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Where to Buy Ethical Gold Jewelry

Clean Origin is the place to buy gold jewelry with an ethical background.

Clean Origin offers jewelry made from precious recycled metals to fit any style. We strive to distance our practices from other sellers' unethical means at an affordable price.

With us, you will have no issue signing on to owning a stunning Clean Origin necklace, pair of earrings, bracelet, or ring. You can shop our ethical jewelry pieces online or find a store near you for an in-store experience.

How to Clean Gold Jewelry

To ensure your gold jewelry keeps its sparkle longer, clean it regularly. Use gentle dish soap, warm water, and a soft bristle toothbrush to remove dirt from the surface. Cleaning solid gold jewelry often may cause expedited damage, so it is possible to clean it too much.

In general terms, we do recommend finding a fine jewelry consultant to service a professional cleaning once every six months.

How is Gold Jewelry Weighed

Troy ounces are the unit of measurement to weigh gold. However, caratage is the measurement of pure gold in alloyed jewelry.

24 karat gold jewelry is not an alloy; it is pure gold. Other caratages below 24 karat gold jewelry contain other metals like copper, sterling silver, and platinum to make the jewelry piece stronger. 18 karat gold jewelry is made of 75% pure gold, while 14 karat gold jewelry contains 58.3% pure gold.

When shopping for gold jewelry, ensure you buy according to how and where you plan to wear your piece. If you are likely to get everyday use of your gold necklace, ring, or bracelet, 14 karat gold may be the best option as it is stronger.

If you plan on taking your fine jewelry out of its jewelry box only on special occasions, 18 karat gold is a substantial pick as it is still strong but will gleam a deeper gold color.

We do not recommend 24 karats solid gold as it is not always the practical option. 24 karat gold is soft and easy to damage.

What Gold Jewelry is Made Of

Most gold jewelry is alloy. Alloy is when a multitude of metals are combined to create one item. Gold alloys are generally turned into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Common metal combinations in gold jewelry are sterling silver, platinum, copper, and more. Different variations of these metals can create new colors like rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold.

The caratage is an indicator of the percentage of gold in your jewelry. An 18k gold piece includes 75% gold, and a 14k gold piece includes 58.3% gold. Solid gold is 24k.

How to Build a Gold Ring You Like

The perfect jewelry piece is hard to come by. To offset the urge to impulsively choose a ring you ultimately won't like, start to build the ring you would wear.

Discover your preferred style of stones, the color, and the shape. We offer lab grown diamonds in many forms: round brilliant, princess, emerald, oval, pear, cushion, radiant, Asscher, and heart-shaped. No matter what style you choose, rock your gold jewelry with confidence!

Our gold jewelry collection goes beyond yellow gold. Rose gold and white gold are also perfect jewelry options to choose from.

If that is also a mystery for you, search for your preferred style. Gold rings are on-trend, so there is definitely a style out there for you.

Ring styles are extremely versatile, and you do not have to stick to what you traditionally find. Traditional settings include classic and solitaire, but modern jewelry designs reimagine them to go beyond their minimalist roots.

Styling Gold Jewelry

There are no rules to styling gold jewelry, have fun with it.

One way to sport gold jewelry is to stack it. Gather different styles of chain necklaces, some longer than other pieces, and wear them around your neck for a glamorous layered look.

Choose your favorite gold rings, whether they match or are entirely different types of gold. A yellow gold solitaire stacked with a white gold band will offer a different look than a monochromatic stack of a rose gold three-stone and rose gold band.

If you are looking for gold jewelry for your loved one, consider getting an eternity band to symbolize everlasting love.

Stack a pair of diamond hoop earrings with a couple of diamond stud earrings to make your ears sparkle a touch more.

You also have the option to stack your jewelry. Clean Origin offers stackable rings perfect for everyday styling. Browse our site to discover the different variations of stackable bands. To shop for similar items, search our selection of engagement and wedding ring sets that dedicate a stackable band to match the extravagant star piece.

While it is essential to wear your favorites, limit how many you wear at once. Take into account your clothing and how every piece will come together to make a complete outfit.

Clean Origin's Collection of Gold Jewelry

Here are Clean Origin, we offer authentic and ethically sourced jewelry. Our gold jewelry is not plated, offering you a timeless shine.

Although we do not offer same-day delivery, we offer overnight shipping. If you want to speed that process up, pay a visit to one of our locations near you!

Whether you're treating yourself or your loved one, find the perfect gold jewelry for you at Clean Origin.

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