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5 Year Anniversary Gift Guide

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 22, 2023

Congratulations! You and your spouse have created a strong and beautiful marriage, and it’s time to celebrate your relationship with a 5-year anniversary gift. For each year of your marriage, there is a tradition to give your spouse something symbolic of your journey together. Each anniversary has its own special symbolic gift, as well as a modern alternative, a special flower, and a gemstone. 

Since you and your spouse have hit 5 wonderful years together, you may be looking for great gift ideas for your 5-year anniversary gift. We will walk you through traditional gifts, modern alternatives, flower-related keepsakes, and anniversary gemstones, so you can find the perfect five-year anniversary gifts for your spouse to properly celebrate half a decade together. 

Traditional: Wood Anniversary Gifts

A wooden frame

The traditional practical fifth anniversary gift is wood because you have put down roots and made a relationship that is as strong as a tree. Wood is symbolic of strength and may be simple and plain, but a wood anniversary gift can be creative— think of it as an opportunity to make a great gift your own. Here are a few ideas from us to help get you started with wood anniversary gifts for your 5 year anniversary: 

  • A Wood cutting board—even better if you get it engraved with something special to your spouse, like your names or wedding date.
  • Wood wine rack—for the couple who loves spending time together over a glass of wine.
  • A Wooden basket—a perfect traditional fifth-anniversary gift for the practical spouse.
  • Wood cufflinks—a stunning, great gift option and a memorable addition to any suit.
  • A couple of wood coasters—a thoughtful gift for couples who love to drink together. 
  • Wood cuff bracelet— similar to the cufflinks, a beautiful addition to any wrist
  • A Wooden frame—capture and enjoy life’s biggest moments in a photo frame.

Modern Fifth Anniversary Gift: Silverware

Silverware on a wooden surface

Not every couple likes the traditional route. If wood gifts aren’t for you and your spouse, each anniversary milestone also has alternatives through more modern, memorable anniversary gifts. For the 5th anniversary gift, the modern alternative is silverware. From specialized tools to everyday sets, these are some silverware anniversary gift ideas for your fifth anniversary: 

  • New silverware sets—maybe your wedding set is wearing out or you just need a new, nice set for parties. You could also plan a private party for the two of you to use your new silverware set.
  • Steel barbeque tools—for a spouse who loves to grill, it’s a perfect gift to help them further their hobby
  • A personalized silver serving tray—for you to bring your spouse breakfast in bed too
  • Coffee spoons—perfect for a coffee-loving spouse, and you can even get them personalized with something special to your spouse or with inside jokes
  • Spoon rings—spoon rings symbolize love and commitment and combine silverware for a great 5-year anniversary gift

Flower: Daisy

Daisy Flower with a green background

Each anniversary milestone has a symbolic flower. For the five-year anniversary, the flower is the daisy. Daisies symbolize loyal love, which is why they’re the perfect flower for this wonderful milestone in your life. So if you’re looking for a 5-year anniversary gift, you could choose a daisy gift. Consider a bouquet of daisies or daisy-themed jewelry. 

Gemstone: Sapphire

5 year anniversary gift - Iris Sapphire Halo Ring

Each anniversary milestone also is associated with a specific gemstone. The 5-year anniversary is sapphire. Sapphire is a wonderful gemstone with a rich blue color, and it is nearly as hard as diamonds, which makes for long-lasting jewelry. Your 5-year anniversary gift could be a sapphire. Here are some sapphire gift ideas: 

  • A sapphire eternity ring—eternity rings symbolize forever, and the sapphires symbolize the milestone you reached.
  • Sapphire bracelet—everyone needs a stunning touch of blue to accessorize with
  • A sapphire necklace—a great way to show your love
  • Sapphire earrings—A simple and beautiful blue addition to your spouse’s wardrobe

If you’re looking for sapphire jewelry for your 5-year anniversary, Clean Origin provides you with lab grown sapphires. Lab grown sapphires are ethical and environmentally friendly gemstones, perfect for a spouse. Our sapphire jewelry is perfect for any occasion including a 5-year wedding anniversary gift. 

Ideas for Celebrating a Fifth Anniversary

Couple seated at a table toasting wine

You should take time to celebrate your 5-year anniversary. After all, it is an amazing accomplishment. You can celebrate in any way that is special to you and your spouse, but if you want ideas based on these fifth-anniversary gifts, here are a few to help you get started: 

  • Plant a tree together—it’s a wood-based gift and helps beautify your neighborhood
  • Enjoy an outing in a nearby wooded area, like an arboretum, a park, or a forest
  • Plan a romantic anniversary dinner to use your new silverware or plan a drinks party to use coffee spoons and a silver platter
  • Go to a fancy restaurant (or have a gourmet dinner at home) and present your spouse with sapphire jewelry


Overall, your 5 year wedding anniversary is an amazing accomplishment. You and your spouse have created something beautiful, and you deserve to take the time to celebrate it together. Take a moment and recognize and celebrate your anniversary together. 

For your 5-year anniversary gift, you can choose anything that is special to you and your spouse. But if you want a traditional gift option, start with this list. If you are looking for sapphire-related gifts, shop our sapphire jewelry collection to get started finding the perfect gift for your spouse.