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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Share your love with a classic yellow gold engagement ring.

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What is Yellow Gold?

Yellow gold is the classic gold color you think of when you first hear the word gold. Yellow gold is a popular metal for all kinds of jewelry. It is a traditional metal that has been used for jewelry and brings elegance to any outfit.

Yellow gold in jewelry is made from an alloy of pure gold and other metals. Pure gold is too soft to be worn as jewelry as it is susceptible to dents and scratches. You can find 14K yellow gold or 18K yellow gold, which are much more durable and suitable for everyday wear.

Are Yellow Gold Rings in Style?

Yellow gold may be seen as a more traditional color, especially for gold engagement rings, but it never goes out of style. Many jewelry and engagement ring trends come and go, but you can never beat the classics, as yellow gold engagement rings are a timeless choice.

Yellow gold is a stunning, romantic color with a rich history of being worn as jewelry from early civilizations to royalty. Gold gave rise to modern forms of currency and symbolized wealth and prosperity.

Currently, yellow gold engagement rings are on the rise, and for a good reason. With its stunning details, a yellow gold ring with a solitaire setting makes your center diamond shine effortlessly. Additionally, yellow gold is quite versatile and can be used in many ways.

Different settings for rings include the classic solitaire setting with a center diamond. Other settings to consider are the halo setting or a vintage setting.

Other people have made yellow gold engagement rings their own by choosing unique diamonds like yellow diamonds. This enhances the yellow-gold color and makes for a truly one-of-a-kind ring. Because yellow gold will make a near-colorless diamond appear more yellow, going with a yellow diamond eliminates the need to find a truly colorless diamond.

How Much do Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Cost?

Both 18k and 14k yellow gold are very durable and will last your whole life as a ring. A yellow gold band can cost anywhere from $600 to a few thousand dollars. If you want to stick to a budget, you can opt for a simpler band like the classic solitaire ring.

Wedding bands are also something to consider when shopping for an engagement ring. Yellow gold wedding bands are also classic and popular. If you want your engagement ring metal to stand out from your wedding band metal, shop for white gold or platinum bands in addition to yellow gold.

When buying an engagement ring, the diamond will be a significant factor in the total cost of the ring. Diamonds can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the carats. The round diamond is the most popular choice for engagement rings. However, it is also the most expensive.

Other popular diamond shapes for yellow gold engagement rings include the cushion cut, oval cut, and emerald cut. You can also have more than one diamond on your ring, such as a halo setting, or choose two smaller diamonds to flank the center stone, also known as a three-stone ring. How to Shop for Engagement Rings.

Whether or not you know your partner's specific style, shop for different shapes and diamond cuts online before deciding on the best shape and style. This will give you a taste of all the different styles you can choose from.

Suppose you know what kind of setting you want; shop by setting first. You can browse styles and figure out what you want to ring to look like. Ask friends and family for their advice if you aren't sure what kind of ring your partner would like. By asking those closest to your loved one, you can determine their personal style, which can assist you in choosing the perfect engagement ring. Furthermore, it is a good idea to consider if they want a simple style, an elegant style, a vintage setting, or unique engagement rings. This can help you narrow down options and give you an idea of the budget you may need to set.

In the end, you can customize your engagement ring or one for your loved one to symbolize the everlasting love between you and your partner.

Yellow Gold Versus White Gold Engagement Rings

You may be deciding between yellow and white gold, as these are the most popular metals for an engagement ring. Depending on your preference and your partner's likes, either is a great choice.

Both come in 14k and 18k gold alloys, so you can choose how much pure gold you want in your ring. A 14k gold ring has less pure gold, but it is more durable and can withstand dents and scratches, making it perfect for day-to-day wear. You never want to buy pure gold jewelry because it is too soft to wear.

Both metals complement different skin tones. Generally, silver colors like white gold or platinum look go best with cool skin tones. Warmer skin tones are complemented best by yellow gold because of its natural warm tone.

White gold has a coating called rhodium plating on the outside that adds a shiny color to it. This has to be replaced approximately every few years to keep the ring in its best shape. Maintenance should be considered when choosing metal for a ring.

How To Clean a Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
Like many other metals, it's essential keep your engagement ring clean, especially if you wear it on a day-to-day basis. The best way to clean your ring is with warm water, mild detergent, and a soft brush. These tools will help your ring stay sparkling and filled with beauty. If you do not prefer to wear your engagement ring every day, try to find a soft cloth to put it in or use the original box to prevent scratches or any other imperfections.
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Do you want a colorless diamond, or will a near-colorless diamond appear the same? Does it matter if there are no inclusions or just no visible inclusions? These factors will help you decide on the perfect diamond you can sit in any setting. There are a variety of choices for you to choose from, as Clean Origin has a wide selection of yellow gold engagement rings that can be paired with radiant diamonds.

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