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Square Engagement Rings

A noble choice for the discerning bride, square engagement rings provide drama and elegance thanks to their signature angles and sharp lines.

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What Are Square Engagement Rings?

In square diamond engagement rings, all four edges of a square cut diamond are equal in length and width, creating a 90-degree angle at each corner.

Make a bold statement with square cut engagement rings. Square cut engagement rings are a perfect jewelry choice for anyone who wants to show off their personality and individuality. The square stone shape is a perfect balance of symmetry and distinct, clean lines--making it an elegant symbol of your enduring love and relationship.

What Are Square Engagement Rings Called?

While square engagement rings can simply be called square rings, there are specific cuts of diamonds that lend themselves to the square shape and, as a result, are referred to as square. These can include the princess-cut diamond, Asscher, radiant, cushion, and emerald-cut diamond.

Are Square Engagement Rings Popular?

Square engagement rings continue to be a popular choice for brides-to-be. In fact, beyond the round brilliant-cut diamond center stone, square shapes such as the cushion-cut, emerald-cut, and princess cut engagement rings dominate in popularity.

Square diamonds are known for their unique look and classic elegance. They offer a beautiful contrast between light and dark areas of the stone. This contrast makes them an excellent choice for those who want something different from traditional round diamonds. Yet, it still allows them to show off their love with one of the most beautiful gemstones on earth.

The square shape diamond is also extremely versatile; it can be used in many of Clean Origin's different styles of rings, including solitaire, vintage, and halo engagement rings. This means you don't have to choose just one type of engagement ring—you can mix and match different styles to create a look that's all your own. Additionally, square diamond engagement rings look lovely with many different types of wedding bands.

How Much is a Square Engagement Ring?

As with all diamonds, the cost of a square engagement ring will vary depending on its 4C grading. The primary factor that determines what diamond shape will be the most expensive is how much rough diamond is lost in the cutting process. Essentially, the more diamond loss there is the more the ring will cost.

Round engagement rings tend to be more expensive for this reason. And because the rectangular shape has the least amount of diamond waste it is the more affordable shape, placing square rings solely in the middle.

However, because Clean Origin only offers stunning lab created diamonds, you can expect to save between 20-30% with your lab created diamond engagement ring. In general, our premium lab diamonds are between $237 for a 0.4ct radiant-cut diamond and $40,353 for a 7.56ct cushion-cut diamond.

Tips for Buying a Square Engagement Ring

Consider Cut

Princess-cut diamonds are the most common square-shaped engagement ring, this is because they are the easiest square-shaped diamond to find. If you are looking for any other diamond cut, such as Asscher, emerald, cushion, or radiant, just be sure to double-check the dimensions of the diamond to ensure its square shape. At Clean Origin, you can check the length-to-width ratio by navigating to the last of the pictures of your diamond.

Also, consider if you would prefer a step-cut or brilliant-cut diamond. Emerald and Asscher-cut diamonds are popular because of their faceted step-like cuts that create a hall of mirrors-like effect. Alternatively, if you're looking for the most sparkle, consider brilliant-cut shapes such as the cushion, princess, or radiant-cut diamond.

Secure Your Diamond with the Proper Setting

The main caveat with square-cut diamonds is that their edges can chip more easily than other shapes. To avoid this issue, make sure your setting is secure and can protect your diamond's corners. Bezel settings are the most protective of all types of settings—they sit on top of the stone and surround it on all sides, holding it in place with metal.

Buy a Larger Ring with Clean Origin

If you're looking for a stunning engagement ring that isn't going to break the bank, then it's time to start shopping with Clean Origin.

Clean Origin's stunning lab created diamonds are, on average, 20-30% more affordable than mined diamonds. This means that when you purchase a mesmerizing ethical diamond from Clean Origin, you can afford a larger diamond or a ring with more diamond accents—diamonds that are ethically sourced and responsibly made.

Clean Origin's Selection of Square Engagement Rings

Clean Origin carries a wide selection of sparkling square stones in a variety of diamond shapes and price points, in precious metals from yellow and white gold to platinum. From princess-cut to emerald and more, you can feel confident that your significant other will love their engagement ring from Clean Origin. And when you're ready, we also have a wide selection of wedding rings to complement your square diamond engagement ring.

Speak with a jewelry consultant today to receive tailored advice to help you find the engagement ring (and wedding band) of your partner's dreams, or search our perfect jewelry now.

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