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6 Engagement Ring Trends Taking Over in 2018

by Sally
Last updated on August 11, 2023
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From simple solitaires to new twists on the classics, 2018 is shaping up to offer some of the most unique engagement rings we’ve seen in a while.

Whether you’re shopping for the love of your life or looking for rings to add to your engagement ring-spiration Pinterest board, here are the need-to-know trends in 2018.

Pear-Shaped Stones

Pear-shaped stones got a bad rap when Carrie Bradshaw had a major meltdown over the pear-shaped engagement ring she found while snooping through Aiden’s things.

But they are back, more popular than ever, and even Carrie Bradshaw would be head-over-heels for today’s pear-shaped diamond rings.

clean origin lab diamonds pear engagement ring

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Oval-Shaped Stones

Ryan Reynolds made Blake Lively his forever with a 7-carat oval-shaped diamond ring in 2012, and we’ve been obsessed with her ring (and the couple) ever since.

It’s not surprising oval engagement rings continue to be a big hit. It’s elegant, classy, and (bonus!) gives the illusion of more slender fingers.

clean origin lab diamonds oval ring

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Rose Gold

Rose gold made its comeback in 2015 and shows no signs of slowing down. The pink-hued gold flatters every skin tone and gives a feminine touch to any engagement ring.

If you’re leaning towards a rose gold engagement ring, you’ll be in good company. Lauren Conrad, Julianne Hough, and Naya Rivera all rock this feminine style.

clean origin lab diamonds rose gold ring

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Eternity Bands As Engagement Rings

What’s better than one diamond? Lots of diamonds. Future brides are opting to forego the traditional center stone engagement ring for a more simple eternity band.

This trend is perfect for the girl looking for an understated engagement ring that doesn’t skimp on the sparkle.

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Mixed Metals

In 2018, brides-to-be are getting the best of both worlds with touches of color added to engagement rings in the form of mixed metals.

With rose gold and yellow gold making a comeback, it was only a matter of time before two-tone rings became a thing.

clean origin lab diamonds pear shaped mixed metal

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Twisted Bands

The best thing to happen to engagement rings since the halo, this subtle twist on the engagement ring is a contemporary complement to the classic solitaire.

Not only are these twisted rings beautiful, but they are the perfect way to symbolize two lives intertwining to form one.

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In 2018, engagement rings are diverse, unique, and personal – just like the love they represent. Whatever your style, whatever your love story – there’s no doubt that 2018 has an engagement ring trend to match.

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