Jewelry Insurance


Coverage is available for as little as ~$2/month billed annually.

Better coverage for your jewelry

Covers Loss, Theft, Accidental Damage, Worldwide Travel. More comprehensive than most homeowners insurance. Never pay a deductible.

We do the heavy lifting you don’t have to. Zillion’s partnership with Clean Origin saves you time and money. No paperwork. No hassle. Fast and easy claims.

Protect it now

Instant protection from the moment you receive your Clean Origin jewelry. Get a no-obligation quote and enjoy insurance coverage while you decide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Zillion protect beyond service & warranty plans?
Warranty and Service plans cover defects and ongoing maintenance of your jewelry. Some may even cover damage but you’ll need Zillion in order to cover loss or theft of your jewelry, including while you travel.
Why is Zillion better coverage than a homeowners/renters policy?
While you can add jewelry to your homeowners/renters policy, it’s always better to insure with a specialty jewelry insurer like Zillion. Filing a jewelry claim with your homeowners/renters policy can put you at risk of an increased premium or cancellation of your full homeowners/renters policy. Your existing policy deductible would also apply which means you’ll pay more out of pocket. Coverage options may also be limited in not covering things like loss during travel.
What happens if I have a loss or accidental damage to my jewelry?
Zillion provides a concierge claims experience by taking care of the repair or replacement with Clean Origin– keeping you in the loop. As our customer, you won’t be burdened by proving ownership of your item, verifying its value, paying a deductible, or negotiating a cash settlement. We take this opportunity to exceed your expectations and remind you why you put your trust in Zillion.
What is jewelry replacement insurance & why does it matter?
At Zillion we understand that your jewelry means more to you than just its value. That’s why we take the approach of replacing or repairing your jewelry back to its original specs with $0 deductible... Yep, $0, no deductible, simply delivering the same jewelry item back to you in the event of a loss.
What is the Zillion satisfaction guarantee?
We’re confident you’ll love Zillion. However, you may contact Zillion to cancel at any time for a pro-rated refund. Receive a full refund if canceled in the first 30 days.
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