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Tips For Your Summer Proposal

by Brandon
Last updated on October 25, 2021

The beautiful summer weather (and wedding season) is finally here. But longer days, pristine sunsets, barbecues, and fireworks also mean proposals and engagements. Lots and lots of engagements.

And while summer is one of the best times to pop the question to that special someone, it should also involve a fair bit of planning. You don’t want to get caught in an afternoon thunderstorm. Social media bragging rights are a little more crowded during wedding weekends. Sunburns can ruin that perfect post-engagement photo.

Here are a few things to consider before your summer engagement.

1. Own Thursday and Friday on social

Your social media timeline will be dominated by wedding photos on most summer weekends. You’ll also notice that many brides post professionally shot photos in the 24-72 hours post-ceremony (Monday-Wednesday).

What does this mean for your proposal on Instagram and Facebook? Go where they ain’t. Thursday and Friday will be less crowded on social platforms, allowing your news to stand out for all to see.

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2. Watch out for water and sand

If you propose on the beach or in a boat, be very careful not to drop that ring. We recommend keeping the ring in a box during these scenarios. Then, when the moment arrives, make sure you do the honors instead of having the bride-to-be put the ring on herself.

Dropping an engagement ring into a body of water is an error most insurance policies don’t cover.

3. Pick the right time of day

If there’s good reason to propose during the midday hours, don’t let this piece of advice stop you. That said, we recommend picking a time of day where the sun isn’t at its absolute peak.

Instead pick a time where temperatures are more comfortable for the two of you and as an added bonus, take advantage of a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

4. Watch the weather

Summer weather tends to be a bit unpredictable due to scattered storms and excessive humidity. We’d advise checking a forecast and the local radar before popping the question outside.

There’s nothing worse than to be prepared, a little nervous, anxious and excited to propose, only to have a downpour ruin the moment.

5. Don’t forget the bug spray

The summer is also prone to bugs. Romantic hikes and picnics are a wonderful means of proposing, just so long as mosquitos don’t make a feast out of the two of you.

6. Or the sunscreen

If a summer proposal is imminent, don’t ignore the sunscreen. You’ll want your engagement photos to tell the story of that magical moment, not yesterday’s sunburn.

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