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Holiday Gift

Make this holiday season one they’ll never forget - unforgettable gifts with ethical origins.

Hearts Will Be Glowing

Whether you’re shopping for your forever love or finding the perfect gift for a lifelong best friend, our gift guide has something for everyone! Browse everything from our on-trend stackable rings to our glistening diamond studs. Make the most of this holiday season and give a gorgeous gift with added peace of mind. Don’t forget, our dedicated customer service team is always here to help you along the way!


  1. 2.2mm Fauna Eternity Band
    2.2mm Fauna Eternity Band
    Starting at $1,170.00
  2. 3.2mm Coupé Eternity Band
    3.2mm Coupé Eternity Band
    Starting at $2,180.00
  3. Plié Halo Ring
    Plié Halo Ring
    Starting at $1,700.00
  4. Wilshire Halo Ring
    Wilshire Halo Ring
    Starting at $1,455.00
  5. Surrey Halo Ring
    Surrey Halo Ring
    Starting at $1,230.00
  6. Kent Halo Ring
    Kent Halo Ring
    Starting at $2,050.00
  7. Ava Halo Ring
    Ava Halo Ring
    Starting at $1,750.00
  8. Emily Band
    Emily Band
    Starting at $1,025.00
  9. Nicolette Band
    Nicolette Band
    Starting at $1,235.00
  10. Sloane Band
    Sloane Band
    Starting at $1,145.00
  11. Lotus Band
    Lotus Band
    Starting at $1,390.00
  12. Danica Band
    Danica Band
    Starting at $1,390.00
  13. Arielle Solitaire Ring
    Arielle Solitaire Ring
    Starting at $720.00
  14. 1.5mm Solitaire
    1.5mm Solitaire
    Starting at $599.00
  15. Deanna Solitaire Ring
    Deanna Solitaire Ring
    Starting at $795.00
  16. Brooke Solitaire Ring
    Brooke Solitaire Ring
    Starting at $1,020.00
  17. June Solitaire Ring
    June Solitaire Ring
    Starting at $860.00
  18. Grand Deca Diamond Ring
    Grand Deca Diamond Ring
    Starting at $1,195.00
  19. Vineyard Diamond Ring
    Vineyard Diamond Ring
    Starting at $895.00
  20. Emery Asymmetric Ring
    Emery Asymmetric Ring
    Starting at $350.00
  21. Jolie Halo Ring
    Jolie Halo Ring
    Starting at $2,010.00
  22. Kate Ring
    Kate Ring
    Starting at $1,510.00
  23. Donna Solitaire Ring
    Donna Solitaire Ring
    Starting at $795.00
  24. Gioioso Oval Halo
    Gioioso Oval Halo
    Starting at $1,150.00
  25. Della Solitaire Ring
    Della Solitaire Ring
    Starting at $1,055.00

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