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How Much Is a 2-Carat Diamond?

by Molly Jones
Last updated on August 21, 2023

2-carat diamond engagement rings are indeed a sight to behold. They sparkle and shine, drawing attention to themselves as they catch the light.

This ring is sure to impress anyone who sees it. The perfect size for any occasion, whether you’re looking for something to wear on your wedding day or want to make a statement with something big and beautiful.

Sure, with a bigger size comes a higher price, but just how much will a 2- carat diamond set you back, and why is it so expensive? Below, we’ve broken down exactly how much you can expect to spend on a 2-carat diamond and more, so keep reading to find out!

What Is the Carat Weight of a Diamond?

Before we get into how much a 2-carat diamond is, it’s first all-important to understand what the carat weight of a diamond is and what it isn’t.

A carat is a unit of mass equal to 200mg, roughly the weight of a paperclip. The carat weight of a diamond is on a 100-point scale. A 75-point carat diamond will have a carat weight of 0.75. Often, carat will be shortened to ct when discussing diamond stones.

The History of the Diamond Carat Weight

The carat derives from Ceratonia Silliqua, aka the Carob tree.

Before experts developed modern forms of diamond measurements and scales, diamond traders and merchants would utilize the uniform seeds of the Carob tree to counterbalance their diamond scales to determine the size of diamonds.

The Standardization of Carat Weight

The carat has been standardized entirely around many different times throughout history. However, the standardization finally stuck in 1907 when the Fourth General Conference on Weights and Measurement determined the worldwide standardized weight to be 200mg, a standardization maintained to this day.

The Difference Between Diamond Carat Weight and Diamond Size

When you’re looking to buy a diamond, it’s key to know that carat weight is not the same thing as size. Carat weight measures the mass of a diamond. So if you’re shopping for a 2-carat diamond, you might be surprised to learn that it could look quite different than a 2-carat diamond in a different shape yet similar quality.

For example, 2-carat princess cut diamonds will appear larger than a round diamond of the same size. The princess-cut diamond has a larger table and smaller pavilion than the round diamond as opposed to a round diamond with more exact proportions.

So remember, if you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, consider purchasing a diamond engagement ring with a center stone with a long, more oversized table.

What Are Examples of a 2-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

A two-carat diamond engagement ring is simply an engagement ring with a total carat weight of two carats. There are many possibilities for what a two-carat diamond ring can look like.

However, the two most viable options are: (1) an engagement ring with a sizeable two-carat diamond center stone or; (2) a smaller center stone with added diamonds around the band that adds up to the 2-carat diamond weight.

2-Carat Diamond Center Stone

Deanna Solitaire Ring with 2-Carat Diamond

The Deanna Solitaire Engagement Ring is a perfect example of what a 2-carat diamond will look like within a solitaire setting. The impressive center stone maintains the total 2-carat diamond weight for a showstopping appeal that will have others talking long after you’ve left the room.

2-Carat Diamond Total Carat Weight

Kent Halo Engagement Ring with Round Center Diamond

An engagement ring can also have a total of 2 carats of diamonds due to adding the center diamond’s carat weight in addition to any smaller diamonds on the ring.

The Kent Ring, for example, includes stunning diamonds that line the band and create a delicate halo around the center diamond for a resulting 2-carat diamond ring that is both modern and timeless.

A two stone engagement ring is another option. This type of ring features two stones whose weights could add up to 2 carats.

How Much Is a 2-Carat Diamond?

The total cost of a 2-carat diamond is incredibly dependent upon various factors that contribute to the quality, quantity, and availability of the diamond.

So what are the factors that determine diamond prices? We’ve highlighted the most important ones below and how they can significantly raise or lower various diamond prices.

The 4C’s

When shopping for diamonds, the 4C’s are commonly encountered. It refers to the measurement base for diamonds. The higher each grade in each category, the higher the price of the diamond.

However, it may be necessary to prioritize specific C’s when selecting your 2-carat diamond. For example, if you were looking to purchase an emerald-cut 2-carat diamond, you would want to significantly prioritize the diamond’s clarity as the step-cut provides an unfiltered view into the diamond and can be marred by the presence of inclusions.

Cut Quality

The cut grade is perhaps the most important for larger diamonds because it affects how much light will enter your diamond and reflect out again. In general, if you want a larger diamond with lots of sparkles, opt for a cut grade of Excellent or Very Good instead of a poor quality cut which can make even a 1-carat diamond seem dull and lifeless.

Although a round brilliant cut diamond will be assigned a cut quality grade, a fancy shape diamond will not. This is because the shapes are continually evolving, and there is no standardized grading method for the various fancy forms. All our round diamonds have received an Ideal to Good grade at Clean Origin. Our fancy diamonds have superior polish and symmetry, two critical components of a well-cut diamond.

A diamond’s cut is generally tough to ascertain to the untrained eye, and any visible difference between high-quality diamonds will be impossible to see without a 10x microscope. Because of this, it is worth determining what variety of qualities and diamond pricing create your perfect diamond.

If you want to prioritize cut, however, you can expect to pay between $1,416 and $5,202 for an Ideal 2-carat diamond.

Color Grades

Diamond color grades are a critical aspect of the 4C’s that often gets overlooked. A diamond’s color grade refers to how much color the diamond has in it, ranging from D to Z. Each color grade represents a different level of color saturation.

The lower-end color grades (I-J) have a yellow cast, while the higher-end degrees (Z) have little or no yellow. In the middle, the K color diamond will appear with a faint yellow color.

A higher grade will always be more expensive than a lower one because of its rarity, but if you’re looking for something with a more natural appearance, you should opt for a grade of a K color diamond or lower.

Of course, not all colored diamonds are unappealing. Some diamonds have fancy colors with deeply saturated blues, yellows, and even black. Often, fancy colored diamonds have a color grade of “Fancy Light,” “Fancy Deep,” or “Fancy Intense.”

A 2-carat diamond with the highest possible color grade can cost you between $2,283 and $5,767.

Clarity Grades

Also affecting the price of a 2-carat diamond is its clarity grade. Clarity grades range from F (flawless) to I3 (inclusions visible to the naked eye). The clarity of a diamond is the degree to which it has tiny flaws, or inclusions, within it. The lower the clarity, the more imperfections there are in the stone.

The fewer inclusions there are, the more expensive a diamond will be. The main reason for this is that each type of inclusion uniquely affects how light travels through the stone. For example, some inclusions cause light to scatter—meaning that you’ll see a rainbow effect when you hold your diamond up to the light. Others might cause light to be absorbed by a dark spot inside your stone, making your diamond look duller than expected.

It can be challenging to see the difference in various clarity grades (here is a diamond clarity chart to help). However, it is important to prioritize a high clarity grade should you be looking for any 2-carat diamond cut with step-cuts, as this type of cut places the clarity of a diamond on full display.

High clarity 2-carat diamonds can be difficult to find as the larger the rough diamond, the more likely it will also have inclusions. Expect to pay between $3,055 and $5,767 for a VVS1 diamond engagement ring.

Carat Weight

Cut, color, and clarity grades aren’t all there are to the 4C’s. There’s also the carat of a diamond. While we’ve discussed carat weights at length, it is also important to understand how the weight of a diamond affects the cost.

As a rule of thumb, as carat weight increases, so does the cost of the diamond. A 2-carat diamond can run you anywhere between $1,461 and $6,011 at Clean Origin. Of course, this is inclusive of all different 4C grades and does not take into consideration the diamond shape.

Diamond Shape

Some diamond shapes cost more than others. While a round brilliant cut is the industry standard, it is also the most expensive diamond shape, thanks to the amount of rough diamond that must be cut away to produce it.

Other diamond shapes must be painstakingly cut, which accounts for their cost. In addition to round diamonds, the most expensive fancy-shaped 2-carat diamond is the oval shape.

Diamond Production

Diamond prices increase exponentially when the 2-carat diamond is mined instead of lab grown. This is because it is exorbitant to gather the resources and workforce to ethically mine for diamonds.

On the other hand, lab grown diamonds are created in a lab and are just as stunning as any diamond you could find at your local jewelry store. It is impossible to tell lab grown diamonds apart from mined diamonds.

A 2-carat lab grown stunning diamond from Clean Origin will cost 20-40% less than a 2-carat diamond mined from the earth.

How Much Are 2-Carat Diamond Engagement Rings?

So we’ve gone over the various factors that affect a 2-carat diamond’s price, but how much is a 2-carat diamond ring? As with a 2-carat diamond, it depends!

What Determines a Diamond Engagement Ring’s Final Price?

Two-carat diamonds are only one aspect of engagement rings. There is much that goes into the final product and much that ultimately determines the overall price.


Nova Halo Ring

A substantial cost factor is the ring setting. A solitaire setting that holds your two-carat diamond in place will usually be the most affordable. Not only does this style of setting keep the diamond safe, but it also shows off the gemstone to its best advantage.

When choosing an engagement ring, it’s essential to consider how much you’re willing to spend on the setting. If you want to go all out and have a different setting for each stone, then expect to pay more than if you choose a simpler design with just one or two diamonds.

A good rule of thumb is to think about what kind of ring you want and see what fits your budget. Avoid discouragement when trying to find the exact piece you want, ending in overspending on something that doesn’t fit well. Furthermore, ending up with an impractical ring for everyday wear – or worse yet, compromise on quality!


Additionally, a two-carat diamond ring value is based on the metal of the engagement ring.

First, there’s the obvious: it impacts the cost of the ring to make it out of a specific metal. For example, yellow gold is more expensive than silver, and platinum is more expensive than gold.

The metal also affects the resale value of a ring. If you’re buying a diamond for your fiancé, you probably want to ensure that it will hold its value if you decide to sell it later. Platinum is more valuable than gold, so if you’re looking for something that will have its value over time, don’t go with gold—go with platinum!

What Prices Can You Expect for a Two-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

Vivienne Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings are an investment that you can keep for years. They’re also beautiful to express how deeply you feel about your partner. When shopping for a 2-carat diamond ring, get ready to pay anywhere from $7,000-10,000 dollars.

2-Carat Diamond Shopping –Consider Clean Origin

When you’re ready to shower your love with two-carat diamonds, consider Clean Origin. Our engagement rings are crafted with stunning detail and high-quality, radiant diamonds.

Plus, because we created all our diamond engagement rings in a lab, you can rest easy knowing that you are purchasing a stellar diamond with no ethical implications. All of our engagement rings come with complimentary resizing and free shipping.

Looking for a high-quality diamond and don’t know where to begin? Can’t decide between princess cut engagement rings or oval? Schedule a virtual appointment and speak with one of our diamond experts today!