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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on December 1, 2021

Are you looking for a unique gift for her this Valentine’s Day? Want a fun gift that will have her laughing and smiling? Or are you looking for something to show her whole family how much you love her? We’ve got you covered. This Valentine’s Day, get ready by perusing our list of independently selected Valentine’s day gifts for her that are guaranteed to wow!

The Key to A Romantic Gift This Valentine’s Day

The key to a perfect Valentine’s Day gift is to either go personalized or look for a thoughtful gift. Both a thoughtful gift and a personalized gift rely on you having more information on your partner than not, but they do guarantee a lovely Valentine’s Day. Your Valentine’s Day gift does not need to be one of the most unique gifts your partner receives. Instead, focus on conveying your love through small parts of the gift-giving process, like making sure the gift is beautifully packaged or that any custom jewelry has details she’ll feel proud you remembered. The goal is to make your gift convey how often they are on your mind, and how you look forward to future adventures with them, how they are your favorite warm hug to receive, and how you love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them.

4 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts With Clean Origin

Are you having a hard time coming up with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Don’t worry. We’ve come up with a list of Valentine’s Day gifts so that you can focus on enjoying the day with your other half rather than panicking about finding a fabulous gift.

1. A Rose Gold Pendant For Your Valentine

What girl doesn’t love diamonds? This sweet rose gold pendant will be the perfect treat for the women in your life who love the finer things. It can be tough to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts for her, but this unique gift is a great idea. With the romantic pink setting metal clasping this gorgeous oval-cut diamond in place, your love will be very excited to see this in a velvet box. This Valentine’s Day, make sure your gifts are something she’ll love by looking into romantic designs, personalized inscriptions, and even sweet ways of gifting this lovely diamond pendant necklace.

2. Fresh Flowers and a Green Date Night

Nothing goes together like flowers and date night. If your partner loves plants or just loves flowers, this gift will make for a beautiful evening. Plan to take your partner to the local botanical gardens, flower market, farm-to-table restaurant, or even decorate your garden at home. Focus on heading to a venue with plenty of flowers, and maybe even weave in a classic romantic touch like a path of rose petals or send her the directions to date night through an Urban Stems order. While sometimes a great gift is a physical item, other times the best gifts are an experience. Draw on your last few successful date nights to plan this gift best, and try to make it about the special moments you may have shared around some flowers.

3. Give Her Your Heart (Shaped Jewelry)

She’ll swoon for a heart-shaped diamond ring, and we’re happy to say that we have plenty of ring styles available to set our gorgeous heart-shaped diamonds in. While many Valentine’s Day gift ideas play on Valentine’s Day themes like hearts and the color pink, not every Valentine’s Day gift can be worn year-round. When you go heart-shaped, you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for her day-to-day life. The best Valentine’s Day gifts are ones you can wear every day, from playing cards to an anniversary date to a night out. Check out our sweet selection of heart-shaped settings, or go straight for the lovely solitaire pictured above that she’s bound to enjoy due to its versatility. Whether you want it in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum, this ring will hold any stone shape you could desire.

4. Matching Wine Glasses + A Personal Bottle

This is the perfect gift for your wine lover partner. You can make sure the whole gift is finely packaged, with two bottles of your favorite wines and two gorgeous glasses that promise many more bottles of wine to come. Whether you go with one red wine or a bottle of rosé, we recommend bringing a pink or red wine bottle with you in the spirit of romantic Valentine’s Day celebrations. Our pro-tip is to look for wine that was bottled the year you met or wine that was grown in the region of your first date. Those little touches with the wine and the glasses will really make this gift sing for your lovely vino enthusiast.