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Are Lab Created Diamonds Worth Anything?

by Molly Jones
Last updated on September 16, 2023
Diamond tennis necklace.

You may be wondering if lab created diamonds are worth anything. It seems as if everyone is tightening their purse strings recently, especially with talk of a recession, and inflation at an all time high. However, purchasing a high quality and stunning lab gown diamond remains a smart and proven investment. Keep reading to discover why lab created diamonds are worth more than you think.

What Are Lab Created Diamonds?

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Lab created diamonds are real diamonds that are manufactured in a lab.

They’re chemically identical to natural diamonds and have the same chemical composition and atomic structure. The only difference is they’re created under controlled conditions.

There are two main ways to make them: through high pressure/high temperature (HPHT) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

In HPHT, scientists compress a diamond seed into a diamond lattice using extreme heat and pressure. It’s similar to how the earth formed over billions of years.

In CVD, scientists use a plasma torch to heat up the gas containing carbon atoms until it becomes plasma, a gas that’s so hot it glows like a star. Next, the scientists shoot the plasma at the surface of the diamond seed. The plasma sticks to the surface of the diamond seed and grows into a diamond crystal structure.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

Yes, lab grown diamonds are real. As mentioned before, lab created diamonds have an identical chemical and physical structure to natural diamonds. Because of this, lab created diamonds easily pass diamond tests– unlike diamond simulants like moissanite or cubic zirconia.

Lab Created Diamonds vs. Mined Diamonds

Loose diamonds--are lab created diamonds worth anything.
Loose Stones

The only difference between lab created diamonds and natural diamonds is the method in which they are formed. A lab created diamond forms as a result of one of the two ways mentioned above, either HPHT or CVD.

A natural diamond forms as a result of the immense pressure and heat in the earth’s mantle. After a natural diamond forms, magma flows carry it up to the earth’s crust. Once it gets closer to the surface, people mine it.

Lab created diamonds can be mass-produced with ethical human labor and a smaller environmental footprint. But mined diamonds come at a great cost and are plagued by ethical issues (hence the terms “conflict diamonds” and “blood diamonds”).

The Diamond Market Explained

Diamond Earrings, Bands, and Engagement Rings--are lab created diamonds worth anything.
Earrings, Bands, and Rings.

The diamond industry spans every continent except Antarctica. It involves the production, vending, and marketing of diamonds from seed crystal (in the case of lab created diamonds) to finger.

Like any other market, the diamond industry can be volatile. The worth of diamonds, lab created or natural, changes in response to certain factors. These include inflation, innovation in the lab diamond world, and labor costs.

If you want a diamond for an investment opportunity, then you might want to reconsider your choice. Diamonds do not increase in value over time; instead, they tend to stay flat or even decrease in value. However, if you purchase a diamond as part of an engagement ring, then you are making a long-term investment in your relationship.

What Determines a Lab Grown Diamonds Worth?

Clean Origin Solitaire Engagement Rings: Oval, Emerald, Princess, and Round Cuts
Rings: Oval, Emerald, Princess, and Round Cuts

One of the greatest benefits of lab created diamonds is their cost. On average, they cost between 20% – 40% less than natural diamonds. If you want to buy a diamond ring at a good price, then high-quality lab diamonds are a great choice.

Many factors determine the worth of lab created diamonds. In fact, they can be dependent on any of the following:

The 4C’s

Clean Origin Diamond Eternity Bands: are lab created diamonds worth anything?
Eternity Bands

The 4C’s is a standardized system. It evaluates a diamond’s worth–regardless if it is lab created or natural. The International Gemological Institute developed the 4C’s, and its four categories include cut, color, clarity, and carat.


Cut is an assessment of the diamond’s ability to demonstrate fire, brilliance, and scintillation. These attributes are all developed by the diamond artisan who plans and cuts the diamond.

This ‘C’ is graded on an Ideal to Poor scale. At Clean Origin, we only sell higher quality diamonds. These diamonds receive a grading report of Good or higher to ensure satisfaction.


Highly graded diamonds appear colorless or as near colorless as possible; however, colored diamonds do exist. A fancy colored diamond costs more than common, colored diamonds.

All of our lab created diamonds score between D and J grades. This results in a lab grown stone that will make your fine jewelry sparkle forever.


Clarity measures a diamond’s visual imperfections. A diamond with a high clarity rating will have fewer visible flaws than one with a lower rating.

Diamond clarity grades can vary on a scale from Flawless (F) to Included (I). The clarity rating of a diamond is based on the number and size of inclusions in the stone.

The most common grading system for diamonds is the International Diamond Grading System, which is a 10-point scale. A diamond rated FL has no visible inclusions. A diamond with a VS2 rating has very slight inclusions; these are difficult for even an expert to see. A VVS1 diamond has imperfections visible only under magnification.

At Clean Origin, all of our lab created diamonds are S12 or better in quality.


A diamond’s carat weight is the unit of measurement that determines the size of a diamond; a single carat equals 200 milligrams. A 1-carat diamond weighs 200 milligrams, while a 2-carat diamond weighs 400 milligrams.

In general, larger diamonds fetch a higher price. Luckily, we have many diamond sizes so it is easy to find one to match your budget.

A Lab Created Diamonds Value Depends on the Jewelry It’s Set In

When you buy fine jewelry, you don’t pay for the diamond alone. Consider an engagement ring with many diamonds (as well as other precious gemstones) set in a platinum band. This ring will have a higher resale value than one that is only a sterling silver band with no gemstones.

Unless you plan to determine a ring’s value solely by the lab grown diamond set within it, the difference in metal, brand, gemstones, and design will also affect the value of the ring.

How to Get the Best Diamond for Your Dollar

Clean Origin Grace Classic Ring

At this point, you may be wondering how you can shop wisely to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck. Luckily, we’ve got a few tips and tricks.

Determine What “C” You Can Compromise On

One of the most important things you can do to ensure you buy the best diamond for yourself or your partner is to consider what 4C means the most (and least) to you.

Maybe you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring with maximum fire and scintillation but don’t have the need for a large carat weight. Maybe you’re looking to purchase diamonds that are emerald or Asscher cut and thus need to prioritize clarity.

Regardless, try to find an aspect of the diamond on which you’re willing to compromise. This will help cut costs but still deliver on what matters to you.

Decide What Is More Important: The Diamond’s Worth or Your Diamond Preference

One key thing to remember when you ask, “Are lab created diamonds worth anything?” is what truly matters to you and your partner. Earth mined diamonds have a bit larger resale value than lab grown. But value is only important if you plan to resell your diamond.

Plus, buying a diamond for its worth may mean that you’re not purchasing the diamond you actually want. At the end of the day, you have to figure out what you want in a diamond. Sometimes, personal preferences can result in a lower resale value. But if you bought a diamond exactly how you wanted it, then that might not matter as much.

Buy Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are a good “hack” for getting a quality diamond at a great price. In fact, lab grown diamond pricing is anywhere from 20-50% less than mined diamonds. Again, lab grown diamonds are real. They are identical to earth mined diamonds.

Unlike natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds can be produced ethically. They also have a smaller environmental footprint and use less middlemen. The result is a more affordable ring. Therefore, you can buy a larger, higher quality diamond for less.

Consider Clean Origin for Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamond Rings From Clean Origin
Rings From Clean Origin

It’s important to shop around when considering purchasing lab grown diamonds. However, we would be remiss not to point out that Clean Origin has high-quality and brilliant lab grown diamonds for a fraction of the price of other lab grown diamond retailers. Clean Origin also offers a variety of perks for free when you purchase one of our timeless lab grown diamonds.

Free Shipping

Clean Origin offers free FedEx shipping both ways with every domestic order. You also won’t have to worry about the safety of your engagement ring or diamond because we insure every order.

Free shipping also applies to our 100-day return policy. You can return your ring and receive a refund or exchange, hassle-free.

Free Resizing

In addition to free shipping, Clean Origin will resize your ring for free to save you money and time. All you have to do is ship your ring back to us with our free shipping. We will resize your ring and return it to you in no time.

Financing and Leasing Programs

Clean Origin is proud to partner with Affirm and Progressive Leasing to make buying a lab grown diamond accessible to all. Affirm financing is a no-fee payment plan that can help you budget and plan for a lab grown diamond ring. Likewise, Progressive Leasing offers a lease-to-own program with flexible payment options. Find out more here.

Lab Grown Diamonds Are Worth So Much More Than a Monetary Value

Clean Origin Plié Halo Ring

When you buy a lab grown diamond from Clean Origin you are supporting a more equitable and ethical diamond industry. Our lab grown diamond engagement rings are both timeless yet modern. They are also classic and elegant, as well as beautiful and bold. Plus, between the many styles of bands, a large selection of premium lab grown diamonds, and superior customer service, you will feel confident in your purchase.