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Rose Cut Diamond: Your Guide to Choosing Them!

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 19, 2023

Looking for the perfect diamond ring for your partner? You’re probably debating between antique diamond cuts, a rose-cut diamond ring, or the more modern diamonds in stores. We know choosing a diamond engagement ring takes plentiful deliberation and carefulness. Considering how diamonds are a hefty investment and how they could be the deal maker or breaker, it makes sense to choose them carefully. (NOTE: this post is for educational purposes– we currently don’t have an assortment of rose cut diamonds. Check out our lab grown diamonds for a stunning alternative to traditional mined.)

For many of us though, the process is not as easy as it sounds. The wrong choice means you could end up with an engagement ring they abhor and a bad impression on your part. Fret not though, we’re here to save you from that fate. Below, we have a simple and easy guide on rose-cut diamonds and some other favorite varieties.

Rose Cut Diamonds: What You Need to Know

Modern diamonds may have gained recognition but for some diamond lovers, nothing can take the place of antique cut diamonds. Take the example of rose-cut diamonds: they gained popularity from the mid-1500s and by the 1700s they were a popular favorite. Years later today, a rose-cut diamond is still the first choice for many.

Like many other antique diamonds, the rose-cut diamond is also a hand-cut one. Its primary goal was to sparkle under candlelight, considering how the Georgian and Victorian eras had no electricity.

The first thing you will notice about a rose-cut diamond is its domed top and a flat back. Triangular facets cover the domed top, which is especially prominent in rose-cut diamond rings. This antique diamond cut may have a number of facets, ranging anywhere from three to twenty-four. A single apex at the top of the rose-cut diamond is where all the facets terminate. This is also the feature that gave birth to the name “Rose” for this typical diamond.

The facets in our antique diamonds replicate the unfolded petals of a rosebud. Perhaps this is why a rose-cut diamond ring is a more popular choice for couples. In comparison to a brilliant-cut diamond, you will find a rose-cut diamond almost calm and charmingly ethereal in nature. For many, this sophisticated and classy outlook is the winning feature.

Rose Cuts: Are They More Expensive?

We’ve all been through the struggle of finding a diamond ring that fits within our budget, as we’re sure everyone agrees. Perhaps the most appealing facet of a rose-cut diamond is that it is far more amiable in terms of pricing without compromising on the face-up side.

Hence, if you wish to gift your partner some spectacular diamond jewelry, you should opt for rose cuts. While there’s no doubt that brilliant-cut diamonds are the most expensive, rose-cut diamonds make quite a special gift too. They are nearly the same carat weight as the other cut diamonds but do not break your budget during purchase. What more could one ask for right?

In fact, rose-cut diamonds have a uniquely warm appearance that you will not find in other cut diamonds. They’re a more ethical day-long wear option and fit comfortably in everybody’s routine. Antique diamond cuts always make for a more elegant, practical, and understated choice like the rose cuts. Hence, the next time you go shopping for a diamond engagement ring, be sure to look for the rose-cut variety. And if you want to compare diamond cost estimates across different diamond cuts, carat weights, etc., you might want to use a diamond price calculator.

Rose Cut Diamond Rings: The Better Choice

For most, the rose-like pattern of rose-cut diamonds is the most appealing factor. However, there are far more attributes of rose cuts that make them a better choice for a diamond engagement ring or other diamond jewelry. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

Reasons why Rose Cuts are Better:

More Value for Money

We mentioned how rose cuts have a larger face-up size than most other cut diamonds. When you buy rose-cut diamonds, you truly get larger-looking diamonds for your dollars. We can thank the proportioning of the carat weight for this advantage. While we can’t say much for the others, we sure don’t mind having more visible diamonds for the hard-earned dollars we invest.

Here is an example:

When you place a brilliant-cut diamond of 1.00 carat, it will measure approximately 6.5mm from the top view. However, when you place a rose-cut diamond beside it of 1.00 carat, it will measure around 7.5mm from the top view.

More Practical

Rose cuts have a more flat shape rather than the other cut diamonds. Due to this, rose-cut diamonds do not extend far beyond their setting than other cut diamonds. This is why they’re a more practical and comfortable option for daily wear.

This is especially more beneficial for those who have a more rigorous daily routine. A protruding diamond will keep getting in the way while they’re actively at work. Rose cuts are more tamed, hence they cause no distraction.

More Shape Versatility

Rose-cut diamonds have more shape versatility. The flat bottom allows us to cut the diamond into various shapes, including round, pear, oval, square, hexagon, and even rounded.

Larger Looking

The carat weight shows how heavy the diamond is, although many confuse the carat weight for size. The fact is that since rose-cut diamonds have a flat base, all of their carat weight appears on the top face. Like we stated in the example above, simply placing a rose-cut diamond beside a brilliant-cut will show the difference in size. While a rose-cut may not be twice its carat weight, it will surely appear bigger than the more expensive variety.


Due to the absence of a pavilion, a rose-cut diamond has a weaker light return in comparison to modern cut diamonds. Hence, you will find a more glass-like, transparent appearance of a rose-cut diamond. This is quite a refreshing change for many who do not particularly fall for the disco-ball-like brilliance of modern cuts.

Rose Cut Diamonds: Clarity and Color

Rose-cut diamonds are more transparent, which adds to the clarity of the gemstone. Living in the modern age of technology, we know those modern cutting methods have a major impact on price tags. This means that the whitest colored diamonds with brilliant cuts will fetch more dollars but we cannot associate this logic with rose cut diamonds.

You see, a rose-cut diamond has a unique cutting style due to its warmer body color and that adds to the overall appeal of the diamond. The clarity is important because a rose-cut diamond has but a few facets. This means that any internal flaws or additions the crystal might have inside become glaringly visible.

Many might look at this as a disadvantage but the truth is that higher clarity grade only enhances the beauty of the rose-cut diamond. A higher color grade, as opposed to popular belief, does not improve the appeal of the diamond.


The rose-cut diamond gained popularity back in the mid-1500s and continues to charm even in the age of modernity. Its hand-cut, rose-like pattern with higher transparency is the reason why this gemstone continues to be unique and rare.

A rose-cut diamond is still one of those antique beauties that undergo hand-cutting, measuring, and shaping without modern equipment. We believe that couples who value elegance, uniqueness, practicality, and charm will find the rose-cut diamond a perfect choice for their union!