A gift of a signet ring is a powerful statement and luxurious addition to any jewelry collection. From thin and dainty bands to bold, statement-making settings, our collection of signet rings features styles for everyone to be gifted for whatever reason.

The History of Signet Rings

This is a piece of jewelry fit for royalty. In the middle ages, signet rings were worn by all nobility. All legal documents had to be signed with the seal of the king's signet ring by dipping it in hot wax. It was common for British men to receive one with their family crest for their 21st birthday in England. People wore the traditional signet ring on the pinky of the left hand, which is how Prince Charles wears his.

Since then, this style has gained popularity outside of the UK and worldwide. Fortunately, its etiquette has become much less rigid. In replacing a family crest, signet rings nowadays are engraved with a monogram or one's initials. You can wear yours on your right hand if you'd prefer, too.

Signet Ring Styles

Today, these rings can be used for more than just signing official documents. Our signet rings come in a wide variety of center stone shapes, including pear, oval, and trillion. Our Matte Finish Quinn Ring combines the traditional signet style with the solitaire center stone adding modern elements. If you're looking for a more feminine look, the 1.2mm band on our Tinsley Petite Dome Ring is for you.

Traditionally, signet rings have been considered a ring for men to wear, but with our addition of a few delicate details, you'll find a signet ring selection suited for women, too. With settings available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum, you can create a ring custom for yours truly.

Do You Need More Help?

Are you still having trouble choosing a ring for your loved one? An engagement ring is something a person will wear daily for the rest of their lives, so You should personalize it to the wearer's style.

Observe the person's clothing. Does their wardrobe represent business and tradition? Perhaps a bolder setting will suit them. Maybe their style goes best with silver-colored metals versus yellow gold. Consult with their friends and family to get an idea of what diamond shape they'd like best.

At Clean Origin, you can shop by metal, setting style, or diamond shape, making it easy to start your search wherever you'd like. And no matter which ring you choose, you'll have peace of mind knowing that 100% of our diamonds are 100% ethical.

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