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The Perfect Fit: Bridal Sets and Stackable Rings

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on January 15, 2022
woman holding a ring stack

So you’ve found your perfect partner, now it’s time to find that perfect fit. Guys…don’t be surprised if your significant other has already added a link to her dream ring or bridal set on your favorites tab or sent it out to all of her best friends. But one thing she maybe hasn’t chosen is her matching band(s) that she will want to one day stack onto that engagement ring. No need to start sweating…the diamond experts at Clean Origin have you covered. We know that the last thing you need is another item to add to your list, so we’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect wedding band and stackable ring options to cover you from wedding day to your first anniversary, birthdays to push presents. Psssst, ladies… bookmark this blog to help him out!

Bridal Sets

Hands down the easiest way to purchase an engagement ring is to go ahead and purchase a complete bridal set. Not only are these two rings made to fit perfectly and bring cohesion to the ring finger, but it means two matching dream rings for her and killing two birds with one stone for him — a win-win in our book!

With over 50 different bridal set choices, you’ll be sure to find the exact match that your new life partner will love. Choose from various styles like our more classic Petite Delicate Halo Bridal Set. Or go a bit more modern with our Double Pear Shaped Bridal Set (pictured).

Want that ring to really pop? All of our bridal sets have various options when it comes to color. Some offer the ring and band in white, yellow, and rose gold. While others offer pops of color within the settings — as you can see in the Double Pear pictured above.

Wedding Bands

Already purchased the engagement ring and this post is now your first reminder about a wedding band? Don’t worry! We offer various stand-alone wedding band options too!

If you’re in this pickle, here’s the first thing you’ll want to do: call our diamond experts or talk with one on our website chat. Why? Because they’ll need to know the type of ring you purchased, including the style, size, and color in order to help find you the perfect matching band.

Stacked Rings

Since you’re already looking, you might as well pick out a one-year anniversary gift too (or tab one for later!) A huge trend in women’s fashion and jewelry right now is stacked rings. This is a fun way to dress up the ring finger even more and add some different colors and designs. For example, if you already have a white gold bridal set, adding a rose gold stackable ring is a great way to easily make the ring really pop! Since you’ve already had a peek at our wedding bands, you know that there are optimal choices for what you can gift (or receive!)

But, if you’re ever uneasy about a purchase, don’t hesitate to reach out! Everyone you talk to when you call Clean Origin has years of experience in the jewelry industry. They’re up-to-date on the most recent trends, as well as the classics that will stand the test of time. So, they can help you find whatever you’re looking for — whether it be a bridal set, wedding band or stackable ring.

Before we let you go…there’s one last thing to note. Clean Origin offers a no-questions-asked, 100-day return policy. So, if it turns out that you’re both not 100% in love with the color or style, you have over 3 months to find something that you do love!