Find Her Ring Size

Determining your ring size – Guide

PLEASE NOTE: In order to print this guide correctly make sure the scaling of the page is set to 100%

Print out the page and measure if the ruler to the right correctly corresponds to a real ruler and matches exactly 5cm / 2in in order to make sure that you will receive accurate results determining your ring size.


Option 1 – Measure a current ring you own

1. Choose a ring that fits perfectly the finger for which you intend to purchase the new ring.

2. Place the ring over each one of the circles below until you find the one that perfectly matches the inner circle of the ring.


 NOTE: If a ring is between two sizes, you should order the larger size.


Option 2 – Measure your finger

Get a piece of paper (suggested is about 15cm / 6in and 0.5cm / ¼ in).

Wrap the paper around the base of the finger to make a circle (it should fit, but not too tight).

Make a mark with a pencil on the paper where it overlaps.

Compare the piece of paper with the chart to determine your ring size.

Repeat steps 1 to 4 a few times to eliminate the error factor