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Radiant-Cut Engagement Rings

If your significant other is a one-of-a-kind woman, a radiant-cut engagement ring is a perfect choice for her. These non-traditional stones are square or rectangular with beveled corners and produce more sparkle than any other square or rectangular diamond due to an astonishing 70 facets. A radiant-cut engagement ring is the perfect choice for a trendsetter who appreciates the sparkle of a round-cut diamond but wants the striking appearance of an angled shape. Many people also love radiant-cut diamonds because of their ability to appear bigger than other diamonds of the same weight. This is because of the way in which they were designed to maximize weight within a setting.

Clean Origin’s Selection Of Radiant-Cut Engagement Rings

Within our comprehensive collection of radiant-cut engagement rings lies the stone and ring combination that will take your loved one’s breath away. Any setting from our Halo, Classic, Vintage, or Solitaire collectionswill work with the distinctive radiant-cut diamond to make your love stand apart. And, because we use only top-quality lab-grown diamonds, you can be sure that our radiant engagement rings are 100% real, and 100% conflict free. Check out our entire range of styles.


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Tips For Buying A Radiant Engagement Ring

When choosing your radiant-cut engagement ring, you will have a few decisions to make beyond which specific diamond you would like. Here is a simple ring guide to help you make those decisions as you browse for a radiant-cut diamond ring.

Square or Rectangle? — When it comes to radiant engagement rings, your first decision will be whether to purchase a more square stone or a rectangular stone. While both will look beautiful on your loved one’s hand, keep in mind that a more rectangular stone will add length to her fingers, while a more square stone can evoke a bolder style.

More for Less — Radiant-cut diamonds tend to give the appearance of a larger stone. In other words, even if you purchase a smaller carat size, a radiant-cut diamond will look larger than a larger carat rock of a different cut, like a round-cut diamond. With a halo setting surrounding the stone, her engagement ring will seem larger than life.

A Wide Selection — One of the many benefits of purchasing a radiant-cut diamond is that it is a very forgiving cut. Inclusions, blemishes, and color tints are not magnified, but hidden. Because of this, when you decide to buy a radiant engagement ring, you will have a much wider choice of diamonds that work well within your budget.

Versatility Galore — Like other rectangular and square-cut diamonds, the radiant cut is quite versatile. It can shine alone in a solitaire or make a stunning picture in an intricate vintage setting. Whatever your loved one’s style, a radiant-cut diamond set in a unique band will match her personality.


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History of Radiant-Cut Engagement Rings

The radiant-cut diamond has only been in the industry for a little over forty years (not a very long time, by gemstone standards), but it has certainly made an impression. Designed by Henry Grossbrand, the first radiant-cut diamond took square and step-cut diamonds to a new level. While these cuts used to appear less brilliant than shapes like round-cut diamonds, that all changed with Grossbrand’s creative innovation. He invented a unique, hybrid cutting style that was able to form a step-cut diamond with the same brilliance as a triangular-faceted diamond like the oval or pear cuts. With stunning, clean lines and sparkle galore, the radiant cut quickly became popular, and radiant engagement rings are a favorite of women who aren’t afraid of standing apart from the crowd.


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Celebrities With Radiant-Cut Diamond Rings

Some of the most famous engagement rings in recent history have contained radiant-cut diamonds. Here are just a few examples of celebrities who have opted for this bold style.

Jennifer Lopez — Although Bennifer wasn’t a match that would last, Ben Affleck’s gift to Jennifer Lopez was a ring to remember. The pink, radiant-cut diamond was rumored to be worth $2.5 million, and was returned when the relationship ended.

Megan Fox — After losing her first engagement ring in the Hawaiian sand during the proposal, Megan received a second version from husband Brian Austin Green. The three-carat radiant-cut diamond is set in a platinum diamond halo that matches her diamond eternity band.

Drew Barrymore — Drew Barrymore received a four-carat radiant cut engagement ring from Will Kopelman, though now the two are divorced. The stunner rested in a French-set band, adding some art deco appeal to complete the unique look.

Khloe Kardashian — Though the two are no longer a couple, Lamar Odom’s engagement ring for Khloe featured a stunning 12.5-carat radiant-cut diamond. The ring was later upgraded further with an impressive triple row pavé diamond halo.

Kelly Clarkson — A gift from husband Brandon Blackstock, Kelly’s ring is unique, to say the least. The five-carat, radiant-cut canary diamond engagement ring is surrounded by a french-set white diamond halo, for a stunning piece of jewelry that is truly one of a kind.


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