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Engagement Rings with Double Halo Settings

by Hunter Kemp
Last updated on October 17, 2023

Engagement rings with double halo settings are some of the most extraordinary and eye-catching pieces you could commemorate your engagement. While an engagement ring with a regular halo setting has a halo of smaller diamonds–usually pave diamonds– encircling the center diamond, one with a double halo setting will feature a second diamond halo as well. The halo diamonds in double halo rings tend to be smaller than those in regular halo rings, as there are so many more of them. This helps ensure that the center diamond remains center stage.

Geneva Ring

Who Should Choose a Double Halo Ring?

Tesoro Ring

The two circles of small diamonds that you’ll find in a double halo engagement ring reflect the idea of two separate lives coming together as one and creating a bond that lasts forever. If you and your partner are looking for an opulent and meaningful engagement ring to capture your story together, a double halo ring could be a perfect choice. This kind of ring has a bold and extravagant look, which makes it even more exciting. The two halos magnify the size of the center stone and increase the brilliance and sparkle of the whole ring. In addition to that, all the tiny diamonds that make up the halos will reflect light from different angles. Because of these unique elements, a double halo ring is one that is sure to catch eyes and turn heads.

Halo Setting vs. Hidden Halo Setting

You may have also heard of hidden halo engagement rings. These feature halos of tiny diamonds that sit around the base of the center stone instead of around the top. Because the hidden halo doesn’t face up like a traditional halo does, it won’t be visible from above. You can only see it if you turn the ring sideways. This makes the engagement ring appear like a solitaire at first glance. Even though it’s less noticeable, a hidden halo setting is a gorgeous way to add some sparkle to your engagement ring from another angle. It also pushes the center stone forward slightly, making the diamond stand out more.

Caroline Hidden Halo Ring: Top View
Caroline Hidden Halo Ring: Side View

Double Hidden Halo Rings

Hidden halo engagement rings with just one hidden halo are most common type, but it’s certainly possible to find a double hidden halo engagement ring as well. In a double hidden halo ring, one hidden halo will be slightly smaller than the other and sit just below it.

Dakota Double Hidden Halo Ring: Top View
Dakota Double Hidden Halo Ring: Side View

Should I Choose a Double Halo Ring or a Double Hidden Halo Ring?

If you’re set on a double halo engagement ring, you might be wondering whether to go for a regular double halo setting or a double hidden halo setting. Are you drawn to the double halo for its bold, eye-catching beauty,? In that case, we’d encourage you to go for a regular double halo ring. Hidden halos, while gorgeous, are just that: hidden. A double hidden halo engagement ring won’t display the halo in the same prominent position that you’d see with a regular halo ring setting. But if you want to use the double halo as a way to push the center stone forward and make it stand out a little extra– placing more of the focus on that center stone than on the smaller diamonds of the halo– you may want to choose a hidden halo ring. However, keep in mind that a single hidden halo ring will likely accomplish the same thing at a lower cost. Additionally, it’s more difficult to find places that sell double hidden halo engagement rings. You’ll have many more options for rings that feature either a single hidden halo a double regular halo.

Diamond Shape and Halo Engagement Rings

Halo settings are unique and beautiful, and they’d look beautiful with any diamond shape you might be drawn to. Round or princess cut stones are both classic choices for rings with halo settings, but any shape you choose for your center stone will look beautiful. In addition to the shape of the diamond, you’ll want to think about the shape of the halo. It can either be the same shape as the center stone or it can have a shape of its own. It’s most common for the halo to be the same shape as the main stone, but you’ll also come across rings that feature them in two different shapes. You might see a cushion-cut halo surrounding a round diamond, for example. And jeweler Rowan Agrawal tells that he particularly loves the linear faceting of emerald cut center stones paired with halos of round diamonds.

Piera Petite Ring

Our Piera Petite Ring is an example of a ring with a round diamond and a cushion-cut halo. The inner halo is shown in white gold here, but it’s also available in yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. This gorgeous piece features two glimmering halos of lab created diamonds that encircle the prong-set center stone.

Kensington Ring

Shown here in rose gold, the Kengsington Ring is a beautiful option if you’re looking for a ring that features a double halo in the same shape as the center stone. The band of this ring is studded with even more little diamonds, just like the Piera Petite Ring, which adds to its sparkle and grandeur. 

Floating Halo vs. Flush Halo Settings

Ischia Ring

There are two kinds of settings for halo engagement rings: floating halos and flush halos. Regardless of whether you want a single or double halo on your engagement ring, both of these are options for you. A floating halo setting will have the center stone held just above the diamond halo, which creates a small gap around that center stone. In contrast, the halo sits flush with the main stone in a flush halo setting. This tends to be the most common type of halo engagement ring, but it’s all about what looks best to you!

Prong vs. Bezel Style Settings

Another design element to consider is the way the center stone is held in place. With a prong setting, small metal claws will secure the diamond in the ring; with a bezel setting, a metal band will wrap around the entire diamond and sit between it and any halos.

Moonbeam Ring
Moonbeam Ring

Cost of a Halo or Double Halo Engagement Ring

Because a diamond halo will make any center stone appear larger, this style allows you to get your engagement ring at a lower cost than you could otherwise. This magnifying effect is even greater with a double halo. The carat weight of the main stone in a ring is a major factor in its cost, and small increases in carat weight can mean a much more expensive ring. But if the ring’s carat weight comes from multiple diamonds, including the small stones of the halo, it won’t be as expensive as the same carat weight in a single diamond. You’ll also be able to save money on things like diamond cut and clarity, since the main diamond won’t be the only one there. 

As with any engagement ring, the metal you choose can also affect the price. Sterling silver will be the most affordable option, but it’s also the least durable. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are all similar in price, though rose gold tends to be the most durable of the three. Platinum is durable as well, but it will cost more than rose gold.

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