is a rustic affair. You can pour your own candles into tins with custom labels, or you can put generic tea candles into a mason jar on each table with custom labels saying “Bring My Light Home!” This way, you can use your wedding favors as part of your table setting and use the personalized touch of the gift as a way to note that each person is bringing a piece of your lovely wedding home.

A Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is a wonderfully practical gift for a wedding favor. Try to make sure your wedding favor bottle opener is personalized so that it is truly a unique gift. We recommend wrapping your bottle opener wedding favor with a small bow of white organza ribbon. If you stick with gold or silver in your theme, match your wedding favors, so they complement the table setting. Then people will notice that your wedding design intends for people to use the bottle opener all night long! What a lovely way to hint at the reception celebration. Wedding favor ideas like these compliment mini bottles or sweet treats really well.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer may seem impersonal at first, but in a big gathering after the pandemic, you may be making a lovely personal gesture about comfort to your guests! Pair this gift with one or two others, perhaps something to satisfy a sweet tooth or maybe a mason jar candle. People will appreciate that you took the time to keep them healthy and will definitely use your gift long after the wedding. Keep an eye on this wedding favor packaging for this one, as you want it to have little favor tags or something else wedding-oriented on it to keep it cheery and sweet. If it’s a winter wedding, we recommend a peppermint-scented hand sanitizer!

Personalized Fans

Fächer mit Schildchen für Hochzeitsgäste

Wedding favors like these may not be well-loved after the wedding, but they are a much-loved favor idea during the wedding. Gift these wedding favors early on in your big day so that if your fall wedding is listed for a hot day, your guests cool off in style. Save the sweating for the dance floor!

A Local Artist Gift

Wedding favors like this are a fun idea if you have local artisans nearby who you enjoy working with. Handmade soap, unique sweet treats, and even little jars of honey with tea bags from a local artist are a great way to make your wedding favors personal without adding any stress to your wedding. Have the DIY wedding feel without the anxiety of hand packaging your favors! You will also get to know that you supported a local business, maybe even a sustainable or ethical-focused one so that your wedding favors really speak to what you and your spouse care about.

5 Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

Everyone loves edible wedding favors, but finding the right fun idea for what your wedding favors should be is tricky. Here’s a wedding favor idea or five that will really get people into the swing of things!

Mini Bottles of Champagne

Everyone loves some bubbly, so what better wedding favor idea than some mini champagne! Keep it classy by having your guests take the party home with them with these lovely favors. You can even keep a few bottles for yourself to enjoy on your wedding anniversary!

Personalized Cookies

Go to a local bakery and see if you can get some favors made there! These little treats will be the perfect way to make sure everyone’s last thought of your wedding is a sweet one. Favors like this always end up as a sweet surprise after the event.

A Bottle of Your Favorite Hot Sauce

Gift the heat of your love to your guests with some hot sauce! These are fun, original ways to do wedding favors that your guests will love. These little hot sauces can be decorated with new labels and tags, or even just a printed note saying which is the bride’s and the groom’s favorite. You can gift a mini set of sauces or one big bottle! The best part is you can decide on a silly option if you want and send your guests home with a laugh.

A Mini Tea Party Favor Box

Put some tea, sugar, honey, or even a teacup into a nice box for each guest, and you’re set! We recommend a teacup and saucer with a tea bag and a vial of honey for each guest. You can even have guests use their teacup at the reception and let them know at the end that the teacups are also favors and can come home with them. End of reception surprise favors are a cute way to have your guest make a memory of what they are going to bring home without them even realizing it.

Gold Leaf Chocolates

If you want fancy favors, these are the way to go. A small duo or trio of chocolates with some gold leaf on top will really add to the glamorous feel of your wedding. These are the kind of classic favors that people always seem to love, and if you package them right, you may even see them on social media later! Please take a picture before the big day with your invitation, some ribbon or flowers, and your chocolate favors arranged together to post on the big day when you’re partying it up to get some serious social media points.