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Fall Wedding Colors

by Clean Origin
Last updated on February 25, 2022

When you’re planning a wedding, the color palette is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Since all your wedding decor, wedding invitations, and bridesmaids’ dresses will follow this color scheme, it is also one of the first decisions you must make. This can be stressful if you have no idea where to start.

Having your fall wedding colors picked out means you have more time to plan when to have the wedding. Check out our selection of fall wedding colors for some inspiration for your wedding! If you want to get married on the first day of fall or later in the season, these colors are perfect for your fall wedding color palette.

A fall wedding can be magical if you have a great theme and a wedding style that is true to you. The weather is just right, and the venues available during this time are beautiful. If you want to match your wedding to the season, you need a fall color palette with the best fall wedding colors to match your style and personality.

Classic Fall Wedding Colors

Picking the classic fall wedding colors is a great idea. Sometimes it can be better to stick to classic wedding color schemes over the new hot trend, but we recommend picking wedding colors that suit you no matter who else uses them.

When you hear fall wedding colors, you may first think of dark reds, yellows, and oranges. These are great colors for an autumn wedding as they match nature and go well with outdoor venues. You can use fall wedding colors for a rustic theme or a simple wedding color scheme. Don’t be afraid to pick and choose which wedding colors suit you.

Fall Oranges

If you’re looking for colors for an autumn wedding, burnt orange screams fall and are great for bridesmaid dresses. This deep shade is an actual fall color if you’re not keen on having bright orange in your color palette. Terracotta orange is another excellent choice that you can pair with a tan or light shade of marigold.

Autumn Reds

There are many shades of red that are perfect as fall wedding colors. Deep tones like wine red or maroon can really make your wedding reception pop. Burgundy hues are also popular for fall and winter weddings but don’t be afraid to break out the deep red in the fall.

Yellow Shades

Colors like dusty yellow and marigold can be perfect for outdoor weddings in the fall. Mustard yellow is also popular for table décor. Yellow flowers are also pretty when paired with light green shades like olive green or sage green.

Color Combinations

If you’re planning a fall wedding and don’t want to stick to the classics, feel free to switch it up by combining the classics with other shades.

Navy Blue and Gold

Navy blue can be a great wedding color with some gold accents. Think about plates and place cards to incorporate the dark blue shade for a formal affair. This combination can still work well for an outdoor fall wedding. Elegant navy is great for place settings and other table decorations.

Dark Green and Light Pink

If you go for natural green shades, consider adding pops of pale pink. Blush pink garden roses are perfect for a bouquet and other floral arrangements. These colors come together for a soft palette which is great for an outdoor fall wedding. Dusty rose is another excellent light pink for this combination. You can also incorporate lighter shades of green into your fall foliage.

Monochromatic Color Palettes

If you want to stick to a monochromatic wedding color scheme, we put together some wedding color ideas that are simple yet elegant.


Deep and natural greens are perfect for an outdoor wedding or fall theme. Forest green is a beautiful color to add to your wedding decor, but you have to be careful where you incorporate it. You don’t want the dark green to overpower the other colors and make the decor too dark. Forest green can pair well with lighter colors like cream and white for a softer statement.

Sage green is also pretty and can be used for an early fall wedding or a brighter theme. It is a natural color that will pair well with other accents and can be a staple in any color scheme. Another option is olive green which you can incorporate into table settings and other wedding decor. Emerald green is a jewel tone that is richer than sage or olive. It can be a great accent or paired with lighter shades to make it stand out.

Make sure your floral arrangements complement the green, so it looks intentional and comes together nicely. When done right, having a green color palette can really stand out.

Black and White

Having a black and white theme is one of the most classic wedding color themes. It is simple and elegant for any wedding, especially for the fall season. Choosing black and white as your primary colors gives you so much freedom on your wedding day. It perfectly pairs with diamond jewelry like your wedding ring and diamond earrings.

You can choose subtle accent colors like rich jewel tones or pastel colors. You can also incorporate earthy hues and gold accents in many ways. You can also stick to just black and white for your wedding color palette for a beautiful wedding.

Grey is also an option for black and white weddings. Grey bridesmaids’ dresses can complement the bride’s dress nicely, and you can use grey accents to fit a monochromatic theme.


Dark purple and lavender can make beautiful fall wedding colors. Pastel purple is great for bridesmaid dresses and floral arrangements. You can vary the shades throughout the decorations as they go well together. You may not think of purples as fall wedding colors, but they can be great for an outdoor fall wedding. Dark purple can really shine in a later fall wedding, too.

Accent Colors

After choosing a fall wedding color scheme, you also want to think about accents. Think about lighter shades for accents if you decide on brighter colors or jewel tones. If your theme is more straightforward, you can make your accents stand out with rich colors like dark purple or dark red.

Neutral tones are always good to balance out your wedding colors. When building their fall wedding color palettes, some people miss natural browns or cream. These accents can add subtle highlights that bring the whole wedding color palette together.

Where to Incorporate Fall Wedding Colors

After you decide on your fall wedding colors for your perfect wedding, here are some ways you might incorporate fall colors on your wedding day. It’s essential to match the colors with decor and the venue and your personal style. You want your colors to complement your jewelry as well. Do you have a minimalist engagement ring, or do you prefer non-traditional rings?

Bridesmaids Dresses and Groomsmen Clothing

Obviously, this is the first place where your fall wedding colors shine. You can pick your primary color for the dresses or an accent color. The dresses can all be the same color, but don’t be afraid for them to be different. Use all the colors in your fall color palette if you want. Or try different shades of one color.

Shirts, vests, ties, and boutonnieres will have to be picked out for the groomsmen. This is a great place to show off some fall wedding colors.


Wedding invitations happen before the big day, but they set the tone for what your wedding is going to be like. If you have jewel tones or light shades like pale blue and dusty rose, include everything in your fall wedding color palette on your invitations.

Table Decor

Placing plates, napkins, glasses, and silverware is another excellent place to incorporate your fall wedding color scheme. Think about centerpieces, place cards, and linens. If someone looks at your table, they should be able to get an idea of what your wedding looks like.

Fall Weddings Versus Winter Weddings

If you’re having a winter wedding, you can easily incorporate some fall colors as accents or add some bright shades to the wedding palette. Sage green is popular for both a winter or fall wedding and can be easily paired with rich shades like dark teal or dark blue.

There are no rules on which wedding colors you have to use for an autumnal wedding versus a winter wedding, so pick out the shades you like and use them all together.

Your Wedding Colors

From the decorations on your wedding cake to the color of your wedding band, everything about your wedding should be intentional. Having a solid wedding color palette will ensure everything goes together nicely.

If you have your colors picked out, look for some dazzling wedding jewelry to stand out on your big day. Clean Origin offers ethical jewelry that is sure to match your fall wedding color scheme.