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Why Is It Called Tennis Bracelet?

by Adriana Perez-Nakamura
Last updated on October 24, 2023
why is it called tennis bracelet

Ever wondered, “Why is it called tennis bracelet?” Well, fasten your seatbelts and grab your rackets! We’re serving up a fascinating story that begins on a tennis court and ends with an iconic accessory.

The Chris Evert Connection

The story of the tennis bracelet starts with legendary tennis player Chris Evert. Evert created a stir when she wore a dazzling diamond bracelet during a 1978 match. Little did she know that her fashion choice would spark a trend that would last for decades.

Wearing a tennis bracelet became a popular jewelry style. Eventually, the term “tennis bracelet” was coined to describe her glimmering and unexpected accessory.

The 1978 Incident

During an early round match in 1978, Chris Evert made headlines by wearing her diamond bracelet when the clasp broke–sending it flying across the court. The game was paused while Evert and others scoured the court to find it.

This glamorous mishap shone a spotlight on the sleek and elegant diamond line bracelet. From there, its popularity skyrocketed.

Popularity Surge

The 1978 incident not only made headlines but also captured the hearts and wrists of jewelry lovers everywhere. But beyond that, it contributed to jewelry history. The demand for the perfect tennis bracelet soared, and the once-obscure accessory became a must-have jewelry item.

Today, tennis bracelets can be found in a dazzling array of styles and materials. And we have a legendary athlete, a broken clasp, and a pause in play to thank.

Tennis Bracelet Features

3 ct. tw. Petite Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are known for their continuous diamond line. They’re also known for their flexibility and comfort, making them a versatile and elegant accessory for any occasion.

Similar to eternity bracelets, tennis bracelets stand out with their seamless row of sparkling diamonds. These diamonds are connected by a metal chain usually made of yellow gold, white, gold, or even platinum. This beautiful blend creates a perfect blend of beauty and practicality.

Continuous Diamond Line

The continuous diamond line sets tennis bracelets apart from other jewelry pieces. Imagine a never-ending circle of diamonds set in a continuous pattern. This pattern contains no interruptions or gaps, with diamonds in various carats sizes.

This line of diamonds is what gives this bracelet its iconic look and dazzle.

Flexibility and Comfort

One of the reasons tennis bracelets have become so popular is their flexibility and comfort. The individual links in a tennis bracelet give the wearer the freedom to move while still looking stylish. If you’re looking to add this fashionable accessory to your collection, it’s time to shop for tennis bracelets.

This snug fit on the wrist, and seamless row of dazzling diamonds or gemstones make tennis bracelets the epitome of low-key luxury and comfort.

Versatility and Elegance

Tennis bracelets equal sophistication, minimalism, and opulence. Their minimalistic style and versatility make them a perfect choice for both dressy occasions and everyday wear.

Whether you’re heading to a glamorous event or want to add some sparkle to your daily attire, a tennis bracelet elevates any outfit.

Diamond Characteristics

2 1/2 ct. tw. East West Baguette Tennis Bracelet

When you choose a tennis bracelet, carefully evaluate the diamonds’ shape, size, and quality to select a piece that best reflects your style and preferences.

Diamond Shape

The more common diamond shape used for tennis bracelets is the round brilliant. But while round diamonds are the most popular choice, emerald-shaped diamonds can also provide a unique and eye-catching look.

Diamond Size

The size of the diamonds in a tennis bracelet varies and is typically measured in carats. Tennis bracelets can feature diamonds ranging from 1 to 11 carats, depending on the number and size of the diamonds used in the piece.

Diamond Quality

Diamond quality in tennis bracelets varies from premium to flawless. H/SI quality serves as a favorable benchmark for bracelets with higher carat weights.

The diamonds used in tennis bracelets usually have color grades of G, H, I, J, D, E, or F. It’s essential to consider cut and clarity in addition to carat weight when selecting the perfect tennis bracelet.

Metal Color and Gem Options

5 ct. tw. Pink and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Made from an assortment of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, tennis bracelets can also incorporate colored gems.

Many purists argue that tennis bracelets should only showcase diamonds. But adding colored gems provides a personalized and creative touch to this classic accessory.

Precious Metals

Precious metals used to craft tennis bracelets include gold (yellow, rose, and white), platinum, and sterling silver. Each metal offers a unique look and feel, allowing for a variety of styles and preferences when you select the perfect tennis bracelet.

Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds, such as can be used to create a unique and personalized look. The classic white diamond tennis bracelet remains a popular choice; however, you can incorporate colored gems to add a touch of flair and individuality to this iconic accessory.

How to Wear a Tennis Bracelet

Why is it called tennis bracelet?

There are different ways to wear a tennis bracelet, allowing for personal style and preferences to shine through. From wrist selection to layering, you can wear one in many ways to complement any outfit and occasion.

Wrist Selection

Some suggest wearing a tennis bracelet on the wrist opposite the dominant hand, while others may feel more comfortable wearing it on their dominant wrist.

Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preference and comfort, allowing you to show off your tennis bracelet in a way that best suits your style.

Layering and Pairing

Tennis bracelets can be layered or paired with other bracelets for a luxurious and personalized look. Mixing and matching tennis bracelets with bangles, watches, or cocktail rings can create a unique and sophisticated style statement that truly reflects your personality and taste.

Caring for Your Tennis Bracelet

Keep your tennis bracelet in excellent condition with proper care and maintenance. When you do this, you ensure it lasts a lifetime in excellent condition.

Regular cleaning, inspections, and attention to the clasp can help maintain the beauty and longevity of your tennis bracelet.

A gentle soak in warm water with mild soap, followed by a soft brushing and thorough rinsing, can help maintain the sparkle and shine of your tennis bracelet.

Additionally, regular inspections by a professional jeweler can ensure that the clasp and settings remain secure, protecting your investment for years to come.

How Much Does a Tennis Bracelet Cost?

The cost of a tennis bracelet can range from affordable to expensive, depending on the materials and quality of the diamonds used. However, there is a way to get a high-quality bracelet at 30-50% less than the average cost when you choose affordable lab grown diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds tennis bracelets are made with diamonds created in a lab. These are genuine diamonds that have the same optical, chemical, and physical properties as mined diamonds and are just as beautiful.

The benefits of lab grown diamonds over natural diamonds are many and include lower pricing, less harm to the environment, and ethical purchasing.

Tennis Bracelets–Always the Perfect Choice

From its origins of Chris Evert wearing one on the tennis court to its enduring popularity as a versatile and elegant accessory, the tennis bracelet has become a timeless symbol of style and sophistication.

With a variety of diamond shapes, sizes, and qualities, as well as precious metal and gem options, there’s a perfect tennis bracelet for every taste and occasion. So, whether you’re adding some sparkle to your daily attire or want to remember a special moment, a tennis bracelet is a beautiful and lasting choice.

Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelets With Clean Origin

7 ct. tw. Emerald Tennis Bracelet.

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