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White gold wedding bands are a classic style for men and women. Compare our wide selection of white gold wedding bands to discover the perfect fit.

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What is a White Gold Wedding Ring?

White gold is a lustrous metal for those who prefer silver over yellow gold and rose gold for their engagement ring. White gold wedding rings were first introduced during WWII and became popularized during the 19th century. Since then, they have maintained their popularity.

White gold rings are plated with rhodium to create their beautiful protective, cool tone. The white gold wedding ring is a popular choice for those who are seeking a durable and effortless cool shine.

White gold requires less upkeep than sterling silver and pairs beautifully with any engagement ring. Whether you have a classic diamond solitaire or a two tone princess cut, a white gold wedding band is a lovely addition to any ring finger.

Ethical White Gold Wedding Bands

Find the perfect white gold engagement ring with peace of mind. Clean Origin uses exclusively lab grown diamonds in our jewelry. Lab grown diamonds are 100% ethical and environmentally responsible. We like to go beyond, providing you a lab created diamond ring and offer you an engagement ring or wedding band crafted in recycled gold or platinum.

Recycled gold is identical to any mined gold metals. It has the same durability as if it had been mined from the earth itself. The reuse of gold helps the environment by eliminating the need to mine more gold to produce more rings. Without the need to mine the gold, you can ensure that unfair labor practices were not used on your engagement ring.

White Gold Wedding Rings and Metal Allergies

It's estimated that around 18% of people around the world have a nickel allergy. Nickel is a common metal used to create jewelry, though not as common anymore. A nickel allergy can affect the wedding ring you wear. This may result in red rashes, itching, bumps, or green discoloration on your finger.

Many people assume if a ring turns your finger green, it must be fake or plated. That's not always the case. It could be the result of a metal allergy.

To create white gold, yellow gold has to be mixed with other white metals to produce a pale yellow color. The shiny silver surface you see on white gold wedding rings is because of rhodium plating. Rhodium is one of the metals from the platinum group. The base metal of white gold may contain nickel. For that reason, yellow gold or platinum is better suited for nickel allergies.

Maintain Your White Gold Wedding Rings

White gold bands need regular maintenance to maintain their color and shine. Most white gold rings have rhodium plating, which gives them a silver shine. Rhodium plating fades with wear. You'll know it's time to replate your white gold wedding rings when the bottom of the ring shank has a subtle yellow gold tint.

Clean Origin's Forever Service Plan

A jewelry consultant will likely recommend replacing your white gold band once a year. That's why our Forever Service Plan includes lifetime rhodium replating. When your ring loses its color or shine, we'll replate it at no additional cost after the original purchase. The Forever Service Plan also extends to our other lab created diamonds, including chain repairs and missing small stones.

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